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Spotify launches Premium Duo offer for couples

In constant search of new potential paying customers and in order to counter the sharing of accounts, Spotify has just launched a new subscription intended this time for couples and allowing them to share the same account. Called Spotify Premium Duo, this new offer is therefore only intended for couples, roommates, or any other pair living at the same address.

Spotify launches its Premium Duo offer for couples

Spotify has just launched a new Premium Duo offer for couples with a shared Duo Mix playlist

Currently being tested in certain countries including Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland and Poland, this duo offer offered at € 12.5 is thus placed through individual Premium accounts at € 10 and Premium Family sold as to him 15 € per month. “The Premium Duo test project is part of Spotify’s commitment to always explore new ways to improve the Premium experience”, announces the Swedish company.

This new Premium Duo offer is offered at an intermediate price of € 12.49

Spotify Premium Duo is the new offer for couples for 12.49 e per month including Duo mix, playlist sharing

The Premium Duo offer thus offers the two subscribers to have separate accounts but with a common playlist called Duo Mix. This adapts to the common tastes of both users and is intelligently fed by algorithms developed by Spotify. Note that “Chill (relax)” and “Upbeat (acceleration)” functions are natively offered in order to ensure better transitions between songs with different dynamics.

A common Duo Mix playlist to share your songs

Spotify has just launched as a test the new Premium Duo offer for couples at 12.29 euros

Offered at a median price of € 12.49 per month against € 9.99 for a classic Premium account and € 14.99 for the family offer extendable to six people, this new Premium Duo plan therefore tries to place itself on new land in order to develop the company’s customer portfolio. Note that the Premium offer reserved for students and offered at € 4.99 remains in this case more interesting in the context of a pair attending the benches of the university. A testing strategy, however, put forward by the streaming giant: “We regularly develop new pilot programs with the aim of constantly improving the user experience. This will pave the way for more extensive changes to the service offered by Spotify or simply provide us with important lessons “.

“We regularly develop new pilot programs with the goal of continually improving the user experience.” Spotify

Spotify Premium Duo for couples at 12.5 euros is placed between the individual and family offer