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Twitter to remove inactive accounts

Twitter has started warning owners of accounts deemed inactive that their accounts will soon be deleted. The big cleaning will begin from December 11 and the procedure should take “several months” according to the words of the social network.

Twitter will delete accounts with no activity for more than 6 months

Twitter has announced that it wants to delete accounts that have been inactive for more than six months

Twitter has therefore just made the decision to clean up its network of as many accounts as it deems inactive, in order to improve the quality of its content and “present more accurate and credible information”. One way to filter out the many ghost users and others responsible for targeted spam campaigns over time. Another consequence of these deletions, the desire to redistribute the names of accounts currently occupied by users not very involved in the game of the social network.

Accounts without connection for 6 months will be deleted

Twitter launches a cleanup by deleting accounts that have not logged in for more than six months

“As part of our commitment to public debate, we are working to clean up inactive accounts to present more accurate and credible information that Twitter users can trust. Part of this effort is to encourage users to actively log in and use Twitter once they sign up, as stated in our inactive account policy ”(…)“ We launched a campaign proactive outreach to many accounts that have not logged in for more than six months, with the aim of informing them that their accounts could be permanently deleted due to prolonged inactivity, ”said a spokesperson for the company at The Verge site.

“We encourage users to actively connect to Twitter (…) as our policy stipulates”

Twitter will close inactive accounts as of December 11, as stated in its usage policy

Twitter began its campaign by sending out a warning to account owners who have not signed in for more than six months, warning them of an upcoming deletion. A duration-based arbitration therefore, which could nevertheless affect users blocked from access for third-party reasons such as illness. There is also the problem of deceased persons, as their account, sometimes kept posthumously, could disappear, as could their content. When asked about the matter, Twitter does appear to actually include these in its deletions process: “We currently don’t have a way to commemorate a deceased user’s Twitter account, but the team is considering ways to do so. reach “.

The re-availability of many account names may however delight many users who are likely to recover them. That said, Twitter did not specify a date for the return to circulation of these aliases, the removal process being planned over “several months” and not just on this date of December 11, according to the network..

The deleted names will be put back on the “market”

After being deleted, inactive Twitter account names can be used by new users

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