Wedding venue decorating – top 10 low budget decorations to celebrate without breaking the bank

If the wedding ceremony is that time when the heart palpitations peak and tears rise to the eyes, the reception is the cathartic stage where bride and groom and guests join in the party. The festive atmosphere is therefore a must to transform this unforgettable evening for you into an equally memorable experience for those who will be by your side throughout the day. Hence the importance of a wedding hall decoration cannon which would be responsible for the complex task and which will delight your guests without emptying your pockets. Find our top 10 low-budget decorating ideas to celebrate as it should but without breaking the bank..

Several wedding room decoration ideas to live a dream day

original wedding room decoration for romantic, country, elegant or other wedding, which wedding theme to choose

  • Flowers and foliage 

Impossible to do without a floral decoration ! Whether the theme of your wedding is rustic, vintage, tropical, romantic or chromatic, flowers have become this all-purpose accent and therefore essential for festive decor. What’s more, they are arguably one of the most economical decorating ideas. Because with a wedding decoration in the neutral range, even a very small soliflore garnished with a rose could create the wow effect so desired. Otherwise, there are several flower arrangements that are a little more sophisticated, but actually so simple that you could make on your own. From table runners with green foliage, to flowery arches to metal rings decorated with floral accents. They will also be the stars of a wedding decoration inspired by the country theme.

The centerpiece is almost always flowery

centerpiece in old recycled wine box with floral foam, succulents and other colorful flowers

  • Draped ceiling

Wedding decoration is no longer just focused on the table. Special thought is now given to the ceiling to create the impression of a romantic and welcoming atmosphere that surrounds guests everywhere. Fairy lights, paper lanterns, balloon arches, flower pots often hang from the ceiling to decorate the heights. And note that these are often large volumes in a wedding hall. But still, the fabric bands and the veils are a fairy way to draw attention to the ceiling.

Wedding ceiling decoration draped above tables decorated in pink and gold

original wedding ceiling decoration in white veil, wedding ceiling drapery, gold, pink and white wedding decoration

  • Lights

Another very romantic way to decorate the ceiling is the “starry sky” with fairy lights. The same would be the effect produced by any light source unless it produced dim light. Illuminated letters, suspended electric bulbs or a multitude of candles on the floor or to decorate and illuminate tables, are among the common solutions. You might even think of letters or another neon pattern that certainly won’t fail its eye-catcher in a dimly lit wedding venue..

Decoration of light garlands for a romantic atmosphere

light garlands and garlands of green foliage branches to decorate the walls of old large, rustic table, rustic chic wedding deco

  • Balloons

A staple of any party, balloons are suitable for any wedding theme. Except, when it comes to a tropical or Hawaii-themed wedding, for example, we will naturally prefer balloons in bright colors such as fuchsia, emerald green and yellow. However, these colors will not be suitable for a chic wedding or a pastel wedding, which would bet on balloons of white, gold, silver or pink, blue and pale green. Otherwise, there are several ways to arrange them – ceiling helium balloons, balloon garland, balloon arch. And besides making a pretty decoration, these could become the subject of many wedding activities.

Balloons and colored accents to create a very jovial decor

white helium balloons with decoration of colored paper scraps above the table with white tablecloth decoated with multicolored napkins

  • Ribbons

On the sides of the table or to decorate the back of a chair, ribbons are another festive accent one could think of including. If this is a low budget informal wedding, proceed as shown in the photo below. That is, tie simple narrow ribbons of closely related colors to create an ombre effect. For a neater and more elegant decoration, we advise you to use a large organza, satin or tulle ribbon.

DIY wedding chair decoration in shaded effect ribbons

wedding chair decorated with colored ribbons shaded effect of roses, diy idea for low budget wedding room decoration

  • Recovery scale

Thinking of recuperation is undoubtedly the best solution to save on the wedding budget. Indeed, several objects of daily life could live their second youth and that on the occasion of your D-Day. An interesting and very widespread idea consists in recycling old jars or glass jars to make candle holders or else of vases. Insert small bouquets of field flowers and you have a magnificent country-style decor. Another rather interesting suggestion is to salvage an old ladder to display the seating plan. But still you can hang it from the ceiling and hang small decorations! Other than the ladder, the wooden crate and the pallet are the other scraps you won’t hesitate to use – especially for a vintage-themed wedding..

