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The classic Nintendo Switch should also be revamped

In the aftermath of Nintendo’s announcement of the upcoming arrival of the Switch Lite, a lighter version, cheaper and dedicated to portability alone, the Japanese brand has just revealed that the standard version of its successful handheld console will be- even receive some hardware updates. Indeed, in parallel with the launch of Lite, Nintendo would intend to improve the performance of Switch, according to information gathered by the site The Verge, which publishes a report from the FCC, the body in charge of the ” certification of electronic products for the American market.

Nintendo would consider updating the components of its Switch

after the announcement of the arrival of the Switch Lite, its lighter version, the Nintendo console could soon receive an update of its components

According to a request provided by the Japanese manufacturer, it would consider equipping its console with a new SoC processor, a new NAND flash memory, as well as a new motherboard. To do so, Nintendo therefore submitted to the body in question a request for a “change of class II authorization”, authorization allowing a manufacturer to modify an already existing product, without having to re-initiate a new certification request..

Nintendo would have filed a request in this direction with the Federal Communications Commission

Nintendo would have filed a request for authorization to modify its Switch to the FCC, with a view to modifying its components.

If no precise information concerning the new models of components to come has for the moment been communicated, it is likely that the current processor Tegra X1 of Nvidia, which equips the existing model since 2017 and which today wants to be slightly obsolete, give way or at least receive an update in terms of writing speed, as some sources suggest.

Switch’s current Nvidia Tegra X1 processor may give way to a more thrifty model

Nintendo would have planned to replace the processor of the Switch tegra x1 with a more economical and less expensive model, as for the Lite version

The arrival of the Switch Lite, heralded as having a more energy efficient chip and therefore allowing improved battery life, could be the key to this announced change. It would therefore be likely that the standard version of Switch, sold for $ 100 more than its future little sister, benefits from the same technical advance in terms of charging time and thermometry..

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The standard Nintendo Switch could receive the same processor as its upcoming little sister the Switch Lite