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WhatsApp will control its addition to discussion groups

The WhatsApp messaging service, owned by Facebook, has just launched a new option to control its addition by third parties to certain discussion groups. This new measure also aims to limit the spread of fake news and “infox”, as well as to limit commercial and other abuses by maintaining the confidentiality of the numbers. This new feature will offer three different levels of filtering to block any addition to a group chat, partially limited to certain contacts or completely free. A time-limited notification system will also be put in place for private messages sent by unknown persons or those affected by the filtering..

WhatsApp launches new option to limit adding to group chats

WhatsApp logo on green background for article on the new filtering option for group messages

This new advancement of WhatsApp in terms of confidentiality is appearing alongside another service now offered by the application in India called “Checkpoint Tipline”, making it possible to verify the veracity of information conveyed through messaging. This decision follows the questioning of WhatsApp by the Indian government a few months ago, after the spread of false information on a large scale that led to tragic lynchings. Messaging was also singled out during the Brazilian presidential campaign, accused once again of promoting the dissemination of untruths, propaganda and other conspiracy theories. Spread so much faster and more virally when done through group discussions.

WhatsApp is one of the most used channels for the dissemination of fake news

WhatsApp wants to limit the dissemination of fake news by filtering everyone's access to discussion groups

India and its countless users is therefore acting as a laboratory in terms of the fight against fake news and information processing, all the more crucial on the eve of its elections, for which nearly a billion voters will be elected. soon to be called to the polls. While Facebook communicated publicly on its fight against intoxicating, WhatsApp was pointed out in its passive role of spreading hoaxes and its use made by the political parties of the country..

WhatsApp offers three optional filtering levels

the new function of WhatsApp makes it possible to control the addition of its number to groups by third parties

The new option implemented by WhatsApp, however, remains limited by the fact that it is not automatic and depends on the goodwill of users. In order to take advantage of this service, the choice of filter must therefore be made manually, through the application’s settings: Settings – Account – Privacy – Groups. The three levels of filtering are then proposed: “Person”, limiting any invitation in general, “My contacts”, limiting additions only from certified contacts and by means of a notification for a limited period of 3 days, or “Everyone”, in other words unlimited membership.

Tested initially with certain users, this new functionality should then become generalized in the coming weeks through an update..

WhatsApp has also set up “Checkpoint Tipline”, its fact checking service.

WhatsApp launches its Checkpoint Tipline function which allows you to verify the veracity of information broadcast on the application