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Youtube bets on “Shorts” to compete with TikTok

Faced with the meteoric rise of the TikTok network and its 842 million downloads over the year, Youtube is about to go on the offensive to counter the Chinese application on its ground. Indeed, the undisputed king of online video is about to launch its own system of short musical content, “Shorts”.

With “Shorts”, Youtube wants to walk on the flower beds of TikTok

Youtube bets on Shorts, its new short video function inspired by TikTok

“Shorts”, or when Youtube is inspired by the competition

Inspired by the success of TikTok and its insolent growth of 125% in just two years, the new service offered by Youtube will allow its users to post their own short videos. To do this, the company did not want to develop a dedicated application, in order to integrate its tool directly into the mobile application of the Google subsidiary. Users will take advantage of the multitude of music licensed from Youtube Music to enhance their posts. A use very similar but reversed to that of TikTok.

TikTok’s huge popular success with younger people gives old Youtube ideas

With Shorts, Youtube is inspired by the success of the short format to compete with TikTok

The insolent success of the Chinese network TikTok continues to arouse the jealousy of the competition

Youtube therefore continues to draw inspiration from the winning formulas of its competitors. The platform had thus chosen to copy the idea of ​​Instagram and Snapchat Stories by offering the publication of short videos. A generalized strategy in the small world of GAFA, while Facebook also chose to take inspiration from TikTok by developing and testing its own Lasso network.

Stories and other short videos, a new star format for social networks

Faced with TikTok's success with young people, Youtube to launch Shorts, a new short format feature

The success of TikTok, but also of Snapchat, speaks volumes about the new habits of young users of social networks. Faced with the aging of their audience and the decline in attendance, some social networks are therefore betting on popular formulas, in the hope of attracting new followers. With “Shorts”, Youtube and its 2 billion monthly active users are therefore relying on short programs to attract and retain the youngest among them.

Created in 2005, Youtube already appears as a mature but stagnant model

Already aging, Youtube and Facebook are eyeing new competitive formats to move forward