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Nintendo Switch is now compatible with Android (unofficially)

Switch, Nintendo’s portable console, would now be likely to support Android, as well as its popular applications such as Netflix, Youtube or Spotify and certain game emulators. An innovation that we owe to a team of Switchroot hackers, who made available LineageOS, a patch based on Android 8.1 Oreo and thus exploiting a flaw present on NVidia’s Tegra X1 SoC and which we find on models of the Nintendo console marketed before July 2018. A hacking that allows the passage to make games from the Shield console, such as Portal, Half-Life 2 and the GeForce Now cloud, compatible with the Switch. A way to pay tribute to the powerful NVidia console, intended to compete with the little Japanese girl thanks to its system running on Android.

Developers have successfully run the Nintendo Switch on Android

Lineage OS patch makes Nintendo Android compatible with Android

Despite the revolution that could offer a compatibility of the Switch with the OS of Google, allowing the passage to make it compatible with a Bluetooth headset, it seems that the road is however strewn with technical pitfalls. Indeed, a series of bugs relating to the Hekate cracking in question have been brought to light. According to the developers behind this hacking, it seems that the joysticks of the machine are not detected by some flagship applications such as Dolphin Emulator or the Steam Link streaming game app.

Installing Android on the Switch is possible thanks to a flaw in the Tegra X1 SoC

Hackers have created a LineageOS patch to allow the installation of Android on the Nintendo Switch

Other limitations seem to make the news a little less exciting at the moment, such as the lack of video DRM which would prevent viewing of Netflix content in HD, if any. The lack of a camera, GPS or microphone could also hamper the use of many Android applications, while the stability of WiFi reception also seems risky..

Using Android on the Switch has some limitations

It is now possible to install Android on the Nintendo Switch portable console, thanks to a flaw in its SoC

This forced compatibility is therefore more of the challenge than the real good news. In addition to the pointed out limitations that such an installation offers, the reliability of the Switch could be greatly affected, due to repeated bugs. A DIY course not approved by Nintendo, which could thus rank all users of such a process, by prohibiting them from certain connected services.

Nintendo Switch on Android still requires some adjustments

Switchroot developers have installed Android on the Nintendo Switch