Original wedding placeholder to give a unique character to the decoration of your wedding table

Today, the organization of a wedding involves many preparations which often spread over a few months, or even an entire year … Because the smallest detail counts when it comes to transforming a simple day into a fairy tale never to forget. Today we will present you with several ideas for a original wedding place card, this being one of the key elements in the decoration of the wedding table. Then stay with us because we will surprise you with lots of DIY ideas perfect for your wedding on a low budget. Ready, set, go!…

The wedding place card could take several forms, each prettier than the next

wedding place card, several original examples, flowerpot, chair decorated with slate paint, paper hearts and simple name tag with decorative flower

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 © Brides Magazine

A gourmet place mark 

Lately, the simple piece of cardboard with the guest’s name on it isn’t enough. The latter is often seen accompanied by a surprise object. Since today, spoiling your guests is becoming a fairly widespread practice, the ultimate goal being to satisfy even the most pretentious whims. The name tag is often attached to a guest gift offered as a sign of respect and gratitude to those attending the big event.

In fact, a lot of these are tasty little surprises, and let’s face it – not many of us can resist an exquisite candy or mini-cake. Think of small individual desserts, such as muffins, perfect for this purpose. Plant a wooden skewer there that will have the guest’s name written on a small label and voila… Apart from all the sweet delicacies, you can still think of using seasonal fruits… Especially if your wedding is inspired by ‘a seasonal theme. For a summer wedding, we will prefer peaches. On the other hand, a fall wedding will be about apples and pumpkins..

An example of a gourmet wedding place card to delight the senses

original gourmet candy place mark in golden envelope, white table runner, center in bouquet of flowers, yellow and gold accents

Wedding name badge in country bun surrounded by fall decoration

plate with a country bread with guest name label, autumn wedding centerpiece in fruits and green foliage

Superb suggestion of a wedding place card planted in a peach

wedding name holder in peach with a label on a stick planted in it, white plates, rustic chic floral wedding centerpiece

A natural placeholder

The current craze for country-chic style weddings also makes us resort to the use of natural materials. Have you ever thought of writing the guest’s name on a tree leaf? It’s super original, isn’t it? And then, you can accompany your label with a small bouquet of country flowers with aromas that will charm and intoxicate your guests even before the alcohol has done it. Small logs are another fairly common solution. All you have to do is make an incise in order to insert your guest card and you have a superb country accent that will perfectly accompany the floral decoration.

Write on a tree leaf instead of a sheet of paper. Super original idea of ​​brand place to do it yourself

wedding place card in green leaves with gold felt writing guest name, original floral table decoration

Floral wedding table decoration with a place card in a flower pot

wedding name holder idea in succulent flower pot, white tablecloth, burlap, flower bouquets decoration, small slate painting tablet

A wooden log with a name tag placed in a slot

slice of wood incised with a guest name tag on a piece of white cardboard, burlap table runner

A place card of recycled objects

And finally the recycled solutions are ideal for a wedding on a low budget, or even a wedding inspired by the vintage chic theme. All you need is a little imagination because really any object could turn into a great decoration for your table. Seashells will be a great place card idea for your seaside themed wedding. Turn old clothespins into a quirky little accent used as a name tag. It will cost you nothing and at the same time the surprise effect is guaranteed. Cork stoppers are still a frequently used object as a holder for the place card. All you have to do is make a slit in it to receive the guest label.

Here is for example a super easy tutorial to achieve and which will bring a unique cachet to the decoration of your wedding table. In order to realize this wonderful idea that comes to us from Wedding Chicks you will need:

  • chalkboard painting
  • clothespins
  • small pieces of cardboard with the names of the guests printed on them
  • indelible

Simple realization in two steps:

  1. Print out the names of the guests on paper, then repaint the chalkboard paint clothespins. Using a spray paint will make your job a lot easier. Apply, if necessary, two coats of paint (follow the manufacturer’s advice to find out about the necessary drying time)
  2. You can also use the clothespins to make escort cards from them. To do this, take the indelible color to mark the number of the table. Then insert the label inside the clothespin. For the place cards we do the same, but without marking the number of the table and completing the whole with a flower. Here’s how to do it in photos …

