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Volkswagen presented its ID Space Vizzion station wagon

Volkswagen took advantage of the Auto Show in Los Angeles to finish unveiling its new project, the ID Space Vizzion, the seventh element of its 100% electric range launched in 2016 to use the new modular MEB platform, while the German manufacturer aims to reach one million clean vehicles sold each year by 2025.

Volkswagen’s ID Space Vizzion showcased at the Los Angeles auto show

Volkswagen presented its ID Space Vizzion station wagon at the Auto SHow in Los Angeles


With its features of a big break almost 5 m long and its family resemblance to the small ID.3, the Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion concept car also inherits performance close to a GT, with its 275 hp engine mounted at the rear which allows it to reach hundreds of kilometers per hour in 5.4 seconds. A second engine can be added to the vehicle, allowing it to benefit from its large 22-inch wheels with all-wheel drive and to add in the process no less than 340 hp for 175 km / h peak. Equipped with an 82 kWh battery, the ID Space Vizzion announces a generous range of 590 WLTP kilometers, achieved thanks to the in-depth work of engineers and designers on the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion concept car set to launch in 2021

Volkswagen unveiled its ID Space Vizzion concept station wagon at the LA auto show


Presented in a four-passenger version, this Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion, which promises to be the wagon side of the Vizzion sedan presented in Switzerland last year, should however be offered with a fifth place in its production version. Equipped with a spacious interior, the future VW wagon fulfills its role of modern vehicle, thanks to its 15.6-inch touch screen and above all the presence of an augmented reality system making it possible to display certain information useful for driving, especially navigation, directly on the windshield.

Volkswagen chooses AppleSkin to replace the leather inside its Space Vizzion ID

Volkswagen's ID Space Vizzion electric station wagon unveiled in Los Angeles


As a clean vehicle, Volkswagen has taken care of the interior of its ID Space Vizzion, also with the materials used. Indeed, the German manufacturer has chosen to ignore chrome and especially leather by using AppleSkin, a material resulting from “residues from the production of apple juice” with characteristics similar to the latter..

The ID Space Vizzion is the seventh vehicle in the ID range presented by the German manufacturer

Volkswagen presented the prototype of the station wagon version of its future electric Vizzion


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