Charming vintage decoration in ladder and reclaimed wood crates

original deco scale with white scale decorated with wedding table plan small framed lists, vintage deco crates

  • DIY place cards

Salvage ideas become an opportunity for some DIY crafts, which will be necessary if your wedding is on a low budget. And it’s often the tiny accents that become the focus of our DIY efforts. In particular, the place card which could be made with a multitude of everyday objects or with a few inexpensive DIY materials. Cork stopper, small calligraphy cardboard, personalized wooden disc, mini laurel wreath or why not an appetizing cupcake. Do them on your own to save money. Any other DIY idea is also welcome and there are also several !

Handmade place cards made from recycled corks

original wedding place card, diy idea to recycle gold paint colored cork stoppers with table number label

  • Colorful crockery

If you’re looking for a way to revive your wedding table without investing in unnecessary decorations, invest in colorful dinnerware. Just don’t forget to match the color of the dishes to the wedding theme. Blue glasses, for example, would be an excellent solution for a seaside wedding. And if the theme of the wedding is inspired by the countryside or the wedding takes place in the middle of a green winter garden, opt for tableware. green, the color of which refers to all the nature that swarms around.

Blue tableware that goes perfectly with green accents

blue glasses and white plates on a green tablecloth, table surrounded by silver and white chairs, flowered table legs, Roman statuettes

  • Original table runner

Originality could also be introduced through the use of an elegant or stand-out table runner. The simple fabric, jute or tulle table runner is therefore far from the only possible solution. A country wedding would appreciate more a table runner with green foliage. The savagery of the country setting would stand out, for example, with a laurel garland running along the table from end to end and sometimes falling to the ground. Bohemian chic wedding? Go for a macrame table runner – the DIY trend that’s currently all the rage on social media.

Table runner in garland of flowers and foliage

centerpiece with laurel wreath and flowers on raw wood table, golden plates and cutlery, menu written on black paper, decorative candles, rustic wedding table decoration

  • Hanging decoration

And speaking of macrame, this one often does the office of decoration (not only of table). Macrame and hanging dreamcatchers are often present at hippie or bohemian chic weddings. And any other decorative accent designed to decorate the vertical is also strongly recommended, given the tendency to pay attention only to the decoration on the horizontal. Also consider the hanging macrame jars, paper lanterns, origami, and any floral decorations..

Exuberant hanging decoration for your luxury wedding

decoration suspended from the ceiling, offcuts of white threads and original golden chandeliers, white and gold chairs around white tables with green accents, sumptuous wedding decoration idea

wedding flower arrangement in height, candle centerpiece, golden accents, original wedding table decoration

A splendid wedding room decoration in neutral colors and green accents

gold and glass chandelier and vegetation suspended above a light wood table decorated with a garland of foliage and white flowers, white ceiling drapery

raw wood chairs and table decorated with floral centerpiece in vegetation and flowers, ceiling decorated with light garland

Mesh suspensions for a touch of originality

wedding room decoration, exotic braided suspensions above a table decorated with a bouquet of white and pink flowers and golden crockery

ornate Victorian wedding room decoration with glass walls with braided suspensions, bouquets of flowers in the center, ocher napkin, candles on a white tablecloth


Aesthetic centerpiece in small cherry tree covered with white flowers

small tree table centerpiece with white flowers, cherry blossom with hanging lights and flowers on the feet, wedding centerpiece decoration ideas

white wedding tent with wooden table and benches and dreamcatcher decoration, bohemian chic wedding decor

A multitude of colorful origami hanging as a wonderful DIY decorative accent

origami colorful paper cranes hanging from the ceiling and bouquet decoration of colorful country flowers on white tablecloths, colorful wedding room decoration

wedding chair deco in pink ribbons, tables decorated in white with transparent glasses, foliage garland column deco