A clothespin as a support for a wedding place card. This is how to do it …

place to do yourself in clothespins repainted with black paint guest label and flower, example of an escort card

If you have a few superfluous balls of yarn relegated to the bottom of a drawer, don’t hesitate to turn them into colorful pom poms. These will be the best companion for your guest labels. Lz needed to make them is:

  • woolen threads (various colors)
  • white cardstock
  • knife
  • metal ruler
  • watercolor painting
  • paint brushes
  • indelible
  • scissors
  • fork
  • puncher

The realization here is very simple and consists of:

  1. Cut 6/24 cm strips from the card stock that you must then fold in half
  2. Paint a small colored strip with watercolors at the bottom of the paper strip. Dilute the latter with a brush soaked in water
  3. Make a hole at the top of each box and mark the guest’s first name on it.
  4. To make the pom-pom itself, you need to wrap the yarn around a fork, remembering to leave little bits of yarn at the start and end, which you can use to tie the labels. The amount of wool used will depend on the size of the pompom.
  5. Pass the thread through the hole and tie to secure the pompom to the cardboard.

How to make a pompom to embellish the place card of a pretty colorful name tag

how to make a pompom with a fork and wool wrapped around it, personalized watercolor labels

The following idea is always super easy to achieve! You don’t even need directions … All you need to do is place a flower sprig in a glass tube and attach the label to it. Super easy, fast, affordable suggestion for your country wedding! The photos below will better present the idea in question.

Small glass tubes used as soliflores. Easily do-it-yourself place card

floral wedding place card, glass tube soliflore with flower sprig inside, small kraft paper label

Finally, we present to you in photos a superb tutorial to make a magnificent floral place card. All you will need are a few corks, a toothed knife, screwdriver, phillips head, artificial flowers, paper, washi tape, and scissors. And for detailed directions, check out our article on DIY things you can make yourself for your wedding. We wish you a wonderful wedding day and full of family happiness.

Original recycled place card to make from cork stoppers

brand idea original place recovered in corks and artificial flowers to do yourself tutorial

wedding table decoration, place mark terrarium in glass ball, filled with moss, flower and branches

The traditional wedding place card embellished with a paper doily

classic wedding place card in small paper cardboard decorated with white doily with guest name and table number

sea ​​shell decorated with gold text written on it, original seaside style wedding name holder

table name holder in succulent flower with black fabric label and white guest name letters, tarpaulin tablecloth

A pumpkin as the perfect table name holder for your fall wedding

small pumpkin with white name tag written in gold calligraphy letters, white plate, gray napkin, floral centerpiece

kraft paper wedding label inserted in a pine cone, white cloth napkin, brown tablecloth and red flower in the center

small wooden log with slot to insert a white wedding label, on a rough wooden table, white crockery

Vitamin wedding table decoration with a lemon as a wedding name tag

table name holder in lemon with foliage and an attached label, wedding decor to make yourself easily

small vials filled with drink with guest name cardboard, centerpiece in bouquets of flowers in a vase, diy candle holders

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       © Style Me Pretty

white wedding label printed on toothpick planted in an apricot or peach for a summer wedding

Spools of sewing thread as a place card for your chic vintage wedding

wooden sewing spool with colorful threads and label with colorful letters for a chic vintage wedding

glitter wallet with white roses inside, white guest name tag and peonies centerpiece

                                                                                                                                                                                                           © Brides Magazine

Personalized cookies for gourmet guests – make your own mark

personalized cookies with guest name and pineapple motif, original table name holder to make yourself

ball vase with bouquet of white flowers and white guest name tag, rustic chic wedding decor

green leaf decorated with guest name noted in white felt, table runner and white napkin and raw wood table, foliage center and white flowers

example of seaside wedding table decoration with sea shell and a white label inserted, blue star decoration

cheap table decoration with an orange napkin, and place mark in nutshell and succulent, soliflores and other floral decoration

