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Zero Labs unveils its own electric Ford Bronco

While the American brand is currently looking at an electric version of the long-awaited Ford Bronco, the Zero Labs company just unveiled its own model of the famous all-terrain vehicle.

Zero Labs unveils its own electric Ford Bronco

Zero Labs Company Unveiled Its Own Vintage Electric 2020 Ford Bronco


The Ford Bronco electrically resurrected by Zero Labs

Along with the release of images of the 2020 Ford Bronco being developed in the offices of the American manufacturer, the Zero Labs brand unveiled its own. Specializing in the restoration of the mythical vehicle of the 60s, which it equips with an electric motor, the company born in 2015 has created its own version of the Bronco. If Ford tends to change the design of its 4 × 4, the Adam Roe brand is committed to scrupulously respect it. To do this, the builder used both genuine factory parts, licensed from galvanized steel, as well as homemade ones. In all, more than a thousand parts were needed to complete this Bronco, assembled on an original reinforced chassis.

The young company bet on the original charm of the Ford Bronco

Zero Labs has created its own electric version of the famous 1966 Ford Bronco


Zero Labs interprets the 2020 Ford Bronco in its own way

If Zero Labs has bet on aesthetic authenticity, apart from the revised grille bearing the brand name, the Ford Bronco is above all an electric vehicle of its time. These are in fact 70 kWh lithium-ion batteries with rapid charging which are located on the hood. They power a 600 horsepower electric powertrain that can spin at 18,000 rpm, over a distance of 300 kilometers.

An interior that echoes the vintage style of the 60s vehicle

As Ford works on a new electric Bronco, Zero Labs unveils its vintage look


While the body uses optional carbon fiber, the handcrafted interior is no slouch and takes on the design of yesteryear. There is a choice of wood or carbon trim and panels, as well as premium hand-sewn leather or vegan coverings. Equipped with independent front and rear suspension, the Zero Labs Ford Bronco is equipped with all-wheel drive and a manual gearshift lever, a rare commodity for a vehicle of this type..

The Zero Labs Electric Ford Bronco is made to order and can be ordered now. The price: $ 185,000.

A top-of-the-range version of the Bronco made entirely by hand

A 2020 Ford Bronco that takes the design of the original with an electric motor, this is the crazy bet of Zero Labs