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Chic casual outfit for women: looks that highlight you

You would like to forge a sophisticated and cool style at the same time. A casual chic woman outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd. Believe us, it is indeed possible, as you will see in our photo gallery! How to achieve a look that highlights you, while sublimating your personality in complete comfort? Let’s see…

The basics of a chic outfit 

Matching clothes isn’t an exact science like math, yet there are principles that can save you from epic missteps. Being elegant is above all a matter of taste and education. And it’s not so much about following trends, it’s about forging a personal style. It will be the base with which you will have fun, adding fun variations to it. The look that makes you feel comfortable is one that reflects your deep personality. Here are the basic principles of a successful outfit:

  • be aware of your body and its shapes. This will allow you to wear appropriate outfits, which do not accentuate your little flaws. Examine your body closely in the mirror: which shapes should be emphasized and which shapes should be concealed? For example, if you have a small belly, you will not choose pants with a low waist, but skirts and pants with a high waist. Tight pants should be avoided if you have saddlebags or overly strong thighs.
  • Wear at least one high quality garment, like, for example, a jacket with an impeccable cut. Or a skirt that sublimates your perfect curves. This is the special piece that gives you a special look.
  • Favor complementary colors for your outfit. It’s the fastest way to match your clothes. For example, you can combine elements in white, ivory and light gray. Or in pastel pink and fuchsia. Or in red and pink. Or you could go for an outfit that combines pastel blue and navy blue (or royal blue?).
  • The fair bag looks great! So, if you prefer more discreet outfits, why not opt ​​for a bag with a design and fancy elements.?
  • The shoes for casual wear? We often choose ballerinas (flat or with a mini heel) or white sneakers. A warning for ballerinas: avoid them, if you are rather short, or combine them with a skirt, with the pants they will compact your figure. A tip: invest in a pair of nude shoes, even if flat, or with a symbolic heel, they slim the calves and visually lengthen your legs. In addition, you easily match them with a rich range of outfits and the effect is always chic.

An asymmetrical dress in Chanel style

casual outfit, well dressed, black and white check dress, asymmetrical front, sleeveless model, small handbag and shoulder strap in beige and white sneakers

This type of dress is very comfortable

gray mini dress with short sleeves, chic outfit, dressy dress, well dressed, look for a sunny day, elegant look all-purpose

 Accents in red for this classy look

chic outfit, woman in light brown pants wide and short at the ankles, sailor-style top with black and white stripes, red pointed shoes, thin striped belt, shoulder bag in red

The white shirt – an essential basic

She is your style partner. Whether it is for your most elegant outfits or for the most casual, you can always count on her. Plan at least three styles in your wardrobe. Whatever your style of clothing, it will make you classy and feminine. It gives you countless possibilities of looks, wiser or crazier. The white shirt is very chic worn with a bustier top, in navy blue or black. Its sleeves come with two or three large ruffles, for a bohemian air. The necklines are sometimes adorned with pearls, for a highly glamorous look. If you are round, avoid models with ruffles. Find suitable tips for your figure type here.

Dress pants

Choose pants with a chic cut. Denim is good, but for a more sophisticated outfit it would be good to bet on trousers with a more classic cut. Forget about tight pants. High waist cigarette pants will make you very stylish. Wide trousers in flowing materials are also a good choice. And pleated pants will give you a lot of class. With such a basic piece of clothing, you can afford to experiment with tops, choosing them more arty. A rule of thumb – don’t overdo it. For a chic and relaxed look, pair classic pieces with pieces with original cuts. If you want to dare strong colors, such as lilac or fuchsia, choose clothes that are not too ornate. Unless you want to create a more sophisticated and eccentric look.

