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Twitter is considering the possibility of editing tweets

Since the launch of Twitter in 2006, its users have continued to advocate for the establishment of a function allowing the modification of their tweet, whether it is to correct a typo or an erroneous link. A request so far left a dead letter, until the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced last Saturday in an interview that his teams were currently looking into the question of the establishment of such a function, without having however determined what form it might take.

Soon editable posts on Twitter?

photo of the twitter app on smatphone to illustrate the future tweets modification function announced by jack dorsey

It was in an interview from last Saturday that the Twitter chief hinted that an editing function could soon emerge, however, stipulating that it should only be effective for instant changes. Indeed, one of the hypotheses put forward would be that a rectification period of 5 to 30 seconds could be left to the user once his tweet is published, like some already existing messaging services. A time for reflection and potential correction would therefore be offered before the tweet in question is published and then disappears into the wild..

Jack Dorsey and Twitter are in the process of thinking about the subject

photo of jack dorsey and twitter logo for his interview on the option to edit upcoming tweets in technews

However, it would seem that this solution is not without consequences and thus causes the end of conversations in real time. Indeed, according to Jack Dorsey, commenting on an event such as a sporting event requires immediacy, a pledge of sincerity and credibility. However, it may turn out that certain situations require some time for reflection and verification, as might be the case with political statements, where impulsiveness is not always the order of the day. It is therefore possible to see the emergence of literally two-speed categories of discussions..

“Twitter is based on SMS logic”

smartphone screen photo with facebook and twitter app for article on interview with jack dorsey on new tweet correction function

Regarding a simple post-publication modification, the door is not closed on this option either, but it would be subject to a significant domino effect, because the update of a message would immediately trigger the chain correction of all his retweets, modifying in passing the heart of the matter and his reactions. A change that would also remove Tweeter from its role of whistleblower, when it comes to making public a clumsiness or an offensive speech.

An update expected by users

twitter wallpaper on iphone for technews news with function to edit tweets announced by jack dorsey

If Twitter seems decided to take in hand the question of the modification of tweets, it seems that it is still only at the stage of reflection, while waiting to find the most effective solution and especially the most adapted to the philosophy. of the social network. According to its CEO, Twitter has always been based on SMS logic: Once sent, the message no longer belongs to you.

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