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Microsoft wants to dethrone AirPods with its future Surface Buds

After launching the Surface headphones last year, Microsoft seems poised to enter the world of wireless headphones, with the so-called Surface Buds. This launch, known internally as Project “Morisson” after singer Jim Morisson, would be part of Bill Gates’ company strategy to spruce up its Surface audio product line with new elements..

Microsoft to Enter Wireless Headphones Segment with Surface Buds

Microsoft storefront photo for article on the development of Surface Buds wireless headphones

Microsoft would thus launch into the wireless headphones market, now occupied by many of its direct or indirect competitors. With Samsung and its new Galaxy Buds, the Powerbeats Pro and a project by the giant Amazon embedding its Alexa assistant, Microsoft intends to take its share of the pie and face its main competitor Apple, from which the now popular AirPods, leaders in the sector, come to be equipped with version 2.0.

The future Surface Buds, direct competitors of AirPods 2.0

Microsoft intends to tackle Apple's AirPods leadership with launch of Surface Buds wireless headphones

Its new headphones, tentatively named Surface Buds by specialist media, are expected to incorporate Cortana noise cancellation technology, as well as improved connectivity for faster and better audio and video interactions with mobile devices. The integration of Cortana could be a first in the world of wireless headphones, this technology is currently absent from the current offering for technical and aesthetic reasons. With an average battery life of 5 hours, the small size of this type of product makes it difficult to use more powerful batteries, which are necessary for the use of noise reduction technologies. If Microsoft succeeds in offering such a service thanks to Qualcomm’s progress on the subject, its future Surface Buds could thus take a step ahead of the competition, however, depending on its price list..

After Surface headphones, Microsoft takes on wireless earbuds

After the Surface headphones, Microsoft continues on the audio path with the development of the Surface Buds wireless headphones, future competitors of the AirPods 2

While details regarding pricing and release date of Surface Buds are still unknown, Apple may well see the arrival of a first competitor in the world of high-end wireless headphones..

While Surface Buds are still in the speculation stage, a late 2019 release may be considered

MIcrosoft would look at Surface Buds, future competitors of Apple AirPods 2