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Tesla announces the arrival of its Solar Roof 3.0

Elon Musk is not giving up and continues his optimism by unveiling a new version of his solar tiles for the home. With a 25-year warranty and topped with a black tempered glass finish, Tesla’s new Solar Roof could deliver up to 10kW, priced at around $ 210 per square meter..

The Solar Roof by Tesla version 3.0

Tesla announces the arrival of a third generation of Solar Roof solar roof tiles

This new update to the Solar Roof by Tesla is Elon Musk’s third brand test after it entered the home solar power generation market in 2016, with more than mixed success. Promised as more economical than its two predecessors, this third version offered today by the American entrepreneur stands out more by the fact that these new tiles can be installed by a third-party craftsman, without direct intervention from Tesla..

Tesla announces the arrival of a new generation of tiles for its Solar Roof project

Elon Musk announces new expensive and simpler month tiles for his Solar Roof

With an appearance close to classic tiles, they thus come closer to the original idea of ​​the brand by offering a discreet and more ergonomic product than conventional solar panels, even if the latter format was finally chosen during the a second attempt. A commercial failure due to the difficulty of installation requiring some work on the house itself and which Elon Musk considers today as “a fairly artisanal product”, comparing the process to “the manufacture of an aircraft whose finishes would then be carried out on the take-off runway ”.

Despite the failure of his first two attempts, Elon Musk perseveres in the field of solar roofs – Solar Roof

Despite two failed attempts, Tesla continues to bet on the solar roof with new tiles

According to the boss of Tesla, this new generation of Solar Roof benefits from an elaborate production process and a simplified design, allowing to consider its large-scale development, while the two previous failures are considered like simple tests by the billionaire. This new solar roof with larger and denser tiles will help “give life to the roofs” and “that in the future it will be strange that the roofs do not collect energy”, he said. added, providing for the installation of a thousand roofs per week within a few months.

Tesla plans to install 1,000 new solar roofs per week

With its new tiles, Tesla expects to develop its solar roof to the tune of 1,000 installations per week

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