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Decorating and dressing the wall behind the TV: our smart tips to enhance the TV corner

If you take a quick tour of an ordinary living room, there are certain essential elements there that ensure complete comfort and relaxation. A sofa with a few soft cushions, a coffee table, a few plants… And here is the heart of the room, its majesty: the TV. But, how to go even further in the inspiring and chic decor? Quite simply by embarking on the transformation of the TV corner into a real decorative accent. Are you interested in such a project? We invite you to review together the smart and cool solutions for decoration and wall covering behind tv. Enough to give character to the monotonous space !

Modern and original design: different wall covering in the TV area that blends in with the rest of the decor

wall panel behind tv marble effect interior design contemporary style wood and white shelf

Tips for hiding tv cable

No doubt the cables lying around the TV are not a good sight. This is why, before any decorative project, it is important to think of alternatives to hide this entanglement. There are quite a few tricks for this. Here is our list of the easiest and most popular ideas to try out:

  • use transparent cord clips to fix the cables to the rear edges of a piece of furniture
  • transform a TV stand into a clever cachet or make one yourself
  • if your tv is hung on the wall, you can use the wall behind to store cables in recessed plates
  • or at least assemble the cables in a tubing …

Camouflage the cables around the TV for a more aesthetic and refined look

electrical wire cover design ingenious solution wall niche integrated storage table gold and marble

What are the alternatives for a small space TV cabinet ?

Limited or insufficient space is a well-known concern in our daily lives. And it’s an even more unpleasant situation, when the inconvenience is in a busy room like the living room. To face such a challenge, we therefore do not hesitate to rely on different solutions to save space. The installation of a compact and practical TV cabinet should therefore be considered in a living room with limited space. When it comes to the right model, you are spoiled for choice. Furniture with integrated storage, for example in the form of shelves, is undoubtedly the preferred option. To make the most of the space around the TV, you can even opt for a living room TV cabinet set that covers the wall belonging to the library..

Transform the TV area into a functional space by opting for a multifunctional cabinet

open living room decoration wooden and white staircase wall cladding behind tv with storage unit

What if we decide to set up a corner TV corner ?

Another clever approach to optimizing space in a small room is to arrange the corner TV. How to do ? Choosing the right piece of furniture obviously depends on your needs and aesthetic preferences. The classic variants are certainly either put the TV on a TV bench / corner cabinet, or fix it on legs and leave it on the floor. You can also think of hiding it in a cupboard or sheltering it in a wall niche.

Set up a corner TV corner due to lack of space or too much light

idea how to arrange a corner TV corner deco tv stand rustic living room with fireplace

Aesthetic side: which covering of the wall behind the TV to choose ?

After fulfilling certain conditions in terms of practicality and space saving, it is time to pay particular attention to the perfect arrangement of the TV corner and of course to its decoration! Especially the one concerning the wall behind the TV, which inevitably catches our eyes … To start this adventure, we suggest that you first examine the flagship solutions for covering the TV wall.

Opt for a different wall covering behind the TV to delimit the area

wall decoration behind tv wood cladding stone siding design modern living room wooden furniture

# Opt for a facing wall for a modern and elegant touch

To give character to a boring wall, what better than a natural and timeless decorative coating such as wall cladding. A classic solution to delimit an area like the TV corner for example. Stone fits easily into a contemporary design as well as into a more traditional decor. In addition, the facing panels are available in multiple versions and colors to meet every taste. In clear version, they brighten up the space while in dark mode they give a dramatic and refined character. For a more cozy appearance, we opt for an authentic wood or red brick model.

Incorporate an elegant note to its decoration through a natural-looking cladding wall

stone wall living room tv cladding stone siding wood effect green wall interior vertical garden

# Adopt a wooden TV wall to warm the space

When you want to cocoon your interior, natural materials and wood in particular are the best ally. Whether it is to infuse a warm and natural note or a classy and elegant touch, wood is the ideal solution to transform a space. Moreover, it is up to you to decide whether you will opt for an integral project by covering the entire wall behind the TV or just a section of the wall. In the first case, you can opt for wood wall panels or cladding panels. If you are more for a little refreshing touch, the use of a few recycled wood planks or pallets will also do the job to visually separate the TV area..

Play the card of warmth and authenticity with a wooden TV wall

wood TV wall cladding with integrated storage space organization open design living room

# Wall decoration behind TV with trendy paint

Are you looking for a less expensive but still effective alternative to an accent wall? So, you might like the idea of ​​polishing the wall behind your TV by painting it a different and trendy color. On the other hand, painting a room in two (or even more) colors is a very modern decorative technique. In a white and sterile living room, the choice of paint is easy. For a contemporary and stylish look, dark shades like charcoal gray, black, forest green or night blue are a star option. Not exactly fans of dark shades? Warm and soft tones such as terracotta, mustard yellow, peach or salmon will dress the space with a sunny and exotic note, right on trend. For a more subtle and neutral effect, we favor earthy colors that will create a feeling of relaxation and calm..

