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Triumph embarks on electric motorcycles with the TE-1 project

After Harley-Davidson and its LiveWire, the British Triumph should in turn launch the production of an electric motorcycle model, the TE-1. The project, scheduled for at least two years, will result from the brand’s collaboration with the specialist subsidiary of automotive engineering company Williams Advanced Engineering and the University of Warwick. The British government, through the energy ministry is also planning to provide financial support..

Triumph embarks on electric motorcycles with the TE-1 project

logo of the motorcycle brand Triumph which is embarking on a TE-1 electric motorcycle project

The announcement was commented on by Triumph CEO Nick Bloor: “This collaboration between Triumph and its partners represents an exciting opportunity to become the leader in technology that will enable the electrification of motorcycles, driven by customers keen to reduce their environmental impact, combined with the desire to develop more economical transport ”. This Triumph TE-1 project is part of our strategy for electric motorcycles and aims to meet the expectations of cyclists in terms of handling, the perfect balance between handling, performance and user-friendliness “.

Triumph has chosen to develop its TE-1 project with Williams Advanced Engineering and the University of Warwick

The TE-1 electric motorcycle project will be the result of a collaboration of Triumph with Williams Advanced Engineering and the University of Warwick

This TE-1 project will be overseen by Triumph Motorcycles and its expertise in terms of chassis and motorcycle engineering. Williams Advanced Engineering will be responsible for battery development, while its subsidiary Integral Powertrain will focus on developing a new electric motor. The University of Warwick will make its contribution in terms of modeling, marketing and commercialization, with the aim of providing a product “best meeting the needs of a new market” and “the requirement of Triumph quality. », Said the brand’s product manager, Steve Sargent..

With the TE-1 project, Triumph follows in the footsteps of another iconic brand, Harley Davidson and its LiveWire

with its TE 1 project, Triumph follows Harley Davidson and its Livewire electric motorcycle

If the british builder seems to have all the keys in hand for the development of its TE-1 project, commercialization should not see the light of day for a few years. The group initially leaves itself two years to develop the electric motor which will come equipped with a final project not yet defined in its entirety. However, this news confirms the progress of the motorcycle world in the new area of ​​electric transport.

With its vintage character, the English brand is now moving towards the future

The English brand is recognized for its vintage design models, including the famous Bonneville which celebrated its 60th anniversary.