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6 outfit ideas with evening dresses

Do you want to shine tonight and be the center of attention? Here are some ideas to concoct absolutely trendy looks with evening dresses. Chic cuts, unique accessories, your evening outfit will make more than one jealous !

Find the 6 trendy dress styles to shine in the evening

photos of trendy short and colorful women's evening dresses to shine in the evening

The little black dress: the essential

You absolutely need a Evening dress black. It is perfect in all circumstances and remains one of the greatest classics in the feminine wardrobe. Watch the stars appearing on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival! The vast majority wear the little black dress. This women’s fashion basic popularized by Coco Chanel is the piece that saves all situations.

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend to create an evening outfit, it will be your best ally. Indeed, it is easy to associate with a colorful jacket, a printed stole or a metallic clutch. It’s a perfect base for putting together a glamorous or rocky outfit. In the long version, it refines the silhouette and gives you real sophistication. The short cut offers a more sensual, rock and roll or sassy side. At a gala evening or for the end of the year celebrations, you will love the black evening dress !

The little black dress, essential

Model photo of a little black dress, the essential and multifunctional piece of the feminine wardrobe

Lightness guaranteed with the fluid dress

It’s the perfect evening dress for any figure. The flared and sometimes asymmetrical cut of the fluid dress gives a mysterious air to your evening outfit. We love the wispy look of the lightweight fabric and unruly fit. It is also ideal for concealing the small complexes that bother you..

With the flowing dress, you will feel magnificent and you will shine! When you slip into this flowy evening dress, you change your attitude and you feel more confident. Wear it with a pair of wedge sandals or sophisticated pumps. If you want to mark the size, it is possible to add an obi belt to tie on the front or a thinner belt, enhanced with a few rhinestones. And for even more chic, wear a fluid one-shoulder dress, very feminine !

A pretty straight cut to highlight your feminine silhouette

Fluid dress model, offering lightness and elegance in all circumstances

The wrap cut for voluptuous women

Assume your forms and be proud of it! Gone is the diktat of skinny women and featureless silhouettes, curvy women are finally accepted as they are. So to highlight these pretty shapes, we opt for the wrap-cut evening dress. This is one of the favorite cuts of stars like Ashley Graham.

Sure ! That’s because it perfectly showcases our charm assets! The waist is marked without overdoing it, the emphasis is on a generous neckline and strong hips. The wrap-over effect of the collar catches the eye and lets you guess without showing off. The subtlety of the wrap dress is ideal for creating an evening outfit with silver pumps and a hand-carried clutch. Have fun with prints or iridescent effects !

The wrap dress, summery charm asset

Turquoise wrap dress, a model that combines lightness and elegance

The strapless dress reveals your grace

For events where elegance is paramount, this is undoubtedly the strapless dress for you. On the other hand, it is rather indicated for slender figures and women with slender shoulders. If you have square shoulders or a little roundness on your arms, you may accentuate the impression by choosing the strapless dress. In addition, if you have a generous breast, you will mark its opulence even more..

It is rather advisable to reserve the strapless dresses with frail looks and skinny women. The strapless dress is long or short according to your wishes: with a short cut, it gives a more youthful and dynamic appearance. The long strapless dress is the elegant piece par excellence. It gives a lot of presence to your look. To brighten up an evening, choose a model of strapless evening dress accessorized with jewels under the bust and enlivened by a pleated effect..

The strapless dress, queen of the ball

long navy blue strapless dress model, with rhinestones on the chest

The lace dress for a chic evening

It is also one of the timeless pieces of women’s fashion! The lace dress brings a touch of refinement and a lot of class to your evening outfit. You can choose it completely in lace with a light tone-on-tone lining. It immediately imposes its delicacy and elegance on your figure.

And for an outfit that plays a little less on glamor, we choose a two-material evening dress. Lace and fine knit combine very easily. The lace can then be positioned on the shoulders, as an insert on the collar or embellished all over the back for a game of transparency. The lace dress goes easily with a 3/4 sleeve cardigan, a blazer jacket with notched collar or with a light plain bolero.

The lace dress, timeless finesse

photo of navy blue lace dress with bare shoulder and half transparent cuffs

The ruffled evening dress

Want a touch of madness and dynamism in your look for the evening? Fall for the evening dress with ruffles. Frills are absolutely trendy! They give vitality to a look and offer a chic outfit while being casual. The ruffles are preferably located on the base of the dress, but can also be found around the collar or on the bust.

If you have a generous bust, avoid frills on the bust, as this will accentuate the feeling of volume. The ruffles should be more or less flat: if they are smooth, this does not add volume to the silhouette. The ruffle dress is rather short, so as not to overdo it. We choose it with or without sleeves and above all, we accessorize it. Think of the clutch or the minaudière which always makes a good impression. You make the difference with this kind of accessories! Also choose pretty glitter pumps that brighten up the feminine evening outfit.

There are many forms of dresses to create a truly perfect evening outfit. Have fun with basic pieces that you will personalize with a few well-selected accessories. This is a great way to create totally different looks depending on the occasion you are going to wear the evening dress. !

The ruffled dress, original and discreet

Navy blue dress model with ruffles, cuffs and lace neckline

Always more inspiration …

Little black dress

photo of little short black dress with lace-type epaulets, ideal woman's outfit for evening

The black fluid dress

sober black fluid dress model for elegant and casual evening wear

Brown wrap dress

Brown wrap dress, discreet and elegant in all circumstances

Strapless gilded dress

model photo of narrow strapless dress with gilding embroidery for elegant evening

Navy lace dress

navy blue lace dress with shoulder pads and transparent bottom for evening

Red ruffle dress

dress with low ruffles, sleeveless and red like passion for elegant but frenzied evenings