Woman fashion

A-line skirt in the spirit of sunny days

The weather is getting better and better and we are always revealing our charms. We women like to accentuate our feminine curves, our waist and our legs. The A-line skirt is one of our best allies in the field of seduction. It guarantees us an elegant image or much more sexy, depending on its length and its material..

There are models high waist, or low waist. The latter is, however, recommendable for young women, who have a lean figure..

For your professional look, or to be more elegant, the A-line skirt high waist is the most suitable choice. It is also your model if you are rather short, because it will lengthen your figure. It has a little retro side, reminding us a bit of the 70s and the 90s.

You have the choice between the models with buttons in front or those zipper. The first give you a relaxed look, the second give you a glam rock look. You choose! Then you can choose an A-line skirt without pockets (the classic model), with large pockets Where with discreet pockets, often accented with zippers.

How to wear this piece of clothing, present in our wardrobes for 3 seasons in a row?

  • for a simple chic, combine them with t-shirts or with turtleneck sweaters, fashion basics.
  • If your skirt is mini, avoid low-cut tops, so as not to overdo it.
  • And vice versa: if your A-line skirt is midi or long, bet on a low neckline top, with ruffles, sleeveless or with 3/4.
  • Your A-line skirt goes perfectly with a simple White, black, or striped t-shirt – horizontal, or vertical. Choose the latter if you need to gain a few extra inches. Avoid the first ones if you have extra pounds.
  • For a retro, 70s-style look, wear your A-line skirt with floral blouses and lace-up tops.
  • If you like to surprise, choose layered A-line skirts, which you can also find in a layered version (later in our article you will see them in pictures).
  • For those chilly spring days, you can wear it with thigh high boots, this is a very hot look! If you are short, opt for high heel ankle boots, high shank. 

See below our 61 proposals for trapeze-shaped skirt models and ideas to match them in an interesting way.

A-line skirt for a refined look, with false slit at the zipper

A-line skirt in blue and black belt on the high waist false slit with zipper

A-line cotton skirt in a playful spirit

A-line skirt in red with white details with false slit

In fuchsia pink, very flared

A-line skirt in flashy pink with a large false slit and high waist

In a rebellious rocker style!

A-line mini faux leather skirt with three zippers

In mustard color, for a radiant look

A-line mid-length mustard wrap skirt for summer

A-line skirt in a glam rock style

A-line skirt woman dark shade of green

In white, with gold elements – ideal colors for a fashionable summer 

short trapeze skirt in white and elements in gold color

How beautiful is it to glow in yellow!

colorful allure yellow A-line skirt

A mini black A-line skirt worn with a classy black blouse with white polka dots 

short six-button trapeze skirt with polka-dot blouse

How do you get attention in the city? By opting for a half-retro, half-modern look, a combination of styles that will enhance your allure!

woman's trapeze skirt in beige with blue denim shirt

Attractive play of shapes and colors

A-line skirts shades of blue stripes in the shape of a stopper

In a patchwork style, also to be combined with elegant shirts

A-line patchwork skirt in shades of blue

The combination of green and orange – a must try! 

A-line skirts with five side buttons

Feminine A-line skirt in pastel pink, matching a mini bag in the same shade

pastel candy pastel pink A-line skirt with original hems

Leaves and flowers, ethno motifs that are always topical in summer

brightly colored mini ethno A-line skirt

The A-line skirt parades on the catwalks

micro-length trapeze skirts with synthetic stones

A remarkable finish

white trapeze skirt 3 decorative belts

A-line skirt in cheerful colors

high waisted brightly colored patchwork A-line skirts

A look in red, white and black

long trapeze dress in red with a blouse with marine patterns

Simple chic

high waist A-line skirt in blue, white and gold with a white short-sleeved top

In blue denim

A-line denim skirt with short-sleeved blouse and black bow in casual style

A very pretty skirt

woman's trapeze skirt in pink flowers on a gray background

Long legs highlighted

A-line skirt in metallic color

In blue and orange, a mid-length A-line skirt, decorated with flying birds 

women's trapeze skirt in blue and coral with white blouse

Buttons adorn the pockets of this soft-colored skirt

A-line skirts in powder pink color with side buttons

In tweed

woman's trapeze skirt in red and white nugget wool

A very light outfit for summer

mini mirror striped A-line skirt worn with sandals and a white top

A combination of various shades of the color brown for the sweater and the skirt

brick-colored high-waisted A-line skirt with buttons on the front

Charm in white and blue

Zara flared denim skirt with small mini front slit

A-line skirt in navy blue, to match with a blouse in a pastel blue shade – a combination with great effect!

A-line skirt in navy blue worn with pastel blue polka-dot blouse

Vitamin yellow, for a silhouette that packs a punch!

woman's A-line skirt in canary yellow with black top with Greek neckline

Lots of softness in this look …

short trapeze skirt in pastel pink romantic style

A modern mermaid

A-line fishtail-effect skirt worn with a blouse with flared sleeves

A floral A-line skirt – the must-have outfit for spring!

A-line mid-length skirt with pastel flowers

 Stripes are always welcome during the summer months. We associate them with our summer look and with the idleness of the holidays 

long A-line skirt with red and white horizontal stripes

An eccentric model for those who like to have a remarkable look

woman's trapeze skirt half pleated in another material

A skirt that you can combine with your blue denim jacket

women's white A-line skirt with black polka dots with blue denim jacket

This A-line skirt emphasizes the finesse of the waist

A-line skirt in gray for mid-seasons

A layering of sexy skirts

woman's A-line skirt in white in two layers with large side slit

Checks are always chic. You can wear this type of skirt with flat heels, but also with high heels

A-line checked skirt with central zipper

Wear the midi A-line skirt with high heels to lengthen your figure. A classy look!  

A-line caramel flared skirt for spring

And why not choose an A-line skirt in green, with scallop-shaped hems?

A-line skirt in green grass color

A burgundy color for this mid-knee length skirt 

A-line skirt in wine color with black long-sleeved blouse

A flared A-line skirt for slim figures. A style to wear with high heels 

A-line skirt woman iridescent shade high waist for summer

A game of overlays with a gradient effect. A classic cut, but at the same time original

woman's A-line skirt in two-tier gray

A half-elegant, half-casual look

semi-transparent mini lace-effect A-line skirts

In black denim, mini, wallet type, with a button on the waist 

A-line jeans skirt in black with a single button on the wallet-type waist

In pastel blue, revealing the knees

short trapeze skirt in blue high waist

A model who will spread good humor around you

trapeze skirts in red and white with round dandelions

In casual and sexy outfit

black trapeze skirt with six buttons on the front with yellow T-shirt with message

A-line skirt with high waist, combined with a mini top

A-line skirts with blue and green checks pleated laterally on both sides

The graphic patterns of this skirt are in vogue

feminine flowing black and white A-line skirt

In navy blue and with two large pockets

Zara blue velvet trapeze skirt with a thick burgundy sweater

In blue and yellow

A-line skirts with long yellow flowers for a highlighted silhouette

Simple elegance, but colorful

A-line skirt woman in yellow youthful look

An appropriate look for the office, especially if the dress code calls for tighter attire

A-line skirt in fluid black with white blouse with colored elements

In red and white, with a brown belt. A piece of clothing that combines wonderfully with a simple monochrome top, without decorations 

white A-line skirt with red graphic elements

Chic in the city

woman's trapeze skirt in black with large side knot

A-line women's skirt with thin black belt

A look that announces good weather!

A-line midi skirt with flowers in bright colors

Two charming little pockets with zippers are the winning details of this skirt

high waist A-line skirt with two pockets with zippers