Checklist Australia: 6 modalities to consider before planning your trip to Australia

Beaches stretching out as far as the eye can see, exceptional flora and fauna, enigmatic indigenous culture, cosmopolitan cities, unlimited adventures … Welcome to the land of kangaroos – a truly extraordinary place that has something to charm you. Yes, staying there could actually end up exceeding your expectations, provided you have well prepared your trip to australia in advance and that you are aware of the necessary formalities. In the following lines, we make everything clear to guarantee you the stay of your life.

Travel to Australia – preparation is 90% successful ! 

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You will need a visa for your trip to Australia

There is no possibility of crossing the Australian border without this document, which is so essential Australia visa. Depending on the reason for your visit (tourism, business trip or work) it would be different. Here are the main options:

  • Tourist visa

Whether visiting your family, simply discovering this wonderful country as a tourist or as part of a volunteer assignment or a short study trip, this is the visa for you. Valid for one year, the tourist visa has a restriction of a maximum of 3 months of stay in Australia with the possibility of entering and leaving several times. Depending on the procedure, there you have the choice between:

Evisitor Visa (subcategory 651), which could be applied for online, free of charge by any French citizen

ETA (subcategory 601) in the amount of AUD 20, which is commonly requested through an intermediary (travel agency for example), without the possibility of sending it online and often as part of emergency treatment

  • ETA business visa

This is the visa you will need for a business trip. The terms of stay remain the same as for the tourist visa – possibility to take advantage after one year for a stay which should not exceed 3 months. Note only that the visa in question is issued in the context of certain non-profit professional activities (conferences, seminars, negotiations, discovery of business opportunities) with a ban on performing paid work or services.

  • Working Holiday Visa (subcategory 417)

If you would really like to immerse yourself in the Australian way of life and embrace a new work opportunity, opt for the work visa which allows you to stay for up to 1 year for employment, study or internship. Note, however, that in this case there are quite a few eligibility criteria that you should meet. These are related to the industry, your age, your available assets and several other variables. In particular, there is a lot of paperwork, but it is well worth it !

Choosing and applying for your visa – the first essential step

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Plane tickets can be booked upstream

A return ticket from France, this could often end up exceeding 1000 EUR. However, be aware that the price can vary widely depending on the various travel modalities (number of stopovers, departure and arrival times, airline, etc.) To get a good deal, it would be best to remain flexible enough on that plan. The most important thing, however, is to book your plane tickets months in advance..

Start the search for inexpensive tickets several months in advance

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Choose a youth hostel for accommodation

For short stays, be aware that there are plenty of hotels in Australia, but they all tend to heat up the credit card. Fortunately, there are plenty of accommodation alternatives to consider. From hostels to homestay services such as couchsurfing and Airbnb which is currently very popular. If you are not just a backpacker and are coming for a longer stay, shared accommodation is another great solution for tight budgets but also an opportunity to make friends from all over the world. For the more adventurous, camping is a way to get to know the country in its most authentic facet..

Find a hotel alternative to save

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Choose the best time to travel to Australia

Another very important aspect to consider before booking your airline tickets is the phenomenon of reverse seasons in the southern hemisphere. That is to say, when France bathes in the rays of the summer sun, Australia takes its little break from the heat waves for a moment of mild and often rainy winter. Otherwise, we can generally distinguish three climatic zones. Much of Australia’s territory, particularly the interior of the country, is under the influence of the desert climate, which automatically makes the area in question very little visited. The north enjoys a tropical climate and as for the southeast and southwest, we can speak of a temperate climate closer to ours. The right time to visit the country therefore varies from region to region and while it is best to visit the north in winter, fall (March to May) would be the best time to visit areas to the south. However, a visit to this same region in summer is also possible on condition of being able to withstand the extreme heat waves that are characteristic of it..

The right time to go is chosen according to the destination

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The country is bigger than you think – plan ahead

Please bear in mind that Australia is a fairly large country spanning an entire continent. So it’s crazy to think that you can see and visit everything in one or even two weeks. For this reason in particular, it is good to plan your itinerary and the main places and attractions to visit in advance. This will allow you to better and fully enjoy your stay depending on the places you dream of visiting and the activities you would like to practice. Whether you prefer to spend the time sunbathing on the beaches of the Gold Coast, diving in the Great Barrier Reef, admiring the rich Australian flora and fauna on Kangaroo Island or going to the discovery of the aboriginal culture by visiting the inselberg Uluru.

Specify your route to take full advantage of your time

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It’s very expensive – save some pennies

Finally, if you are planning to visit Australia, it might be high time to start saving as it comes at a fairly high cost of living. A pack of cigarettes, for example, could cost you up to EUR 20. This is a great reason to quit smoking! The same goes for alcohol, so if you’re planning a big bar tour, be prepared to spend a sizable amount. If you are still planning to settle for a while in the country, be aware that a very large part of your budget would be reserved for rent.

Start saving now for the vacation of your dreams

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