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Netflix will offer some programs for weekly broadcast

A pioneer of bing-watching, Netflix based its strategy on broadcasting entire seasons, allowing its users to consume its programs in one go, thus forgetting the frustration felt until then by viewers who had to wait impatiently for the weekly arrival. new episodes of their favorite series. With the imminent arrival of the highly anticipated Disney +, the streaming platform that promises to overshadow the current leader, Netflix could change its tune and return to the good old traditional TV rendezvous system, used by television channels.

Netflix will broadcast some programs on a weekly basis

Netflix to stream some of its upcoming shows on a weekly basis

Indeed, if Disney has announced that it wants to offer its programs over the long term, by broadcasting the episodes of its series week after week, Netflix could soon do the same, thus revisiting what has undoubtedly made it successful until then..

The Great British Baking Show Season 7 will be the first weekly broadcast

The episodes of certain Netflix programs will now be offered on a weekly basis

While the choice of a spread over time is not in fact a first for Netflix, it should however be limited to only a category of rhythmic reality TV-type programs with eliminations. This is how The Great British Baking Show will be the first program to be broadcast at the rate of one episode per week, followed by the new tele-hook program dedicated to young American rap shoots, Rhythm + Flow, with Cardi B , TI, and Chance the Rapper in jury, or the show Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Netflix follows the strategy of Disney +, its main future competitor

Faced with the announcement of Disney to favor weekly broadcasting, Netflix is ​​also launching into the episodes in dropper

If Disney already seems to weigh on the market before even being launched, the other SVOD platform Hulu has also opted for a few years for the model based on the virtue of patience. Owned by Walt Disney, the one who aired the Catch 22 series with George Clooney therefore chose the drip card, while still offering viewers the first three episodes of a series at once, in order to arouse their interest and their desire to wait until the following week.

Netflix to end binge watching for some of its programs

Netflix is ​​withdrawing from the binge on certain new programs, in order to offer weekly episodes