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The only (and very expensive) Nintendo Playstation was auctioned

The only surviving copy of the prototype Nintendo Playstation console has its new owner. Greg McLemore, founder of and, won the auction for this ultra rare model for $ 360,000.

The Nintendo Playstation has found a buyer for 360,000 dollars

the only copy of the Nintendo Playstation was auctioned for $ 360,000

Nintendo or Playstation? Both my Captain

The last of 200 prototypes resulting from the failed collaboration between Sony and Nintendo in 1991, the Nintendo Playstation was originally created to equip the famous Super NES console with the latest technology of the time, the CD-Rom drive. A partnership that will never come to fruition. Sony then decided to launch its own console in 1994, the very one that would mark the entry of video games into a new era, the famous Playstation, inheriting in the process the name of the late prototype. Made in 200 copies, these were finally destroyed after the collaboration between the two electronics giants, all but one, now the last vestige of the failed duo.

Nintendo Playstation, a prototype resulting from the collaboration between Sony and Nintendo

Nintendo Playstation prototype found auction taker for $ 360,000

Nintendo Playstation, the last relic of the partnership between Sony and Nintendo

According to legend and the Polygon website, this unique Nintendo Playstation model was found in the archives of Olaf Olafsson, former boss of Sony. It was Terry Diebold who acquired the prototype at a first auction held in 2009, for $ 75. It was in 2015 that he became aware of the rarity of his purchase, which has since been lying around in his attic. He claims to have received an offer of $ 1.2 million some time ago.

Greg McLemore won the last existing copy out of 200

The result of a collaboration between Sony and Nintendo, the Nintendo Playstation sold was auctioned

The lucky new owner had to spend $ 360,000 to get his hands on this unique prototype. He said he broke the bank and that this Nintendo Playstation was “the most expensive thing he bought in his life, after his house”. The acquisition of Greg McLemore is expected to join his large collection of more than 800 pieces, consisting of video games, magazines and works of art. According to Forbes, he would consider creating a museum in which his new working Nintendo Playstation would be exhibited. “I want to share my passion for the game” said the person.

This vestige should be the main attraction of the future museum of the purchaser

The last extant copy of the Nintendo Playstation prototype sold for $ 360,000