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The next generation of the Porsche Macan will be 100% electric (or nothing)

Porsche has just announced that the next generation of its star Macan model will be offered in a single electric version, a first for an SUv from the German manufacturer. The brand’s best seller with its 90,000 units sold in 2018, this new 100% electric Macan should go into production by 2020, becoming the third vehicle of this type offered by Porsche, with the Taycan (from the Mission concept E) and the Cross Turismo, planned for the same period. “The next generation of Porsche Macan will be entirely electric”, declared the native brand of Stuttgart, suggesting that the marketing of hybrid or gasoline versions is to be excluded. In view of the vehicle’s worldwide success, particularly due to its price, the approach is all the more engaging.

The next generation of Porsche Macans will be fully (and only) electric

Porsche logo to illustrate article on the announcement of a new generation of exclusively electric Porsche Macan

While the automaker has not communicated extensive technical details on this upcoming electric Macan, it still hinted that the SUV will be equipped with the same 800V electric module as the two models mentioned above. It is therefore likely that the vehicles also offer a fast charging system of up to 300kW, allowing a range of 250km after recharging in a compatible Porsche station of about 15 minutes.

The Porsche Macan SUV will abandon the gasoline engine to become 100% electric

Photo of the Porsche Macan which will be marketed only in electric version in its new version

Like the Volkswagen group to which it belongs, Porsche seems determined to embark on the adventure of electrics more in the coming years. As proof, the investment in its factory in Leipzig, part of a plan to overhaul the brand for electromobility, to the tune of 6 billion euros. The company also announced in 2018 that it wanted to increase its range of fully electric vehicles to 50% of its catalog by 2025. A goal already well advanced with the marketing of a number of hybrid models. “Over the next ten years, we will focus on a powertrain mix of optimized gasoline engines, plug-in hybrid models and electrically powered sports cars,” said Porsche President Oliver Blume..

The Taycan, from the Mission E concept car, will accompany the Macan in Porsche’s electric adventure

The 100% electric Porsche Macan accompanied by the Taycan from the Mission E concept car

Considered in 2017 by the leaders of the prancing horse brand, the project of an electric Macan announced today is ultimately not a surprise, but confirms Porsche’s strategy towards cleaner vehicles, after having already abandoned diesel engines.

The Porsche Macan, the German brand’s best seller

Photo of Porsche Macan, the brand's best-selling suv with 90,000 units in 2018