Simply paint the section of the wall behind the TV to make it a magnificent decorative accent

wall shelving unit wood bookcase storage living room tv fireplace round coffee table gray sofa

Make a captivating arrangement in the form of a wall of frames

Creating a wall of frames is a creative method to enhance a depersonalized space. Hang some paintings or paintings on natural landscapes for an artistic and inspiring side. Or, opt for personal photographs to make the atmosphere more friendly and unique to you. Do you want an elegant and dramatic effect? In this case, posters in white and black are the solution to consider..

Create a wall of frames to bring an artistic and original touch to the room

wall covering behind tv plaster decor frames portraits woman painting art wall statuettes

What decoration above TV to combine aesthetics and functionality ?

Installing a wall shelf above the TV is a superb alternative for combining functionality and aesthetics. Depending on your needs, you can use this extra storage space in different ways. On the one hand, storing some climbing plants and handicrafts there would be a fantastic approach to pigment the atmosphere with a unique touch. On the other hand, you can use the shelf in a more practical way by transforming it for a shelter for your collection of books for example.

Install a piece of furniture above or all around the TV to make the most of the space

Tv cabinet library cover electric wires wall design sky blue sofa gold coffee table

Here is a nice example of how to give character to a TV wall 

decorative fireplace marble open storage white shelves hide tv cable behind wall

Delimit the TV area by daring a paint of a different color like this one in dark shade right in the trend

wall decor behind tv dark wall paint effect modern interior design long anthracite velvet curtains

The white brick cladding creates interest while remaining consistent with the rest of the room

minimalist living room decoration floor lamp metal cladding wall white bricks tv wall

wall covering behind tv in dark paint trend dark blue wall gray wallpaper

modern boho interior modern boho coffee table dark wood table hanging planter

brown leather pouf barber carpet fringes vertical storage wood shelf wall panel behind tv

Dress the wall in dramatic color panels

wall covering black wood panels tv cabinet rattan wood cover cable tv wall behind the wall

pastel green wood panel wall covering white and wood tv stand deco wall tv design

Clean and elegant design in this living room furnished in white, wood and black

wood tv wall cladding modern interior design contemporary style black photo frames

design electrical wire cover integrated wall design open storage vertical shelf

wood armchair chair wall of frames abstract art poster decorating ideas tv cabinet dark wood green plant

Using original wallpaper to visually separate the TV area is still a very successful approach.

ceiling fan wallpaper tv cabinet vintage white wood burlap carpet living room layout tv plants

wall deco tv wall modern design wall covering wallpaper has decorative effect wall of black photo frames

wall decor tv design anthracite gray paint hanging storage shelf wood plaid large mesh

interior decoration wall of picture frames storage cabinet wood green plants deco wall tv design

design deco wall behind tv frames for wall pictures white and black furniture wood green plant white armchair

A truly unique and impressive DIY project

make wall panel for tv with planks wood tv wall armchair club brown leather floor lamp

easy diy interior design project tv cabinet small space diy panel dresser white wood accents

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wall cladding behind tv in trendy blue paint wall storage hexagonal shelves

Rustic wooden tv cabinet decorating idea wall storage with shelf hexagonal shape braided pot cover

tv cabinet chest of drawers dark wood design deco wall behind tv wall frames poster abstract art

wood tv wall panel wall storage shelf wall frames chandelier crystals coffee table

fireplace-style tv wall panel brick effect wallpaper wallpaper dark blue wall paint

boho style interior design deco wall behind tv cover cable storage hanging shelf macrame plant

TV living room decoration under slope ceiling wooden beams wooden shelf unit ethnic carpet

arrange a corner TV corner coating laminate parquet brown wood wall of frames soft carpet

TV cable cover behind the wall wall decoration with photographs poster photo frames green cabinet

deco above tv with wooden photo frames white and black photography green plant braided pot cover

modern small living room decoration with wooden furniture idea stone wall living room tv white armchair

idea cover cable tv wall panel black paint white and yellow lamp white and black carpet

Idea of ​​deco above tv with white shelves tv cabinet white cabinets rose gold handles

TV cabinet small space wall decoration with basket interior design modern boho style plant pot cover

wall cladding behind tv white living room decoration with nature accents interior design layout

stone wall living room tv decoration blinds armchair coffee table fireplace storage shelf dark wood

woven basket plant pot green plant living room tv decorative fireplace wooden shelf plant

beige color wall painting living room tv wall picture frames white and black white curtains

suspended ceiling wooden beams hide cable tv behind wall of white and black picture frames wooden armchair