Wedding ceiling decoration in pretty colorful lanterns

garland of giant colorful lanterns and light garland above, raw wood table and chairs, wedding table decoration floral foam and candles

giant floral suspension as wedding room decoration with fawn carpet, wooden table and chairs, huge wedding tent


wedding ceiling decoration of beige veils, light garland and elegant chandelier, wooden chairs around a table decorated with pink tablecloth

Letters and light garlands for a successful subdued atmosphere

romantic wedding theme with light garland decoration, luminous letters, bouquets of white flowers on tables with white and beige tablecloth

tablecloths, chairs and white flowers to decorate an elegant wedding room with brown, black and gray carpet

industrial bulb suspensions and floral foliage decoration above a wooden table and chairs and a small decoration with green foliage

hanging vegetable balls with flowers above a rustic table, jute table runner, country chic wedding table decoration

oriental suspensions above flowered chairs and tables in a tent on the grass, garden party wedding theme

Make paper flowers to save money on the budget

wedding ceiling decoration in hanging paper flowers, table runner with foliage and pink flowers on a white tablecloth, rustic chic wedding theme idea in barns

rich floral decoration of white and pink flowers, gray tablecloths on table and white curtains, decorative candles, floral wedding theme

beige tablecloth and pink centerpiece, decoration of small fir trees with light garland lights, christmas wedding theme

Huge hanging flower arrangement to catch the eye on the ceiling

wedding ceiling decoration in multitude of flowers hanging from the ceiling, original floral arrangement, wedding tent on fresh grass

romantic wedding theme, soft light from original decorative candles, center of foliage and flowers glass chairs

pink heart of pink balloons, idea to make a balloon decoration yourself easily

Industrial wedding decor idea to think outside the box

industrial wedding theme in an old factory, electric bulbs, wood and white chairs, tables decorated with white tablecloths

arch of foliage in height, table decorated with white tablecloth and center of foliage and white flowers, white candles, gold covers

exposed beams and industrial chandeliers in a bohemian-clad wedding hall with raw wood table and canvas table runner, decorative candles, industrial vintage wedding theme

deco chair decorated with pink ribbon, centerpiece with pink flowers and pink napkins, gray carpet, ceiling decorated with white veils

Vitamin colors to add to the festivity of the day 

centerpiece in pink and fuchsia flowers and clementines, hanging lemon branches, colorful wedding decoration idea in vitamin colors

garlands and bouquets of pink and red flowers in a white wedding room with light parquet, white canvas table runner, classic wedding decor ideas

high wedding floral arrangement on gold pillars, table runner with green foliage and pink candles on glass holders, elegant wedding decoration idea

wedding chair deco with white canvas and pink fabric ribbon, draped ceiling and hanging plant balls

floral arrangement bouquets of pink and red flowers, tables in glittery gold tablecloths and white chairs decorated with blue fabric ribbons

White orchids to create a chic and elegant centerpiece

suspension floral arrangement of white orchids for wedding, decorative ceiling light garland, golden accents for wedding table decoration

wedding ceiling decoration idea with climbing vegetation and light garlands above chairs and vegetated wood table, rustic wedding theme in old barns

Fairy starry sky style wedding room decoration

example wedding ceiling decoration in vegetal foam and light garlands, several lights above tables in white and gold chic wedding

wedding welcome table decor floral wedding crates and decorative lanterns, vintage wedding decor ideas

wedding centerpiece with green vegetation and pink flowers, green ceiling illuminated by light garlands, glass candlesticks, romantic wedding deco idea

Garden party style reception organized inside a vegetated winter garden

garden party wedding theme idea in vegetal victorian style, rustic table decoration in several field flowers

wedding decoration idea, table decorated with red flowers as a wedding centerpiece and lights in small glass terrariums

chandeliers with lights above the table in white tablecloth and wood and white chairs, white walls, parquet light wedding room

colorful fabric scraps above a table decorated with floral arrangement in pink and white flowers, pink napkins, black and white industrial chairs

draped ceiling with stretched white sails, green globe suspension above tables decorated with white tablecloths with white and wood chairs, raw wood parquet

