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The Parisian look – discover the secrets of stylish women

The “Parisian” look is very specific. It’s not just one type of clothing, nor a few special accessories. When we say Parisian look, we mean effortless chic style. Even though he’s not very strict with the clothing items you wear, you can see the similarities. The outfits of Parisian women have a code that can be read by other inhabitants of Paris. It’s a classy look that cannot be mistaken by another. But for new residents and for people who live in another city but want to embrace the Parisian style, there is an easy way to do it. By reading this article, you will find the best ideas in photos that will help you to be a well dressed woman, just like a Parisian. Well how ?

The secrets of the Parisian look

To dress like a true Parisian, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind. These are the rules of good style and good taste of the well-dressed woman. We’re talking about minimalism, a very simple palette that revolves around white, gray, black, navy blue and brown for Parisians, and clean lines, a classic silhouette and timeless cuts. When you’ve got that kind of wardrobe that isn’t overdone, you can start playing around with dress codes for women and men. You can make a mix based on a classic look, but adding an unexpected accent. See in the photos below this page, how to do this.

How to dress like a Parisian – inspired by trendy autumn-winter outfits

beautiful style thigh-high look parisian outfit like women in paris woman in bicycle jeans and jacket drinking her coffee in paris

How to dress in the French way ?

The style of the Parisian, but also of almost every French woman, is based on simplicity. As we said before, this is a wardrobe with neutral undertones. The key pieces – the white shirt, the slim jeans, the tailored jacket, the camel coat, the shoes without or with small heels, the designer handbag. In short, anything that looks elegant and can go well with almost any other item of clothing in your wardrobe. The addition of colors is done using an accessory of color to his liking. For example, the simple outfit of black jeans and a white or striped blouse can be accessorized with a red handbag or a brightly patterned scarf. And the most important rule is to wear everything with confidence. Whatever outfit you choose, to look like a Parisian you need to be confident when wearing it. The accent is admittedly your own beauty and not what is fashionable at the given moment.

Beautiful woman in a floral dress with a flared sleeve – trendy dress idea that is at the same time timeless

midi dress with oriental pattern blue on white

The Parisian look – short skirts, fairytale dresses or suits ?

As you have already understood, the Parisian look does not limit women. It doesn’t give restrictions or superbly strict rules on what to wear. The important thing is to emphasize its beauty. If mini skirts are a must for you, don’t avoid them. Simply follow the Parisian guidelines that say that the shorter the skirt, the lower the heels. The mini skirt, cropped top, thigh-high boots and beret look adopted by the Americans for a French look does not necessarily come from France. What we know is a mini skirt or a short dress with a sleeved top that goes perfectly with a mid-length coat and shoes without heels or with a small heel to be able to take long walks in this dress. fascinating city. The other cliché for fairy dresses can also be found in Paris. However, this is a much simpler variation that indeed ends up looking more romantic than the thousand lace and prom dresses that can be found in tourist photos. The pantsuit or skirt suit is much more common as a formal dress, but sometimes also as an evening dress..

Achieve the structured effect with a stylish suit and chic shoes

beautiful girl gaminne parisian wardrobe parisian style bcbg clothes brown handbag striped suit beige coat

The BCBG look – chic women’s suit or the little black dress

BCBG is an abbreviation which means good chic bon genre. It is the bourgeois style which is very typical, simple, refined and modest nowadays. In the sense that has become very popular in recent years, it is the fashion to dress elegantly with a modern taste. This is why we combine a suit with the little black dress which can seem like opposites in some cases. But in this sense, we see that the two look alike in the big picture. It’s about choosing good quality clothes to look and feel good. The maximum here is comfort and effortless looks again.

Have swag with an original outfit that plays with dress codes and different styles 

street style september 2016 new york fashion week day 1

The men’s white shirt goes perfectly with black jeans and looks very feminine when you leave a few buttons unbuttoned

red beret white shirt black jeans and boots look bcbg parisian wardrobe classy outfit woman

Stylish BCBG outfit in black and white – don’t forget the scarlet or burgundy lipstick, both are very typical

chic women's suit set chic black jacket short dress and thigh-highs classy outfit woman thigh-high look or comfortable ankle boots ideas for stylish women

Dress well for the start of the school year – cool outfit idea with a short skirt and oversized sweater

cool idea high school outfit teenage long sweater and mini square skirt teenage girl fashion inspiration teenage girl outfit beautiful teenage dress

A comfortable and trendy trapeze dress – idea how to dress well today

chic short A-line dress high waist belt elegant Parisian outfit women's suit chic modern glasses

Adopt the Parisian look – photo inspiration of women’s outfits in Paris

nice idea outfit street style dress 90s dress 90s fashion feminine friends mid-length dresses and long sleeve blouse for underwear resized

The large men’s jacket can look very feminine with a belt and slim jeans

how to dress like the parisians casual dress chic woman parisian bcbg style

Simple outfit in neutral colors – high waisted cargo pants and a fairy white top

beige cargo pants and white shirt with pouffe sleeve woman blonfe idea how to dress well Parisian look woman

