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The future Porsche Taycan will embark the Apple Music service

Presented on September 4, Taycan, the first car 100% electric from the manufacturer Porsche, will herald the arrival of the Apple Music app on board. Directly integrated into the car’s multimedia system and more independent than the simple CarPlay already supported by Porsche since 2015, the Apple brand service so far unheard of in a vehicle will allow direct access to song libraries, plus the Beats 1 music streaming service, all without having to connect your iPhone or iPad.

Apple Music will be integrated natively in the future Porsche Taycan

Porsche announces that its future Taycan electric car will integrate Apple Music on board

Resulting from a partnership between Apple and the manufacturer from Stuttgart, the native integration of Apple Music into the Taycan will be accompanied by an unlimited data plan offered by Porsche for three years, as well as a free trial period extended to six months on Tim Cooks’ music streaming service.

Taycan will be the first vehicle to carry Apple Music

Apple Music streaming service to be integrated aboard electric Porsche Taycan

If Apple was already making its CarPlay service available on board Porsche vehicles, the arrival of Apple Music within the Taycan is a first for the brand, which seems determined to extend its field of action beyond its own products, policy implemented by Steve Jobs but which now seems to be running out of steam. In addition to broadcasting its streaming service in the car, Apple has already this year started to integrate iTunes and AirPlay 2 in the smart TVs of its Korean competitor Samsung. An assumed expansion that is part of the company’s approach to now focus more on subscription services, in order to balance with the notable drop in sales of its physical products.

Three years of data and six months of subscription offered by Porsche and Apple

Porsche Taycan to ship Apple Music streaming service as well as data and subscriptions offered

In order to make the Apple Music experience even more enjoyable on board Taycan, Porsche announces the compatibility of its voice control system with the Apple service, allowing full control of playlists and songs. Apple and Porsche accounts can also be synchronized in order to limit duplicates and will be able to benefit from exclusive playlists edited and offered by the German brand to Taycan owners. A time announced, the integration of Android Auto in Porsche vehicles seems to take a hit in the wing with the arrival of Apple, which thus overtakes its competitor, whose management of the German brand does not seem carry more than that in esteem, pointing to the important data collection generally operated by Google.

Apple continues its strategy of expansion beyond its own borders

Apple Music will soon equip the future electric Porsche Taycan and continue its expansion beyond its borders