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Uber’s brand new project – autonomous electric bikes and scooters

Everyone has been talking for several years now about this revolutionary invention that autonomous cars are and how they would change our daily lives. Nonetheless, other vehicles are joining the same empowerment track as the promise of a robotic future where the vehicles will be the ones driving us and not the other way around. And now it’s Uber doing it too! The news comes to us from Chris Anderson – head of a robotics company who unveiled the tech giant’s brand new project.

The new generation of smart bikes born under the Jump brand within Uber – a project in progress

the service jump within uber presented a few months ago, uber bike with exchangeable batteries and self-diagnostic capability

Not surprisingly, two months ago Uber offered itself Jump – a self-service electric bicycle service. And the matter looks really serious as the company is recruiting for the project into its new Micromobility Robotics division. The latter is in charge of developing the new model of smart bikes and scooters. The invention will continue technological advancements introduced last month, including exchangeable batteries and self-diagnostic capability. The new improvements are announced, even more ambitious. Go by themselves to the charging points and even go, in an equally autonomous way, to meeting points with customers.

Green means of transport available to everyone – the idea behind the Uber project !

uber bike in red and black on a sidewalk, autonomous self-service bike developed by uber with advances in robotics

The scooter of the future developed by Uber

uber scooter in red and black to get around town, new idea uber self-service autonomous scooter

Bicycles and scooters have always been a preferred means of transport thanks to their compactness and minimal environmental cost. However, the same ones have always had one major flaw, that they often find themselves abandoned in the middle of the sidewalk or other inappropriate places. The result – a crowded and therefore not so pleasant cityscape and less easy foot traffic. A problem that the new invention is supposed to remedy with the autonomous movement which promises to rid the sidewalks of this type of vehicles..

However, several technological and legislative aspects remain to be resolved and the implementation of the invention will undoubtedly take some time! However, the day when the bike comes our way to take us on these two wheels will never cease to fascinate tech minds..

Uber and its new self-service bicycles to use to get around easily and fight against urban pollution !

how to get around town with less polluting means of transport, the self-service and self-service uber bike that will use advances in robotics