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Nintendo announces the imminent arrival of the Switch Lite

Nintendo has just unveiled the arrival of a new version of its successful portable console, the Switch Lite, presented as an alternative model with smaller dimensions, weight and price. Offered at $ 199, a third less than the standard Switch, this lighter version should not replace its big sister, but rather support it, according to the American President of Nintendo, Doug Bowser, to our colleagues at the site the Verge: “The two systems will complement each other and coexist on the market”.

Nintendo announces the arrival of Switch Lite, a lightweight version of the popular portable console

Nintendo announces the arrival of Switch Lite, a lighter version of its portable console

This new Switch Lite, which is scheduled for release next September, differs from its predecessor, not only by the size of its 5.5-inch screen, replacing the old 6.2 ″, or its weight of 275 grams , but also by design and interactivity. Indeed, one of the important points of difference lies in the fact that the controllers are embedded in the console, unlike the removable Joy-Con of the classic Switch..

The Switch Lite loses its removable controllers

Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller and lighter than the classic version of the portable console and has non-removable controllers

The directional keys are grouped together in D-Pads, like what we found on the old consoles of the Japanese manufacturer. In terms of connectivity, the Switch Lite loses its HDMI dock and therefore cannot be connected to a TV. The Micro SD port is kept, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, while the light sensor, for its part, disappears.

“The two systems will complement and coexist in the market” Doug Bowser, Nintendo

The new light version of the Nintendo Switch Lite portable console will be marketed from next September

Offered in three colors, turquoise, yellow and gray, followed by a future Pokémon limited series scheduled for the month of November to accompany the release of the eponymous game, this new Switch Lite will be able to receive the games of its big sister . Only titles requiring a Joy-Con, as is the case for 1-2 Switch, cannot be used on this light version.

A limited edition Pokémon will launch in November

Nintendo presented the Lite version of its Switch portable console, of which a limited Pokémon edition is expected to arrive in November