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Opera 50 unveils its new features on Android

Norwegian-born browser Opera has just released a new batch of its version for Android, the fiftieth of its kind. Full of new features, this Opera 50 Android now comes with a new Picture in Picture mode, as well as improvements to its built-in Ad Blocker and fast scrolling. This update is already available on the Google Play Store for all Android users.

Opera unveiled its new version 50 for Android

Opera browser wallpaper with update 50 for Android with fast PIP scrolling and built-in ad blocker

The main advance of this new version 50 of Opera Android concerns its ad blocker, now configurable on the fly. A new button located at the top of the screen now allows you to activate or deactivate the blocker according to the websites consulted and the choice of the user, who would for example like to support a site by accepting the display of advertisements on its navigation page. A novelty also commented by the publisher of Opera: “The update of our Ad Blocker offers users a permanent blocking of advertisements, while allowing them to deactivate this one on specific sites, if necessary”. “We want sites to be able to offer Internet users to deactivate their ad blocker if they feel like it”.

An improved ad blocker for this new version 50 of Opera

image illustration browser with Opera 50 Android update with fast scrolling ad blocker and Picture In Picture mode

Another new feature of Opera Android 50.0 is the new Picture in Picture mode. The PiP feature allows you to use applications while viewing a video from a site. When a video is viewed in full screen, just press the home button on the smartphone to see the window collapse and superimpose itself on other applications. Now enabled by default, this new Picture in Picture mode should be compatible with all sites supporting PiP.

Opera 50 and its Pictures in Pictures PiP mode

New updated Opera 50 browser image for Android with Pictures in Pictures PiP feature and improved ad blocker

Finally, a fast page scroll with a handle also complements this new Opera, allowing easier navigation on sites and pages with heavy content. Other changes have also been made to the web browser, including easier opening of PDF and.doc files in the downloads box, better accessibility to cookie settings, as well as support for dark CSS templates. . To this will be added an enhancement of the translation service and a new Chromium 71 engine, as well as a VPN service recently added for the Beta version..

Opera recently got a VPN in its beta version

New Opera update for Android version 50 with free VPN in beta version and pictures in pictures mode pip