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Newron Motors EV-1, a French wooden electric motorcycle

A young French brand, Newron Motors has just launched its 100% electric motorcycle of a new kind, with a wooden structure.

The Newron Motors EV-1

the young French brand Newron Motors launches the electric wooden EV-1

Newron Motors unveils its French and woody electric motorcycle

Created in 2016 by Sébastien Mahut, the French brand Newron Motors has just developed a concept of a new generation electric motorcycle, with the particularity of being designed around a wooden fairing.

A true concentrate of engineering and aesthetic wonder, the EV-1 electric motorcycle from Newron Motors stands out entirely from other models in the sector offered to date. The originality of the machine therefore lies in its architecture made entirely of high-quality wood, the essence of which varies according to the customer’s choice. We thus find ebony, red cedar, ash or oak, in parts made to the millimeter, from the bottom of the fork to the saddle, including the lower fairing.

A wild wood fairing

Newron Motors unveils its electric motorcycle with exotic wood fairing

A true work of craftsmanship, the Newron Motors EV-1 is handcrafted

Another specificity that places the EV-1 in the category of futuristic machines is its 350 V lithium-ion battery placed in the center of the machine and which thus forms a structural part of the chassis. Cylindrical in shape, it has an autonomy capacity that can take the motorcycle over more than 300km in “City” mode, or 220km in “Highway” mode, while its CCS rapid recharge allows it to obtain a 80% filling in less than 40 minutes.

This new kind of battery powers a PMAC motor with 240 Nm of torque, giving the EV-1 0-100 acceleration in under 3 seconds. In view of the bike’s power-to-weight ratio, facilitated by ultra-light carbon wheels, its top speed has been electronically limited to 220 km / h..

The EV-1 and its impressive cylindrical battery

Newron Motors EV-1, a 100% French electric motorcycle with wooden frame

As a top-of-the-range vehicle, the EV-1 electric motorcycle from Newron Motors also has improved connectivity, be it GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi, while a manufacturer application makes it possible to track the various parameters of the vehicle in time. real.

The 100% electric motorcycle EV-1 developed by the French company Newron Motors of Sébastien Mahut is already available for pre-order. Limited to 12 copies entirely made by hand, this one has a price of around 60,000 euros.

An exceptional motorcycle designed by the French Sébastien Mahut

With EV-1, Newron motors launches a very high-end French electric motorcycle