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Twitter announces new audience restriction feature

The Director of Product Management Twitter took advantage of CES in Las Vegas to announce a new feature coming to the platform, allowing you to choose the type of audience that can respond to tweets. Currently in the development phase and scheduled to be tested in the first quarter of 2020, it could then be deployed globally during the year.

Twitter announces new audience monitoring feature that can respond to tweets

Twitter has announced a new upcoming feature to restrict the possibilities of replying to a tweet

This new feature will now allow you to restrict the possibility of responses to certain participants only, in order to fight more effectively against trolls. To do this, four levels of settings will be offered “Global, Group, Panel and Statement” directly on the screen for composing a tweet. The Global option will allow all users to respond, as is currently the case. Group will limit comments to only those people who are part of the tracked accounts as well as those mentioned. Panel will only concern the people mentioned in the tweet in question and Statement will simply and completely block the possibility of a response..

The audience and the possibility of response will be configurable according to four levels of restriction

At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Twitter Announces Testing of New Option to Control Access to Replies to Tweets

While the risk of disinformation without the possibility of contradiction is directly pointed out here, the person in charge of Twitter Suzanne Xie tries to reassure by advancing the possibility of quoting the tweet and providing an indirect response. “This is something that we are experimenting with and going to study closely.” Compared to the private group system set up and promoted by Facebook, this future new Twitter function will however be more subtle by giving the possibility of completely expanding or restricting the distribution of a tweet, unlike the stricter format of the FB model..

The new function should be generalized during the year 2020

The social network Twitter is currently testing a function to limit responses to tweets

Suzanne Xie, Director of Twitter Product Management

Twitter Product Management Director Suzanne Xie Announced New Audience Restriction Feature During CES 2020