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Netflix embarks on mobile video games with Stranger Things

After establishing itself as the leader in streaming movies and series, Netflix seems to want to diversify its activities by tackling the world of mobile video games. It was during the E3 event in Los Angeles that the company announced the creation of games based on its original series, starting with one of the most popular of them, Stranger Things..

Netflix and Next Games are preparing a video game from the hit series Stranger Things

Netflix announces the arrival of a Stranger Things video game for mobile developed by Next Games

Based on the eponymous’ 80s series, the game Stranger Things has been described by Netflix as a location-based RPG, allowing players to network through the famous parallel world Upside Down to counter the evil that surrounds it. gnaws. The Finnish development company Next Games thus integrates the Google Maps system to allow players to explore their own environment, like what can be found on Pokemon Go. “Our mission is to promote values ​​and ideas important features in the series, such as friendship and the supernatural, all in a fun and mobile-friendly way ”commented Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO of Next Games.

Stranger Things game will be based on geolocation

Netflix and Next Games' upcoming Stranger Things game will be based on Google Maps location

Next Game thus follows the publisher Niantic, developer of Pokemon Go and becomes one of the leaders in the development of video games embedding geolocation technology, with in particular the creation of The Walking Dead: Our World, whose missions and objectives are based on the ” use of Google Maps.

“Our mission is to promote the important values ​​and ideas present in the series (…)” Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO of Next Games.

the Stranger Things series had already seen attempts to adapt it to a video game, but it's Netflix and Next Games should launch their mobile version in 2020

This isn’t the first time the Stranger Things series has inspired video game publishers. Telltale Games had indeed planned to tackle the title in 2017, developing a free-to-play mobile game that ultimately never saw the light of day, as the company had to cease operations last September. While the arrival of the third season of the series of the same name arrives on July 4 on Netflix, the game Stranger Things from Next Games is expected to launch in 2020 on the iOS and Android platforms..

Stranger Things season 3 arrives July 4th on Netflix

Season 3 of Stranger Things on which Next Games' future mobile video game is based arrives on Netflix on July 4th