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WhatsApp gets a “Dark Theme” mode in beta

As the feature begins to spread across many services and apps, it’s the turn of the 5 billion-downloaded messenger, WhatsApp, to introduce a dark mode in its settings. Expected for a while, the new “Dark Theme” feature is now available in the settings section of the latest beta 2.20.13 version of the app, on Android.

WhatsApp includes a “Dark Theme” in its version 2.20.13 beta

WhatsApp now includes a dark dark theme in its latest Android beta version

Activated permanently, temporarily, or even automatically in connection with the battery saver mode of Android, the “Dark Theme” or dark mode should find favor in the eyes of many users, supporters of the function in general. Known to be less tiring for the eyes, especially in dark environments, and thus limiting the spread of blue light, the “Dark Theme” function is also useful in terms of saving battery life for devices equipped with a technology screen. OLED. However, this WhatsApp version of night mode does not seem to please everyone, given its gray rendering, which is more suitable for LCD and OLED displays, rather than a true deep black..

“Dark Theme”: WhatsApp adopts dark mode and follows the path of its cousins ​​Instagram and Messenger

A new night mode available in the beta version of WhatsApp on Android

By adopting a dark mode, WhatsApp is finally part of the same approach as the other services of the Facebook group, such as Messenger and Instagram, which for their part have already been equipped for several months..

A night mode closer to gray than black, to better adapt to different screens

Users of the new beta of WhatsApp can now activate a new dark mode dark theme

Currently only available to Play Store messaging beta program participants, now limited by WhatsApp’s decision, a final version of the “Dark Theme” that would be distributed globally to Android and iOS consumers is currently not officially scheduled.

A dark theme for now only WhatsApp beta testers

WhatsApp in turn installs a night mode in its new Android version available in beta