A casual look for an active woman

chic woman's casual outfit, cream-colored raincoat, black ankle boots, white long-sleeved shirt, active woman's look

Chic in lilac color

white pants and jacket in lilac, bag in lilac, casual outfit, casual outfit for women, jacket with wide lapels, white moccasins, look that combines comfort and elegance

A comfortable casual outfit

casual chic woman, mustard and black checkered dress, thin straps, large silver colored satchel, white sneakers, well dressed

A casual party outfit

spring 2018, Milly collection, long pleated dress, top with thin straps, black sandals with thin laces, orange pleated and asymmetrical dress, dress for women

Simple and graceful elegance

formal outfit with a dress in iridescent metallic finish fabric, dress model with side slit, ultra thin straps, body-hugging material, mermaid silhouette

A chic casual outfit for women that combines leopard prints and camouflage patterns 

woman in a long leopard print jacket with black buttons, green skirt, white semi-transparent shirt, accessorized with large rings, casual outfit, well dressed

A chic in black and white

chic working woman outfit idea, black pants, white shirt, heeled shoes

A satin black long dress

chic outfit, long black dress buttoned at the waist, short puffed sleeves, green sandals, mini black clutch bag, casual elegance

A long pencil skirt in very sexy brick color

long faux leather ankle skirt in brick color, chic outfit, well dressed, black sandals, white shirt 3-4 puffed sleeves, black bag with metallic gold imitation ornaments

A navy blue raincoat worn over a long tunic dress, matched with jeans 

long waterproof jacket in navy blue, tunic in navy blue and floral patterns, pants in light blue, urban chic, casual chic for women, dress pants for women

Wide dress pants

women's dress pants with thin vertical white stripes, short quilted black jacket, with orange accent, women's casual outfit, women's casual chic

A tulip skirt that forges you a modern mermaid silhouette

red tulip skirt with white openwork top with off the shoulders, beige handbag, casual chic woman, casual woman outfit, chic outfit

The combination of rock jacket in black and long dress is irresistible!

long red pleated dress, black jacket, black bag, black belt, round neck for the dress, chic outfit, casual outfit, formal dress

An outfit to make the Party

white dress with black diamond patterns, short sleeves, woman casual dress, large ivory clutch bag, woman evening dress

Matching a plaid shirt with a black tulle skirt – here is an idea for a chic casual outfit for women

black tulle skirt with white and red checkered shirt, women's casual outfit, classy everyday look, well dressed, how to dress well

A nice look in red, black and white

jumpsuit dress in black, long-sleeved sweater with round neck underneath, red and white, dress for women, how to dress well

A pencil skirt in ethnic style matched with a gray denim shirt

well dressed in high waist pencil skirt in ethno style, gray denim shirt with rolled up sleeves, casual woman outfit

Red and black are colors that adore each other

red mini skirt in faux leather, black sweater with batwing sleeves, black ankle boots, black bag, black opaque tights, casual chic woman, well dressed

A flirtatious and chic outfit

formal outfit, jacket with large nuggets, ankle boots open at the front with laces, beige flared mini dress, casual chic woman, how to dress well

In a very cool spirit

openwork tunic dress in white worn with a black casual sweater, women's casual outfit, ankle boots with fringes in black, black borsalino hat, black bag, bohemian look style

An openwork skirt with side slits – so light for summer!

casual chic woman, white openwork skirt model, wide lace-up sandals with heel in brown, white sleeveless top, summer look

A straight dress for a slim figure

yellow mini dress with long sleeves, chic outfit, casual outfit, red sandals with stilettos, elegant model, women's formal wear

An adorable balloon mini skirt and leopard print flats, yet stylish

mini skirt in coral red, pointed flat shoes with leopard prints, casual chic woman, casual chic woman, well dressed

An interesting idea – wear a sheer tulle polka dot skirt over light denim jeans. It changes everything!

young woman in a transparent ivory colored black polka dot tulle skirt, worn over light blue denim jeans, black mini bag, black leather jacket, pointed black shoes, casual outfit

Outfits to wear for outings by the sea 

two women, two outfits, casual chic woman outfit, black outfit, white outfit, openwork models, dress and jumpsuit

Parisian chic in red and black

casual chic woman, skirt in red and black with floral patterns, black tights, how to dress well, black pointed shoes, clutch bag with reptile patterns in black and white, red jacket with military-style buttons

A feminine and casual outfit

woman in white dress with short semi-transparent sleeves, black layered bustier, casual chic woman, black and white moccasins, black and white bag with retro round wooden handles