Striped t-shirts and sweaters – Parisian look inspiration

cool white striped sweater outfit white jeans parisian wardrobe parisian style bcbg clothes woman at home yellow bowl breakfast

Simple chic casual outfit – jeans and white top

how to dress like a parisian white shirt and straight jeans low heel white window frame

Woman’s suit – idea of ​​how to dress for the office

gray pants suit sleeveless top white collar accessories sunglasses idea simple evening outfit black heeled shoes

Mix of styles with a modern end

customize her outfits long square coat with black ankle boots with three heels chic sunglasses

Have swag with all your outfits – idea how to dress like a Parisian

cool yellow jacket and poncho overcoat blue sneakers Parisian wardrobe Parisian style bcbg clothing

Choose the 60s style for your outfits like the Parisians

fantastic hippie chic look well-dressed couple vintage outfit Parisian outfit Parisian locker room being a stylish woman

Well-dressed woman choosing a book for her free time – comfortable waistcoat and floral midi skirt with slit

woman in paris classy outfit parisian fashion woman beautiful stylish woman red floral dress and short white vest

Choose comfort without deceiving your style – blue polka dot shirt dress for a vintage and timeless look at the same time

well dressed woman blouse dress parisian style owl idea how to dress in autumn reading a book

well-dressed woman mid-length floral skirt black sweater parisian style casual chic dress woman clothes

Adopt the clichés of the French look – idea of ​​a well-accessorized white outfit

girl photo instagram the arc de triumple stylish outfit woman parisian look well-dressed women all-white outfit beige beret

paris fashion week haute couture fall / winter 2019/2020 streetstyle

Inspirations of the Parisian look – cool idea how to dress well

franc oise hardy parisian outfit parisian locker room being a stylish woman ageless beauty motorcycle leather jacket

gray and black parisian style casual chic woman parisian fashion effortless style mini skirt and ankle boots

winter outfit parisian fashion trend fall winter 2020 style bcbg woman in mid long sweater coat and black jeans rolé white basket

Find your own style to feel good and wear your outfits with confidence

casual chic blonde outfit idea beige woman long coat mini skirt and sweater with long sleeves Parisian outfit knowing how to dress well in autumn

inspiration autumn outfit chic outfit woman parisian look beautiful woman chic outfit wooden sunglasses

white jeans eclectic jacket elegant parisian outfit chic woman suit tsirt signeau

jeans and top simple idea well done Parisian style casual dress chic woman clothes

Beautiful mix of styles perfect for fall

jaute waist jeans flared pants chic short cardigan stylish outfit woman parisian look well dressed women

street style: paris fashion week womenswear spring / summer 2019: day seven

The style of the bourgeois who seek elegance in comfort – BCBG outfit idea

short brown skirt clothes autumn outfit woman stylish good chic good kind fashion black tie white shirt black blazer woman resized

disney parisian fashion long t-shirt skirt set woman suit chic style bcbg beige shoes

bcbg look Parisian wardrobe classy outfit woman straight jeans high waist white top

gray coat and gray high boots look with thigh high boots outfit idea with fashionable leather thigh high boots effortlessly fashionable pale pink fluid dress resized

long black coat straight jeans white sweater parisian look casual chic style woman is inspired for her style

long white coat woman suit casual chic woman parisian fashion effortless style

black coat white sweater stylish shoes thigh-high look Parisian outfit like the women in Paris

Parisian fashion chic woman suit set bcbg style flared pants chunky knit sweater

modern dress pants shirt and long black coat Parisian wardrobe stylish outfit woman look bcbg outfit with ankle boots

fashion jacket grand pere square long light jeans ankle boots doc martins chic

black jacket and jeans with striped t shirt low heel shoes know how to dress well parisian look woman

bcbg style idea parisian look chic casual dress woman balcony view sacred heart

october in paris parisian style owl idea how to dress in autumn white ankle boots

original fashion idea podium like the roofs of paris style casual chic woman parisian outfit cool idea inspiration outfit

paris style two ideas stylish outfit woman parisian look well dressed women

chic dress for women parisian style casual chic outfit two ideas in the same style black pants and striped top chanel

Paris Fashion Week Black Outfits Elegant Parisian Outfit Chic Woman Suit Set

Parisian style owl idea how to dress in autumn white shirt straight jeans

chic woman outfit parisian look beautiful woman chic outfit street style pfw pants and jacket hippie chic

all black outfit slim jeans casual chic chic woman style bcbg parisian long hair bangs

plaid fabric black sunglasses accessories fashion woman handbag brown leather jeans sweater nir coat prince of wales patterns resized

white trench coat black outfit chic woman suit outfit classy woman in paris

camel trench coat little black dress stylish outfit woman parisian look well dressed women

friends idea back to school outfit dress like parisian look thigh high parisian outfit like the women in paris

three options for a chic casual woman Parisian fashion style effortless black and white