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The Frekvens range by Ikea & Teenage Engineering is finally here

Two years after announcing their collaboration and a year after unveiling the first images, Ikea and Teenage Engineering finally market the products of the collection Frekvens (aka “frequency” in Swedish).

Ikea finally markets the Frekvens range designed with Teenage Engineering

the Frekvens range of speakers by Ikea and Teenage Engineering is coming very soon

After having designed the decorative speaker duo Symfonisk with the company Sonos, Ikea continues its path in the world of audio by partnering with its Scandinavian compatriot Teenage Engineering, specialized in electronics and best known for its OP- synthesizer. 1. This new partnership therefore resulted in the Frekvens range, offering two speaker models, a subwoofer, as well as a duo of LED light shows. The main product is a € 69 speaker available in yellow or red, which can be paired and / or connected to a € 149 subwoofer..

Frekvens, a range of loudspeakers, but not only

Ikea and Teenage Engineering finally deliver their Frekvens range of speakers and deco

Because the Frekvens range is geared towards mobility, it also includes a small portable bluetooth speaker to attach to the belt, at a price of € 20. The light spot is offered at € 29.99 and can be associated with one of the speakers. a second multifunction light is also part of the game, responding to sound through 7 patterns and positionable on an optional tripod. “Why do we have to hide speakers, these are furniture in their own right, the sounds should not be hidden (…) We wanted to create something that looks like IKEA” said the boss of Teenage Engineering, Jesper Kouthoofd.

Teenage Engineering has bet on modularity and portability

Frekvens, a collection of speakers, LED spotlights and decorative items by Ikea and Teenage Engineering

In addition to audio material, the Frekvens collection contains other traditional decorative items. You can find cups, a blanket, a table and other products that will line the shelves of Ikea. Visible in preview on the Swedish giant’s website, Frekvens parts will only be available in stores during the month of February..

Products from the Frekvens range will soon be available in Ikea stores

Waited for two years, the Frekvens range by Teenage Engineering is finally arriving in Ikea stores