An easy-to-wear dress with sandals in electric blue

green mini-length dress, short sleeves, royal blue sandals, oval collar, elegant look, women's party outfit, formal dress, how to dress well

A light asymmetrical dress, an ADEAM model for spring-summer 2018

woman in white dress with asymmetric front and side flounce, woman party outfit, one bare shoulder, beige rounded toe shoes

A successful holiday look

royal blue dress with ruffles on the hems, dress dress, beige pointy shoes, straw hat wrapped in fuchsia fabric with a large fuchsia flower, small gold-colored pouch

In chic baroque style, with large ruffled sleeves

chic outfit, jacket with black belt, black ankle boots with laces, shirt with ruffled sleeves, gerk look, casual chic woman

A fancy bag and shoes accompany this rebellious look 

woman's casual outfit, well-dressed, woman's dress pants, skinny imitation leather model, large clutch bag in red, blue and white, gold-colored ankle boots

A long pleated skirt worn in a cool way

pleated skirt in navy blue, stiletto heel sandals, women's party outfit, women's casual chic, white blouse rolled up in front with short sleeves

In black and white

casual outfit in black, wide pants with tight sweater, rolled up sleeves, white sneakers, Parisian chic, casual outfit for women

The A-line mini skirt is always a good idea

mini flared skirt in burgundy with buttons on the front, black tight-fitting top with long sleeves, black pointy pumps, chic outfit, casual outfit

A puffy skirt in red with a top that bares the shoulder

red puffy skirt, asymmetrical light blue top covering one shoulder, large quilted red bag, glamorous look, how to dress well, casual outfit

A casual and glamorous outfit

light gray suspender skirt-pants jumpsuit, fine lace-up sandals, white top with 3-4 sleeves, chic outfit, casual chic woman

A simple black mini dress that becomes elegant with a large belt and matching boots

tight black mini dress with short sleeves, boots in caramel color, belt in caramel color, casual woman outfit, sexy and feminine look

A chic casual outfit for women that is ideal as a ceremony

look in a black jacket with golden buttons and a delicate pink skirt, with many ruffles, women's party outfit, black shoes with pointed stilettos

Our other suggestions for a casual chic woman outfit:

very short dress with black triangular graphic patterns, chic casual dress for women, large gold bag, flat black sandals

Women’s chic casual outfit – blue pants with a hyper original shirt

chic casual woman outfit with blue shirt, long sleeves with two wide ruffles on each, long fuchsia tassel earrings, chic woman casual outfit

A red jacket matching a cap for an elegant and sexy effect

chic outfit with jacket in red vermeille, cap in light brown, scarf in blue and green, shoulder bag in orange, colorful look

well dressed, dress pants for women, wide pants in beige, T-shirt with short sleeves in black and white horizontal stripes, pointed shoes in gray

well dressed in semi-sheer black tulle dress, black ankle boots stiletto heels, large daily bag in black, short rocker jacket with chains on one of the shoulders, tight black sweater

chic outfit, gray skirt with side slits, black jacket, pastel pink bag worn on the shoulder, white sneakers, black and white scarf, how to dress well

woman in long sleeve floral shirt, gray plaid ankle length pants, ruddy colored shoes, woman casual outfit, well dressed

women's casual outfit, allure of a skirt in gray metallic finish, with two side slits, tight top in pastel gray with one long sleeve and the other side without sleeve

dress in indigo blue, formal outfit, dress dress, puffed sleeves, casual chic woman, mini length, blue rounded toe shoes

casual chic woman, dress pants for women in black, sweater top in yellow lace covered with asymmetrical top with yellow and black checks, casual outfit for women

orange mini dress simple cut, falling freely on the body, short sleeves, brown clutch bag, pointed shoes in flesh color, dress dress, how to dress well

casual chic woman, white long-sleeved shirt with pink embroidery, black faux leather jacket, micro bag in orange color, black thigh-high boots, casual chic woman, well dressed

mini skirt with floral embroidery, white top with long sleeves, black and white moccasins, casual chic woman, casual outfit

