Wall decoration

Interior stone wall – pillar in terms of authenticity

Whether natural or facing, stone remains the rustic material par excellence, endowed with the memory of places when it is of origin. A raw material in the construction of housing for centuries, that which was gradually replaced by cinder block and brick is giving itself a second life, even a second youth. Indeed, the search for authenticity pushes the owners to put old elements such as wood or stone back on the front of the stage, in order to give or restore character to an architecture that has become too smooth and homogeneous, making interior stone wall a temporal link between tradition and modernity.

The return of decorative stone is also linked to developments in the real estate market. In fact, most of the big cities, experiencing an increasing increase in the price of their goods, tend to see certain classes of their population move away and prefer to invest in areas further out of the metropolises, preferring the calm of rurality to the tumults of city ​​life. Consequently, the carcasses of farms and other old buildings are seeing their coast up. Usually made of stone, these accommodations play on their old-world charm, highlighting the natural and traditional materials from which they come.

Light colored interior stone wall

bedroom wall in light stone cladding with designer wooden chest of drawers

Preserved as a priority, the interior stone wall becomes the starting point for a renovation that will now put the modern component at the service of its rustic ancestor. The stone, its imperfections and irregularities will thus become the central axis of a cozy decoration combining warmth and authenticity.

Large interior stone wall for rustic architecture

large designer living room with interior stone wall and false ceiling with exposed beams and large beige leather sofa

A mark of foolproof solidity, the stone wall therefore also serves as decoration and interior design, articulating these around it in order to enhance it. That said, like any natural material, stone stands the test of time and is not maintenance-free, in order to retain properties and adapt them to current comfort standards. Thus, the original mortar will be reinforced or even replaced by lime with recognized qualities in terms of moisture management. The condition of the wall and the original stones will also depend on reinforcing it with a cement extract, in order to ensure long-term stability, but also on the choice of leaving them completely visible, if their condition allows it.

House with a designer interior combining different natural materials

rustic and modern design living room with large original stone wall and false ceiling with semi exposed beams

Since there is now a solution for every desire in terms of decoration, facing stone will meet the needs of those without a traditional stone wall. The facing stone is indeed intended to imitate the authentic appearance of the stone wall, with the advantage of being able to be laid on a classic flat wall. Appearing in a rectangular plate, the facing stone is actually made of real reconstituted stone or its fictitious version in resin. We will simply put these plates of real or fake stones specially designed for decoration on a wall previously covered with a simple plaster, like a splashback or wall tiles. Something to offer the interior stone wall look to everyone.

Living room with section of stone wall, high ceiling with exposed beams and parquet floor

high ceiling living room with wooden beams and stone facing wall with mountain view

Rustic bedroom with large stone wall and wooden ceiling lamp

renovated room with interior stone wall and wooden ceiling for rustic decor

Old restored farmhouse with stone wall, preserved wooden floor and ceiling

interior of renovated farmhouse cottage with stone wall and wooden arched ceiling in Scandinavian style

Open rustic kitchen with stone walls and vintage woodwork

renovated farmhouse kitchen with exposed stone wall inside and original wooden frame

The stone testifies to time but also to the place from which it is extracted. Because each landscape is sculpted differently by the elements that make it up, the stone is the direct result and is therefore intended to have a different appearance, color and composition depending on the region from which it is extracted..

Wooden extension organized around stone walls

photo of house extension with wooden structure with original exposed stone walls

Loft built around old stone and brick walls

ground floor of loft furnished with stone and brick walls on brown parquet floor

Period interior with stone wall and wooden posts

rustic house interior with square stone wall and old wooden columns on tiled floor

Facing stone interior wall

kitchen and living room separation with decorative stone facing walls on marble-colored tiled floor

Interior wall in exposed stone

bathroom walls in exposed stone with restored mortar and wooden ceiling, double wooden sink unit with basin tray

Old interior made of stones and wood

middle age chateau style bedroom with old gray stone walls different shapes and bed in fireplace frame and wooden frame

Attic living room with wooden frame and stone wall

living room with sloping wooden ceiling and exposed stone wall in fireplace frame

Renovated interior with exposed beams and decorative stones

extension and decoration of living room on a rustic theme with exposed beams and faux stone wallpaper in lime

Bathroom with stone wall

vintage bathroom with freestanding bathtub and stone effect wall

Living room wall in cladding panel

living room wall covered with slabs of gray facing stones surrounding wooden shelves and bookcases

Stone and wooden beam for this living room in the mountains

chalet living room in the mountains with interior stone wall and exposed wooden beams and corner sofa

Cladding panel model

model of stone and copper and gold cladding panel for interior decoration imitation stone wall

Ground floor articulated around light stone walls

ground floor interior renovated design with original beige stone walls

Bar and wall made of stones

bar and gray vintage stone wall for rustic interior decoration with recent exposed beam

Bathroom with stone wall of different colors

colored stone bathroom wall with white lime mortar and freestanding bathtub

Living room wall with natural stone facing

bedroom wall with stones or imitation, wooden window frame and designer hanging lamp

Facing stone living room wall

beige facing stones on piece of wall in living room with white shelves

Natural stone bathroom wall with incorporated fountain

designer and original bathroom with shower in stone wall and tiled floor

Stone flue and room divider

chimney flue and room divider in facing stone

Large renovated house with stone walls and wooden framework

large old house with floors with stone and wood interior in vintage decor

Facing stone fireplace frame

Facing stone chimney flue for a rustic decorative touch

Reception room with stone wall and wooden beams

large living room on waxed parquet floor with exposed beams and stone wall

Interior exposed stone wall

bright living room or bedroom with white floor and beige facing stone wall

vintage interior with stone wall facing around the fireplace for an authentic touch

Large fireplace frame in stone facing wafer

beige facing stone covering wall and chimney flue in large living room with bay windows

brown interior stone siding around the fireplace for an old house look

Large modern bathroom and design in colored wall tiles

colored stone wall cladding for modern bathroom decor and design

interior stone wall renovated with lime in large kitchen with central island

gray stone wall section with small wall lights in dining room

Rustic bathroom made of stones and wood

renovated old bathroom with old gray stones, parquet floor and vintage wooden door

Renovated attic bedroom with stone wall and window frame

bedroom in floor of old stone house with small window and velux

bedroom in the attic of an old house with exposed stone walls and wooden frame floor and bed

stone wall renovated with lime in kitchen with old wooden furniture for rustic decor