Our top 10 paradise islands to add to your bucket list

The exotic destinations captivate us with their paradisiacal landscapes, turquoise water, palm trees, fine and warm sand…. Who could resist such an offer of complete rest in the heart of impressive nature? In addition to relaxation, we also have the opportunity to engage in various sports or meditative activities: diving, hiking, yoga, etc. However, with the plethora of alternatives to choose from, it can sometimes prove difficult to select your next destination. To help you in this mission, today we present our top 10 paradise islands to add to your bucket list.

Head to the most beautiful paradise islands to absolutely include in your list of dream destinations

Cuba mayarí the most beautiful destinations in the world cloud sun turquoise waters


Whether you are looking for an exotic island for your honeymoon, family vacation or just a solo trip, Bali is arguably one of the most favorite destinations. The reason ? Tasty food, numerous surf spots, yoga retreats, friendly locals, sublime landscapes… This heavenly corner represents a small universe of love, friendship and happiness. Here one can both find tranquility and explore ancient places, full of spirituality and dotted with Hindu temples..

The island of Bali is an exotic place of spiritual healing

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An archipelago that is full of natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. Made up of over one hundred exotic islands, hidden in Oceania, the state of Hawaii is still a dream destination for many of us. Admire the dance of the dolphines in its limpid waters; experience the natural splendor during a helicopter flight; explore breathtaking sites (forests, beaches, waterfalls, volcano peaks) – the possibilities for unforgettable activities are so many.

Discover the breathtaking landscapes of the volcanic archipelago of Hawaii

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This is one of the Caribbean islands that is part of the Netherlands Antilles. Indeed, according to studies, this magical place falls at the top of the ranking of the happiest islands in the world. White sand, pure waters, houses with colorful facades, rich flora and fauna – these are the key components of pure happiness !

Immerse yourself in a colorful universe, full of beauty and happiness

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Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the archipelago attracts visitors from every part of the globe especially for its fine sand and warm waters. And although the Seychelles is a relatively expensive destination, it enchants us with its pristine nature and its promise of total privacy and calm. No wonder this is the top choice for a honeymoon !

The preferred destination for a quiet and romantic honeymoon

Seychelles heavenly place palm trees wave rocks terrace wood vacations

Phuket, thailand

Phuket Island is a destination that caters to different budgets and requirements. They offer us its idyllic beaches with white sand which are naturally bordered by exotic palm trees. Also, it is a nightlife fan’s paradise (especially the center of the island). If you prefer a more romantic or family atmosphere, you can orient yourself towards the areas in the south or the north..

The Thai island fascinates us with its captivating landscapes and bustling life 

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Santorini, Greece

You don’t have to travel the whole world to land on magical land. It suffices to head to the famous Greek island – Santorini. A place full of legends and histories that stands out not only for its wonderful beaches but also for its ancient towns and magnificent sunsets. Take the opportunity and do not miss to discover the volcanic islands that were formed after the eruption of the volcano.

The famous island of Santorini is one of the most magical places on our planet

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Tahiti, French Polynesia

Speaking of the most magical islands, it is impossible not to mention the archipelagos of French Polynesia. Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, the islands are a treasure trove of rare or endangered plant and animal species. Thanks to its coral reefs, exotic overwater bungalows and sparkling beaches, Tahiti establishes itself as a magical and attractive place that is full of beauty, sun and romance..

Do not miss to visit French Polynesia and the island of Tahiti in particular

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The Maldives

Another natural gem found in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The spectacular little islands are a true exotic paradise made up of turquoise waters and white sand. Plus, they offer plenty of entertainment options for marine life junkies. Normally the best time to visit this destination is from November to May. During these months the climate is dry and cool. The rest of the year, we talk about quite hot and humid weather.

The Maldives have long been a favorite destination for travelers

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A popular choice among fans of adventure and vibrant nightlife. The landscapes on the islands are colorful and vibrant, slightly refined by an oriental atmosphere. Here you can surf or relax with a cocktail on the white sand. Plus, it’s an accessible destination for every budget. You can find quite delicious and inexpensive local meals there..

Colorful landscapes and vibrant nightlife: a tempting offering that comes straight from Barbados

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The meeting

The pretty volcanic island located in the east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, enchants us with its breathtaking natural diversity, water sports, boat trips and many other incredible activities. The destination is also very rich in must-see spots such as: the 3 cirques, the Voile de la Mariée waterfall, the Hermitage beach or the Boucan Canot beach (famous for its lively life).

Another fantastic suggestion: Réunion Island, which hides so many natural treasures

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