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Sony confirms release date for PlayStation 5

As information continues to trickle in, Sony has just made a press release official that the next generation of its flagship console, the PlayStation 5, will be released by the end of 2020, at the like Microsoft’s XBox Scarlett.

Sony confirms the arrival of the Playstation 5 for the end of 2020

Sony has confirmed that the release of the new Playstation 5 console will take place in late 2020

Among the novelties planned for this future PS5, the Japanese firm has particularly announced the evolution of its controller. Retaining a priori its now familiar design, the new controller of the Playstation 5 should no longer be satisfied with the vibrant “dualshock” used for many years, but will be equipped with a new haptic technology, allowing “to carry the feeling of immersion to a higher level, ”says Sony, thanks to improved vibration and a touch adapted to each playing situation.

Playstation 5: a new generation controller with haptic technology

Wired tested the new controller with haptic technology for the future Playstation 5

Another revolution brought to the new controllers of the Playstation 5, an update of the trigger buttons, commonly called R2 / L2. Indeed, these should also be tuned to the gameplay, thanks to the work of the developers, now allowing them to program their trigger resistance. In other words, the harshness of these famous R2 / L2s will change and adapt to the situation. Firing the arch will make the trigger squeeze harder than with any other weapon, so illustrates The Verge. A novelty close to the technology recently developed and patented by Microsoft.

AMD Ryzen processor and super fast SSD confirmed

Sony has confirmed the presence of a 4K 100GB Blu-Ray drive, an SSD drive and an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor

The Wired site, which had the right to test the prototype of the future Playstation 5 controller, has announced a “notable resemblance to the DualShock 4 of the PS4”, even if no designation of the type DualShock 5 has yet been advanced by Sony. The media also noted the presence on this next-generation controller of a USB-C port, a larger battery as well as the presence of improved integrated speakers.

If some technical information had been put forward by Sony a few months ago, such as the presence of a third-generation AMD Ryzen processor with eight cores of a new Radeon Navi graphics engine from AMD, Sony here confirms the endowment of a 4K Blu-ray drive for 100 GB optical discs, as well as a new ultra-fast SSD hard drive with configurable storage. Another statement, PS4 games can be played on this future Playstation 5.

Rendezvous around Christmas 2020 for the marketing of the already eagerly awaited Playstation 5

The future PS5 Dualshock will be equipped with R2 L2 buttons with variable sensitivity

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