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Spotify tests the Tastebuds feature to find out what their friends like

While we learned that Netflix was planning to produce a series on the history of the creation of Spotify, the leader in music streaming was currently working on a new tool allowing users of the platform to make new discoveries thanks to the participation of their friends. Named Tastebuds, this one was spotted on the platform’s site by the specialist in new technologies Jane Manchun Wong, customary of the fact, as relayed by the Techcrunch site.

Spotify tests Tastebuds, a tool to track the tastes of friends

Jane Manchun Wong found out that Spotify is currently testing the Tastebuds tool to track the likes of her friends

If little information has emerged from this discovery, apart from the name “Tastebuds”, the security researcher behind the publication was nevertheless able to share on her Twitter account a screenshot of this that she found. We see a prototype home page, embellished with a new Tastebuds button located under the Library, leading to the description of the future service “What is Tastebuds? “, Underlined by a definition:” You can now discover new music by relying on the tastes of your friends “.

Tastebuds would allow you to expand your playlists thanks to your friends

Spotify would test Tastebuds, a new function to follow the playlists and favorite songs of his friends

This new tool would make it possible to select friends with or without the same musical affinities, in order to discover what they are listening to, in order to broaden their playlists and their musical knowledge. A “Heavy Rotation” function would also make it possible to highlight the titles most listened to by them and thus to know more about their tastes and mood of the moment..

With Tastebuds Spotify tries to put sharing back at the center of its activities

After Friends Weekly, Spotify tests the Tastebuds feature to find out what our friends are listening to

Interactivity between users has never been a priority for Spotify so far, despite its role as a social platform. If the sharing of songs on social networks as in Instagram Story is now possible and that the follow-up of the playlists of his friends is already offered on the computer version of Spotify, the exchange of titles and discoveries by messages has been deleted following closing the internal messaging system in the application. It remains to be seen if this new Tastebuds function finally passes its test phase and becomes widespread..

The tool will allow them to better understand the musical affinities of their friends

With Tastebuds, Spotify tries to bring more social interactivity into its application