Cupcake placeholder or escort card – a great idea

vanilla cupcake with a stick with a guest photo, original gourmet place brand idea

a small surprise gift in a white box with a pink label as a wedding name holder, centerpiece in bouquets of flowers and striped napkins

bouquet of fresh flowers in a simple glass decorated with a pink ribbon, label on a wooden stick with adhesive letters stuck on a paper cardboard

original idea for a table name holder in half a lemon transformed into a sailboat boat with paper sails

A small bunch of lavender to surprise your guests and put them in the right place

a small bouquet of lavender tightened with a white ribbon with a small label attached, place a do-it-yourself mark

inexpensive table decoration in succulent which carries a label as a mark placed on a wooden log, centerpiece in bouquet of flowers

Wedding name tag in the form of a cocktail served in personalized glasses

exotic cocktail in personalized glasses decorated with a strawberry and straw, wedding name holder

wedding decor to do yourself, place mark in wooden clothespin decorated with a heart painting blackboard and guest name noted on it, flowered napkin

bunch of foliage with a white tag attached on a light blue napkin on a rough wood table and floral centerpiece

pine cone decorated with pink paint, simple name label, white plates, simple wedding table decoration

small glass bottle with a small bouquet of flowers inside with guest name tag, burlap table runner, floral center

Wedding table decoration like no other – the names of the guests written in scrabble letters

example of a wooden table name holder with scrabble letters for the guest name. rose petals and newsprint hearts

pink label attached to a colorful pompom, pink shaded napkin, easy-to-do-do-it-yourself branding idea

shabby chic plates, decorated with floral patterns with strawberry place mark and white cardboard with name, flower centerpiece

simple wedding table decoration wedding guest name label in black letters with a scrabble uppercase

kraft paper bag with a small guest gift and name tag wedding label, white tableware and tablecloth, silver cutlery

cheap table decoration in small vials filled with smiley candies and cardboard with colorful guest name

Small cubes in white rope to leave a DIY souvenir to your guests

small cube in white rope with white label with guest name and table number, original wedding decor to make yourself

succulent silver flowerpot with moss and plant and guest name tag, white tablecloth, white plate, wine glasses

how to make an original place mark, wooden clip decorated with glitter on a wine glass supporting the label

blue frame with white stripes decorated with a glittery star, centerpiece in large garland of flowers

wedding table decoration in gold frame with name bride written on a blackboard painting background with gold letters, white and gold plates, cupcakes

napkin ring with name tag and lavender sprig in a white plate, white tablecloth, silver table cutlery

Small terrariums as an escort card that will charm the guests 

small glass terrarium with succulent and floral foam in a glass container with krfat paper cardboard

wedding decoration to do yourself, original place mark in small colored concrete support and soliflore glass tube with flower sprig

wedding name holder in red fabric flower on plates, white plate and flower plate, guest name on piece of paper

wedding label on a stick planted in a peach, cheap summer wedding table decoration idea

cork stoppers as with cardboard inserted in an incise, wedding table decoration, place recup mark

gourmet place mark with macaroon and spangled name tag, rustic wedding decoration

A refreshing drink that will accompany guests to their seats. Wonderful idea for an escort card or placeholder

refreshing drink bottles with small wooden plates decorated with white letters, original place mark

example of black and white clothespin wedding table decoration groom and bride kissing

small wooden slice with an incise and heart in wedding name paper, flower petals, floral centerpiece

small glass cube terrarium with potting soil and red rose, red table runner, bouquets of plants and golden candle holder, raw wood table

idea of ​​a small soliflore in a glass bottle with a flower in it and kraft paper cardboard, table number and guest name

A small jar of honey to take away as a gift, a place card to make yourself

small jar of honey on plates, golden cutlery and floral centerpiece, white tablecloth, transparent pink glass

wedding table centerpiece in wood log and glass jar vase decorated with burlap and lace, salt shaker vase with small bouquet of country flowers guest penom label

roses in crepe paper and hemp threads with a label framed in threads, brand idea place a do-it-yourself original diy

name holder in wooden clothespin decorated with small artificial flowers, blue silk canvas, white tablecloth

light brown dead leaf with guest name written in felt-tip pen, raw wood table, white plates and napkin

wooden log decorated with moss at the edges with the guest's first name marked in ink above

example of an aperitif place brand with the guest first name and the table number written on a chalkboard painting tablet