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Uber Eats plans to launch drone deliveries this summer

Having carried out conclusive tests, Uber Eats plans to launch its fast food delivery service by drone in the American city of San Diego this summer..

Uber Eats to make its first drone deliveries over San Diego skies soon

Uber Eats drone image that will begin delivery of orders and menus to San Diego in summer 2019

If, for obvious technical and safety reasons, the orders will not however be delivered directly to the customer by the drone, the final delivery will be made by employees from Uber, responsible for retrieving the menu in an area of safe and intended landing. This could include the roof of certain parked cars of the VTC company and thus involve the drivers. The next-generation Uber Eats delivery rate by air should be roughly the same as its traditional land version, billed at around 7.5 euros in the Californian city. A new type of packaging is also being studied in partnership with McDonald’s, the main brand associated with the development of the drone delivery project, in order to maintain the temperature and integrity of the products delivered.

Uber Eats still plans to provide human assistance to its drones for last mile delivery

Uber Eats logo which will launch the first food deliveries by drone in the skies of San Diego this summer

This new project, led by its manager Eric Allison, seems to be motivated by the success of the Uber Eats service and its sustained growth estimated at + 150% last year. The company therefore wishes to develop its offer by providing a faster air service than that provided by its bicycle or car deliverers. The brand predicts that its new drones, the final design of which has not yet been unveiled, will be able to deliver their customer in seven minutes within a radius of 2.5 kilometers, against the average 21 minutes of current deliverers..

“Our customers want quality and efficiency, all that drone delivery can offer” Eric Allison, Uber

With drone delivery launched in San Diego this summer, Uber Eats expects wait times reduced to seven minutes from 21 minutes for bike deliveries

Before it can develop its new service, however, Uber will need to receive the necessary authorizations from the United States Civil Aviation Authority, which has also designated San Diego as one of ten cities that can host tests related to this type of machine. Safety, noise pollution and a new type of air traffic will be the key factors to be defined for the development of the use of drones for commercial purposes, destined to increase exponentially in the years to come..

With drone delivery, Uber continues to innovate to maintain strong growth in its delivery service

Photo of Uber Eats delivery scooter that will start drone delivery in San Diego in summer 2019