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Spotify Launches Car View Mode To Simplify In-Car Music Control

The music streaming service has just deployed a new feature of its application on Android.

The Car View mode is distinguished by an interface specially designed to make it easier to listen to music while driving. The new display surprises with a simplified design and without any visual trace.

The improvement was already tested by developers last year. Currently, it is available globally on all Android devices..

Spotify with a surprise for its users who drive: new Car View mode

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In the new Car View mode, Spotify is introducing changes that aim to limit the time of contact with the laptop as well as any distraction while driving. For this, voice control, for example, no longer appears in the menu. In contrast, the Car View feature offers an improved interface with oversized buttons..

The size of the keys (such as pause or skip) is increased, allowing the driver to manage the controls at a glance. The characters of the song title and artist name are also enlarged while the album art is no longer displayed.

A feature available to all Android users

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Now, the music application of Spotify will automatically switch to car mode whenever it detects a Bluetooth connection between your mobile and your vehicle. Once the car mode is activated, you can easily access your library or use the search bar.

The service is available to all members: Premium and free. However, free users will be able to enjoy the features through a shuffle mode..

Car mode activates automatically after establishing a Bluetooth connection between your phone and your car

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In case a passenger is accompanying you and they want to control the music on your phone, car mode can be temporarily deactivated via the three-point menu. If you do not wish to take advantage of the vehicle service, you can deactivate it manually via the application settings.

In a post on its site, Spotify shares more information about the new mode. The team explains that the feature is compatible only with Bluetooth speakers and cannot be used for connection via an auxiliary cable. Spotify has also confirmed that the Car View feature also works in landscape view..

At this time, there is no information on the possible integration of the new feature on iOS. Car mode officially launched on Android and rolled out worldwide.

The new functionality is distinguished by a streamlined design without showing the album cover art

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The new mode is only compatible with Bluetooth speakers

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