two-piece outfit in white with black squares, very short flared mini skirt, formal outfit, formal dress, pointed shoes in delicate pink, glamorous look

mini dress in white and asymmetric pastel blue, round neck closed with mini buttons, sleeves with big ruffles, black flat pumps, chic outfit, formal outfit

total look in white, chic casual outfit for women, asymmetric white skirt shorter in front, big sweater in white, black thigh high boots, bag in vermeille color

plaid pants in red and black pants covering the shoes, wide and falling freely, black sweater with turtle collar, black satchel bag, well dressed, how to dress well

women's casual outfit, how to dress well, daily look, whiskey-colored moccasins, large brown bag, orange scarf, brown belt, clock pendant

fuchsia mini dress with 3-4 sleeves ending in ruffles, round neck, black sandals with laces, leopard print clutch bag

pleated skirt in mint green color, chunky pastel blue sweater with wide sleeves, stiletto heel ankle boots in duck yellow, women's casual outfit

asymmetric black skirt with fringes, top 3-4 sleeves in plum color, black ankle boots, punk style, mini bag in caramel color, well dressed, chic outfit

woman in green dress, large round neck, knee length, short sleeves, woman casual dress, woman casual chic, office look, office woman

women's casual chic, cream-colored pleated mini skirt, leopard print ballerinas, long-sleeved rolled up shirt in light blue denim, pastel blue crocodile bag

bodycon skirt in caramel color, length below the knees, white top with long sleeves, sandals in black, white and caramel, look of the day, casual outfit

White t-shirt rolled up at the waist, long white tulle skirt, black bag, cool and well-dressed look, women's party outfit, casual outfit

chic woman, chic casual outfit for women, black lace pants with blouse in pastel blue, pointed shoes in gold color, classy clutch bag in red and white

total white look, wide pants with pleats, light tight-fitting sweater in cream color, black micro bag, casual chic woman, casual chic woman

chic outfit, casual outfit for women, casual chic for women, long puffy skirt in coral color with arabesques in green, white T-shirt with funny image

light skirt in navy blue with white polka dots, white T-shirt, pointed flat shoes in tobacco color, small bag in brown, chic outfit, well-dressed woman

red skirt with slit on the left leg, white blouse with rolled up sleeves, casual dress for women, how to dress well

wide white skirt-pants, black top with long sleeves and off the shoulders, dress pants for women, sandals with fine laces in beige velvet

An elegant dress for a fun and relaxed look

mini dress with leopard prints, black bag, necklace in pastel colors, casual outfit, dressy woman dress, well dressed, summer look, urban elegance

white long flowing skirt in white and black, black sweater, sneakers in white and black, casual woman outfit, casual chic woman, black bag with round wooden handles

A long skirt that could be the accomplice of your daily outings and many more special occasions

asymmetric long skirt open in front, short-sleeved blouse in pastel gray, dress dress, dress for women, pointed shoes in pastel pink, square-shaped bag in pastel blue

long red pencil skirt with big white sweater with black squares, red sandals with pompom laces, well dressed, how to dress well

women's casual chic, salmon-colored tulle skirt and sleeveless top in light pink, women's party outfit, thin lace-up sandals in red

casual chic woman, blue mini dress with long sleeves, red bag, flat black ballerinas with a bow in front, light transparent tights

large elephant-style trousers, women's casual outfit, short jacket in black, pocket bag in white, well-dressed, women's dress pants

how to dress well, poncho-type jacket in white, gray and orange wool, tight black pants, pointed ballerinas in gold color

casual chic woman, long orange pleated skirt with wide red belt, tight white shirt with rolled up sleeves, casual outfit, formal outfit

well dressed, casual woman outfit, black mini dress, off the shoulders, royal blue ballerinas, large bag in olive color, simple elegance with few accessories

women's casual chic, chic outfit, women's casual outfit, long yellow pencil skirt, iridescent yellow sandals, navy blue sweater with white polka dots

how to dress well, black cigarette-type pants with white blouse on the sleeves with three large ruffles on each, party outfit for women