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Nikola announces the arrival of the hydrogen Badger

After Rivian, General Motors and Hummer, Ford and its F-150 and of course Tesla and its Cybertruck, the market for electric SUVs made in America continues to grow, with the arrival of a new kid from Nikola Corporation..

American manufacturer Nikola announces the Badger

The American company Nikola announces the imminent arrival of the Badger hydrogen SUV

The Arizona company has just announced that she was going to enhance her catalog of projects, already well supplied, of a new model of electric SUV, the Nikola Badger. Presented as a hybrid vehicle, this pickup, which will be officially presented next September, sets itself apart from the competition by its use of hydrogen. The future competitor of the Cybertruck will therefore be carrying a hydrogen tank to supply a fuel cell that produces electricity for powertrains. A second auxiliary battery will allow this hybrid version of the Badger to achieve 965 kilometers of total range, according to the manufacturer.

Nikola, which is developing hydrogen technology on several of its other large vehicles, announces that a 100% battery-electric version should also be offered, this time limited to 480 kilometers. “Nikola is developing a number of technologies for its semi-trailer vehicles, so why not use them to design an SUV? »Commented the boss of Nikola, Trevor Milton.

Tesla Cybertruck competitor announced, Nikola’s Badger is based on hydrogen technology

Nikola Corporation relies on hydrogen to compete with Tesla with its new Badger

With a power close to 900 horsepower allowing it to reach 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds, Nikola’s Badger would also be able to tow up to 3.6 tonnes. If the American company has been relying on hydrogen for a few years through the development of several large vehicles, or on simple electrics such as with its jet ski and buggy, the generous autonomy proclaimed by the Badger could be one of the keys. faced with the major problem facing this technology, the lack of charging infrastructure. Nikola tries to reassure by announcing wanting to install a network of no less than 700 stations on American soil.

Generous specifications for an ambitious project

After the Hummer and the Cybertruck, the electric SUV market should see Nikola's Badger arrive

Until then, the Badger’s potential arrival will face tough competitors in the American Way of Life’s favorite electric vehicle, the SUV. Faced with a scattered catalog and a lot of promises, the young brand will have to succeed in reassuring a future clientele, more inclined to bet on pundits of the automotive industry like Ford, GM, or even Tesla..

The hydrogen pickup will have to rise to the occasion against competitors with more evocative names, such as Hummer or F-150

The Nikola company wants to compete with the big American manufacturers with its hydrogen SUV Badger with record autonomy