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Netflix Introduces New Top 10 Movies & Series Category

Which series to watch on Netflix? the new Top 10 ranking could help answer this thorny question

If Netflix is ​​a daily time consuming for many of its followers, a good part of time spent on the platform by them remains devoted to the choice of the program. In order to remedy this and help its subscribers save time, the streaming giant has just set up a new Top 10 category which will help guide the most undecided in an increasingly abundant offer with a chaotic classification..

Netflix generalizes its category Top 10 of the best movies and series by country

Netflix launches a new Top category of the best movies and series of the moment

Top 10: a faster way to choose your Netflix movie or series

After several months of a successful test with its Mexican and British subscribers, Netflix has decided to generalize its new Top 10 category to its users around the world. “Subscribers in both countries tested have found the idea useful, so we are rolling it out further,” the company said. Updated daily and even almost in real time, the ranking will show the ten most popular series or film titles in each country. If the list is available directly once the film or series tab has been selected, the content included in the selection will also be marked with a special badge which will allow them to be easily recognized during a more general search.

Save time in your choice of viewing by following the Top 10 of the day

Netflix generalizes its top 10 ranking system for today's most watched programs

While Netflix already offers different selections such as “Current Trending” or “Biggest Hits”, the new Top 10 will have the advantage of presenting an orderly ranking, showing the most popular title at the moment. “We hope these new Top 10s will serve to create more sharing moments and help subscribers choose something faster and easier to watch. Because, when you come across an interesting program, you generally want to share it with your loved ones so that they can benefit from it in turn “added the platform. in a press release.

A selection marked with a dedicated seal

Netflix's top 1a ranking will be updated daily according to program audiences

OCS or netflix or Amazon Prime or Disney Plus ?

A new service that is part of the now new race for market share generated by increasingly intense competition, something to which Netflix was not used until then given its position as the undisputed leader in the sector. This new Top 10 will somewhat satisfy the curiosity of those who wonder about the audience figures for the platform’s programs, which the platform still refuses to disclose.

Netflix is ​​slacking off its audience figures 

The Netflix platform sets up a category presenting the top 10 of the most viewed daily programs