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A thousand looks with the oversized sweater for women – adopt a trendy look for this winter

Winter has always been the season for cozy, comfortable knitted clothes and sweaters. But if you really like fluffy and chic winter clothes, now is the time to arm yourself with some pretty pieces of the oversized sweater type. It’s a typical garment for the season, very practical, very good for practicing the style and even versatile, if you know how to combine it. The oversized sweater for women has many advantages – it is warm and soft, it is fuzzy and does not disturb movement, you can wear it as a dress or a tunic and combine it with pants, leggings or a skirt for add texture to your outfit. Some of us think that the oversized sweater for women has the tendency to enlarge our figures but the truth is that a large sweater envelops us in a soft and feminine way and gives the impression of a slimmer and more fragile figure. . There are still some risks, but we’re here to help you avoid compromises with your style..

Oversized sweater for women worn with pants

jeans and thigh-high boots, women's turtleneck sweater, chain shoulder bag, sunglasses

How to combine the oversized sweater?

Idea number 1 – Keep it simple and don’t overload your outfit.

– The best idea is to pair your oversized sweaters with a fitted lower part – leggings, jeans or skinny pants. The difference between the volumes stylizes the silhouette and gives chic to your look. For this wedding we recommend long ankle boots or trendy sneakers. If you decide to wear the sweater with leggings or as a dress, put on sneakers for a modern look or long boots to complete your outfit.

– The pencil skirt is the slim skirt that will help you shape a distinguished figure. It is preferable to wear it with elegant and sober boots or ankle boots.

Oversized sweater for women, original knit

how to wear the mesh sweater, round glasses, neutral bag, messy blonde hair, coffee mug

Idea number 2 – Adopt layering. The trendy look for this winter includes several layers of clothing. For women, as for men, all types of oversized clothing are in vogue – down jackets, coats, sweaters.

– You can wear your oversized sweater with a giant puffer jacket and a large scarf as long as you keep your lower part fairly simple.

– If you want to stay stylish, pull the sweater over a shirt. It can be even longer than the sweater

– Don’t forget the long boots and thigh-high boots – they will put a stamp on your outfit and add notes of grunge.

– But if you are a sporty girl and still want to wear your favorite sneakers, there is a little trick that helps you stay chic – the knee high socks. High socks lengthen the silhouette and perform an aesthetic function similar to that of long boots. You are free to combine your favorite pair with the oversized jumper for women

Women’s oversized sweater and skinny jeans

skinny jeans and a modern colored smooth bag, pretty cream colored sweater, sunglasses

Idea number 3 – Play the card of contrasts. Consider energizing your look with pieces of opposing styles.

– Put on pumps or ballet flats with ripped jeans with your large sweater. You can put it on the jeans or leave it outside, pull one of the shoulders for an asymmetrical effect.

– Be even braver and put a dress in fine material under the sweater. A pair of velvet boots and a floral dress under a solid color sweater will break up the monotony of the traditional winter look..

– Take an unexpected variation and wear the oversized sweater with a mini tulle skirt or a little pleated skirt that barely shows under the sweater. If the sweater is short but fluid, why not wear a structured and very flared skirt to balance the silhouette and give yourself the appearance of a winter princess.

– Don’t hesitate to wear a long dress or skirt with your favorite sweater. Can you define your look with winter boots or light sneakers? The important thing is that the material of the skirt is thinner than that of the sweater

– To show your personal style, adopt skinny jeans or short leather pants. This combination is very trendy and very chic. The textures differ and complement each other wonderfully. If you like to wear leather pants, this is a sure way to avoid an overly sloppy look.

Gray wool sweater with black pants and cognac bag

women's oversized sweater, cognac bag, black skinny pants, aviator glasses, slicked back blonde hair

Big wool sweater, mini skirt and black thigh high boots

white sweater, black thigh-high boots, jeans skirt, hat with light gray periphery, aviator glasses

Distinguished style with the oversized sweater

white sweater, black bag, white shirt, mesh sweater, low ponytail, outfit with big sweater woman

Olivia Palermo with a nice sweater in trendy color

long square skirt, women's beige sweater, Olivia Palermo, oversized glasses, bright pumps

Pink sweater with really oversized sleeves

oversized pink women's sweater, original sleeves, large knitted sweater worn by a blonde woman by the river

cream color sweater, round glasses, black bag, military green khaki pants, women's turtleneck sweater

women's oversized sweatshirt, ripped jeans, aviator glasses, women's warm sweater with plunging neckline, black bag

outfit with big woman sweater, black boots thin heel, red sweater, chain shoulder bag, leather pants

Oversized brown sweater, skinny jeans and capuccino pumps

skinny jeans, big brown sweater, chain shoulder bag, sunglasses, blonde woman

ripped jeans, brown bag, cream-colored female cable sweater, aviator glasses, shirt, blonde hair

pink sweater, ripped jeans, gray bag, hat with hem, cream sandals, fallen leaves on the ground

oversized women's sweater, women's winter hat, jeans, brown hair, shirt worn under the sweater

Casual chic fall-winter outfit

white painted brick wall, beige sweater, triangular neckline, black bag, thigh high boots, white pants

long pleated skirt in terracotta color, mahogany hair, white sweater, oversized sweater for women

oversized sweater for women, fringes on the sleeves, quilted bag in blue and lilac, leather pants

women's western outfit, tricolor sweater, oversized sweater for women, brown velvet boots, ecru hat, ripped jeans

woman wearing a cobalt blue sweater, black cap, pink red turtleneck sweater, hoops, green pants