Neon heart as a key accent in the decoration of an industrial wedding hall

industrial chic wedding theme idea in industrial wedding room, neon heart decoration on brick walls, industrial chairs and table in wood and metal, floral decoration in green and red

pink chairs rows around a white table, bohemian chic wedding decor with rich floral arrangements, decorative candle decor

wedding table decoration in pale pink tablecloth and napkins with huge flower bouquet deco center, draped sky, transparent chairs

Accents in green and gold to create a wedding room decor that shows good taste

green foliage garland centerpiece and small candles, gold pear wedding placeholder, golden candle holders

garland of white, brown and dark green vegetation. white wedding table decorations with white flowers, mediterranean wedding decor

Hawaii style wedding decoration idea in white and green

i; dee hawaii wedding theme with wall decorated with green vegetation with word aloha, white wedding candy bar, foliage wedding centerpiece and white candles

organize a wedding in old barns with exposed beams vintage chandelier, transparent white curtains, wooden and metal table chairs, foliage garland and candle holder decoration

industrial wedding decor idea in brick-walled wedding room, floral decoration balls of flowers, candles in wine glasses

wedding background wall decorated with paper flowers, light garlands to decorate the ceiling, wedding cake on wooden log

Country wedding theme organized in a renovated barn for an authentic effect

country chic style wedding in old wooden barns, country wedding decor ideas, vegetable garland on raw wood table

industrial deco wedding old factory, decorated with white transparent curtains, tables decorated with white tablecloths and gray fabric table runner, metallic vase, light garland interior deco

balls of light garlands to decorate the ceiling of old renovated barns, wooden chairs, table with white tablecloth, floral wedding decoration for the center

industrial wedding decoration ideas in a factory, wooden table and industrial chairs

Hanging plants and light garlands to create a magical wedding ceiling decoration

hanging pots of green plants and ceiling decorated with light garlands above tables in white tablecloths and wood and white chairs on black tiled floor

wedding in old wooded barns with floral ceiling decoration, wedding fireplace and tables in flowered green

macrame hanging pots with colorful flowers above wooden table and chairs, white table runner, small flower pots, rustic chic wedding decor idea

Elegant chandeliers and overgrown ceiling – a sumptuous wedding venue decor

example of wedding ceiling decoration in green vegetation and elegant chandeliers above white table and chairs, gray and white checkered tiles

wedding table decoration in small flower arrangements on a white tablecloth, light garland to decorate the wooded ceiling with exposed beams

decorate the wedding ceiling with fall decoration of white threads above tables in white tablecloths surrounded by gold and white chairs with chic bouquets of flowers

candlesticks decorated with pink and white flowers in height as centerpiece on white table runner on brown wooden table, wooden ceiling deco

deco suspensions in seaside style mesh above white tables with bouquets of pale flowers, wedding on veranda

Autumnal wedding theme in pale colors

fall wedding themed table decoration with floral arrangements of brown, white and pink flowers on raw wood table with white veil table runner

elegant chandelier and light garland to decorate arched ceiling, round tables decorated in black and white, vegetation center and candles

centerpiece in garland of green foliage on white tablecloth and wooden chairs, country style garden party decor

decorative green ladder suspended from the ceiling, wooden chairs and table, green foliage center, beige walls

wedding room decoration in white with green vegetation and white flowers, exposed beams in the wedding room, suspended vegetation

industrial wedding decoration in a wedding hall with rough walls, elegant chandeliers, transparent chairs around a wooden table

white curtains to decorate a wooded roof with exposed beams, elegant floral tables with light purple tablecloths

floral arrangement in roses and feathers in height, original centerpiece on table with white tablecloth, brown chairs

floral wedding theme with flowers hanging from the ceiling, flower garland and floor with flowers under canopy