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The giant world map poster makes you want to travel

Are you looking for a way to turn your wall into a real decorative element that is aesthetic, practical and inspiring at the same time, we have an original idea for you that could meet all your needs – it’s the giant world map poster. With this world map wallpaper you invite the geography class at home but also the spirit of travel to go around the world without leaving your home.

If you have the nomadic side in you or if you are simply looking for an artistic and original solution for one of your walls, the world map poster comes in handy in the living room, the bedroom, the entrance and especially in the child’s room. . Kids will love a playful wall world map decorated with animals that also teaches them to locate continents and countries.

You can choose between a wall-mounted world map to hang instead of the poster to be adhered to the entire wall, but undoubtedly the world map wallpaper is to be preferred. It has the advantage of hiding a dented or damaged wall, in addition it is easy to install, more resistant and could be easily made to order. Vintage world map, with a classic or playful design, the wide variety of travel-themed posters completely transform your walls and your interior

The exotic colored world map poster above the desk nicely delineates the reading corner in this bedroom.


 The entrance is the ideal place to hang up a world map wallpaper. A wide variety of world map wallpapers to discover here.


A wall covered with vintage maps that gives the impression of being in a captain’s office.


The colorful world map poster is a very good solution to accompany an all-white office space.


A living room for great adventurers – map of the world on an entire wall and suitcase transformed into a coffee table. You will find in this link more decorating ideas to the travel motif.


A planisphere map in nice contrast with the interior of the living room. here you can find other panoramic posters.

living room-carte-planisphere-vintage-sofa-black

 The classroom moves into your home.


Vintage world map for an exotic atmosphere in your home.


The wall decoration of this bedroom makes you dream of holidays all year round.

vintage-world-map-bedroom-vinyl-record player


A cocooning relaxation and reading corner on a world map background.


An elegant variant of the world map poster to adopt in combination with a Scandinavian interior.


The planisphere map is able to give soul to every room in the house.


Vintage world map in a modern bedroom.




Planisphere map wallpaper for a nomadic spirit in the bedroom.


Choose the world map poster for an original layout of your baby room.


Little adventurers will love this fun and colorful wall – don’t forget to equip the room with small travel trunks 


 Even teens fall for this wall decoration.

kids-room-deco-london-world-map-poster  children's-room-bright-bed-with-bars-scandinavian-rug-mural-world-map

A Scandinavian children’s room decorated with an original world map.

nursery-wallpaper-scandinavian-design-world-map  white-painted-nursery-bed-with-bars-poster-map-of-the-world  nursery-poster-map-of-the-world-on-two-walls  children's room-poster-map-of-the-world-parquet-white  children's room-striped-carpet-map-of-the-world-wall-animals

A world map wallpaper to combine with any interior style – the rustic ambience of the entrance combines perfectly with this world map.


Different wall world maps to stick on part of the entrance wall – another wall decoration idea not to be overlooked.

entrance-part-of-the-wall-decorated-with-mural-world-map modern-and-spacious-beige-sofa-giant-world-map-poster

Office space dominated by white color and wall in world map wallpaper – a modern and original trend.




An exotic dining room thanks to the color combinations and the wall in the world map poster.

world-map-poster-purple-dining-room-table-white-kitchen-light  wallpaper-colorful-world-map-modern-dining-room-light-parquet


 Office space inspired by industrial design. The wall brings a little freshness to it.


Vintage world map that looks authentic.

vintage-map-of-the-world-parquet-shelf  giant-world-map-poster-lounge-two-seater-sofa

 An alternative to the poster – a wall world map to hang.


Stickers to adhere to the wall – another variation of the poster on the entire wall. here you will find a wide variety of self-adhesive stickers.

poster-world-map-wall-green-background-stickers  poster-map-of-the-world-bright-living-room-modern-layout

A world map on a green background fits into the total interior of the living room.

poster-map-of-the-world-on-whole-wall-green-background  vintage-world-map-room

Elegance and originality for this Scandinavian-inspired dining room.  


living room-sofa-two-seater-in-leather-map-planisphere-on-white-background


Bohemian spirit and eclectic decoration combine to create an impressive effect in this living room.


The planisphere map is absolutely to be considered in the practice or in the library.  

living room-wallpaper-world-map-black-library-large-floor lamp  living room-painted-white-office-space-vintage-world-map  rustic-living-room-leather-sofa-original-table-wall-world-map  spacious-living-room-bay-window-vintage-world-map-leather-sofa

 Mint color desk and vintage world map.

office-space-map-of-the-vintage-giant-poster  low-shelf-storage-clear-parquet-world-map-mural-entire-wall