Winter outfit in cozy materials and light colors

woman street style look, gray sweater, white skirt, sunglasses, oversized woman sweatshirt

woman in oversized sweater for women, red skinny pants, black boots, curly hair, fringed bag

large women's pink sweater, blue-rimmed glasses, blue shirt under the sweater, black bag

big mauve-colored women's sweater, cognac-colored bag, wavy hair, blue jeans, coffee cup

big orange wool sweater, sweater with pompoms, white hat, leather skirt, chic woman outfit

Big super long white sweater worn with a fairy skirt

white oversized sweater, long boho style skirt, oversized woman sweatshirt, autumn street style outfit

large salmon-colored sweater, golden hoops, woman with blond hair, basket bag

mini leather skirt, thigh high boots, off-white women's cable sweater, black bag, bun, fall outfit

woman sitting on the stairs, black boots, black pants, black leather bag, large camel scarf, woman's warm sweater

white ripped jeans, beige boots, black hair, aviator glasses, blue envelope bag, trendy fall outfit

Christmas outfit with big red sweater

women's Christmas sweater, black quilted bag, oversized red woman's sweater, black thigh-high boots, pretty house in red and white

woman wearing a hairy bag, large white sweater, black cap, trendy glasses, leggings and pumps

big black bag, off-white sweater, sunglasses, white shirt, low ponytail

white pants, gray sweater, sunglasses, black hair, black bag, red brick wall

chunky pink sweater, small bag in bright colors, turquoise blue hair, sunglasses

Gigi Hadid with a winter look

oversized sweater. Gigi Hadid, long denim shirt, half bun hairstyle, black leggings, black ankle boots, round sunglasses

women's cable sweater, how to wear the oversized sweater, women's western hat, mauve shoulder bag, brick wall

what outfit with a woolen sweater for women, cream sweater dress, long boots, round glasses, long blond hair

how to wear the oversized sweater for women, aviator glasses, leather jacket, cream and black bag, ripped jeans

women's white sweater, cream bag, ripped jeans, periphery hat, long curly hair, white square

Stunning variation of the classic sweater dress – elegant and comfortable

modern woman wearing cream sweater, small black bag, sunglasses, black thigh high boots, chunky knit sweater

women wide sweater, leather leggings, slim heeled ankle boots, high ponytail, chain shoulder bag

women's loose sweater in black color, nude pink pumps, beige bag, black sunglasses

 women's loose sweater, white pants, black bag with shoulder strap, women's black moccasins

women's beige sweater, two statement bracelets, hair in the sweater collar, leather pants

women's chunky knit sweater, curly blond hair, blue jeans, trendy glasses, women's loose sweater

Chunky knit turtleneck sweater

wide woman sweater, red bag, square hairstyle, ombre hair, long woman sweater worn with midi skirt

women's long sweater, sweater worn as a dress, long velvet boots, gray belt bag

blue jeans, large comfortable bag, women's chunky knit sweater, round sunglasses

big turtleneck sweater woman, black bag, blue jeans, blond hair pulled into the sweater    large women's wool sweater, women's knitted sweater, sunglasses, large leather pockets

Oversized but stylish sleeves

white pants, women's loose sweater, large sunglasses, straight blonde hair, outfit with oversized sweatshirt for women

gray sweater and burgundy bag, loose woman sweater, gold watch, metal bracelet, red nail polish, chic woman outfit

women's loose sweater, cozy pink sweater, two winter sweaters in cozy colors, winter outfit for women

oversized women's sweater, terracotta color, blue jeans, crocheted bag, original sleeves, crocheted cream hat

black leggings, white sweater, pointy ankle boots, loose sweater worn with black leather skinny jeans

Combination of clothing and original materials

women's beige sweater, cognac-colored bag, long white shirt, blue jeans, velvet thigh-high boots

oversized brown sweater, blue jeans, shoulder bag, women's turtleneck sweater, hair hidden in the collar

brunette wearing leather leggings, a black mesh sweater, chic glasses, black bag, high bun

oversized sweater for women, beige sweater for women, leather pants, strappy pumps

chunky woolen sweater for women, black quilted bag, slim pants, low ponytail, sunglasses

Big sweater paired with a pencil skirt

large women's wool sweater, pencil skirt, elegant black ankle boots, gray sweater, bun

young woman holding coffee cup, mauve knitted hat, oversized woman sweatshirt

women's red sweater, black thigh-high boots, black bag, sunglasses, trendy oversized sweater

women's white sweater, long brown hair, large blue bag, pretty knitted sweater, skinny jeans

big wool sweater, hair in low tail, round handle handbag, winter outfit

Swag spirit and light gray sweater dress

women's gray sweater, large pale blue bag, white cap, white sneakers, dark and stylish outfit

big women's sweater, short leather skirt, black bag, loose brown hair, stylish outfit for mid-season

Sober and elegant outfit with a big gray sweater

stylish and understated outfit for women, winter sweater dress, nude pink pumps, voluminous sleeves

pink women's Christmas sweater, pink hairy sweater worn with a pink skirt or white pants

long black boots, thin tights, white sweater, sunglasses, black shoulder bag, combine the knit sweater