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The Sega MegaDrive Mini will be available on September 19

After Nintendo and Sony, it is Sega’s turn to announce the release of a modern mini version of one of its iconic 16-bit consoles, the MegaDrive Mini. Scheduled for September 19, this remake of the famous retro console version 2.0 will integrate a set of 40 games, two controllers as well as an hdmi port, allowing it to easily connect to today’s TVs and screens. Its selling price is set at 79 euros.

Sega to launch MegaDrive Mini, version 2.0 of its iconic 90s console

After Nintendo and Sony, Sega launches a new version of its console from the 1009s, the MegaDrive Mini

Like its successful competitors Nintendo NES Mini, Super NES Mini and Playstation 1 Mini, the MegaDrive Mini takes the design of its illustrious elder in a however smaller version, on which we find the same buttons as on the first version of the original console released in 1988. If Sega has not communicated all the games integrated into the MegaDrive Mini, the Japanese company has however confirmed the presence of Sonic, Ecco, or ToeJam and Earl. Other arcade titles like Gunstar Heroes or the fighting game Altered Beast will also be in the game, as will the role-playing game Shining Force..

The MegaDrive Mini takes the design of its predecessor by integrating 40 games

Sega will launch its new MegaDrive Mini console, an emulation of its classic '90s Mega Drive

If the company AtGames, known for having already replicated Sega consoles was a time to develop the emulation of this new MegaDrive Mini, Sega had finally announced last September that it wanted to turn to another company to carry out its software project..

The MegaDrive or Genesis in the USA returns in September 2019 in its Mini version

The new Sega MegaDrive Mini console or known as Genesis in the USA will be released in September 2019

If Sega in turn entered the nostalgia market, it was Nintendo that had overtaken everyone else and paved the way for retro remakes with the release in November 2016 of the Nintendo Classic Mini, known as NES Mini. A real commercial success, this will encourage Nintendo to then develop the Super NES Mini, whose sales combined with those of its older sister will be of the order of 10 million units. Riding the wave opened up by Nintendo, Sony will in turn launch its Playstation 1 Mini in December 2018, incorporating a catalog of 30 games, but whose reception has so far been much less enthusiastic than that of its Japanese competitors.

Sega returns to game consoles after withdrawing from the sector in 2001

Sega has made a comeback in video game consoles since 2001 with the new Mega Drive Mini to be released in 2019

Withdrawn from the game console business since 2001, Sega should benefit from the media and commercial fallout of its new MegaDrive Mini and certainly consider a similar second life for its other equally iconic machines of the 1990s, the Saturn and the Dreamcast..