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The spring jacket for women: heading for trendy models in 2020

Spring being a season of renewal and fulfillment, it also turns out to be a period rich in clothing solutions for every taste. This is why, this is the perfect time to embark on a reorganization of your dressing room to welcome sunny days while adapting your clothing style to the weather conditions. And, to succeed in this mission, one of the essential elements that must absolutely be included in the seasonal wardrobe is the mid-season jacket. For all the fashionistas who need a dose of fresh inspiration in terms of spring visions: keep reading this article to discover our secrets how to wear the spring jacket for women and what are the flagship models of the season.

How to wear the spring jacket for women every day 

how to dress well in spring woman, casual chic outfit in black faux leather jacket and black slim pants with white blouse

Spring jacket for women – the flagship models in 2020

Available in thousands of versions, the spring jacket gives us the ability to make ourselves stand out, whatever the occasion. The varied models fit perfectly into an office look as well as a casual chic vision. There are of course many alternatives for a more formal outing and a formal event. Among the essential pieces for the 2020 season, we find: long and short coats, blazer or oversized jackets, denim or leather jackets, models in light materials and in trendy colors (such as pink, denim, pastel, green). Now, we will focus on the most popular types to give you ideas how to adopt them in your daily life..

Various models to be on top of trends whatever the occasion

which model of spring jacket to wear in 2020, casual chic look in denim jacket and dark jeans with heels

Long or short women’s coat

A classic piece for winter, the coat continues to reign on the fashion podium also during spring. However, we make a slight twist in terms of materials, cuts and colors in order to refine your seasonal vision. Thus, we opt for models of more flashy shades such as yellow and pink, leopard, snake or zebra prints are also in vogue. Oversized trench coats are on the rise.

Outfit idea of ​​the day: The khaki trench coat is a versatile piece that can be incorporated into its street look but also into a more elegant vision. If you bet on streetstyle, for example, it’s easy to combine it with a pair of jeans, a sweater and sneakers. For a dressy outfit, you can choose a stylish skirt and shirt, heeled shoes and a pair of sunglasses..

The coat remains an essential piece for this season

how to wear the long or short coat for women in spring, casual chic outfit in a yellow cheddar jacket and white blouse

Blazer jacket

The girlboss look is gaining more and more followers among contemporary women. Clothing style at work is therefore influenced by the drive towards a classy and chic look. It’s hardly surprising then that the blazer jacket is becoming a very popular item in our wardrobes. Moreover, it is a piece that can be adapted to a smart casual look almost effortlessly.

Outfit idea of ​​the day: One of the easiest variations on a successful business outfit is to opt for a blazer jacket and elegant pants of the same color. On this point, there are two options: either opt for a classic design in neutral color (black, gray, white, beige), or dare a brighter shade (yellow, pink). Whichever you choose, the most important thing is knowing which colors go well together and trying not to mix more than 3 colors in your look. Finally, just add a pair of high shoes and delicate jewelry to perfectly match your outfit..

The blazer jacket is available in many versions to ensure a classy and fashionable look.

how to match the colors of your clothes in spring, casual chic look in light jeans and women's blazer

Women’s leather jacket

Another mid-season star is the leather jacket. Like the other seasonal jackets, this one comes in many variations: in the form of a leather jacket (short or long) or a leather trench coat; in classic colors (black, brown, gray) or in bright tones such as yellow, orange, red, pink etc. Its strongest asset: it goes wonderfully with almost any style.

Look of the day idea: An easy idea is to rock the total black look with a black leather jacket, a pair of ripped jeans and your favorite t-shirt. For ladies looking to create a more romantic and feminine outfit: combining the leather jacket with a short or long dress (bohemian spirit) is a suitable alternative.

The leather jacket is the star of mid-season clothing

casual chic look in black faux leather jacket and denim shirt with white skirt with multicolored floral prints

Short or long denim jacket

When it comes to the hottest fashion trends, it’s impossible not to mention denim, which is making a comeback. So this spring is the perfect time to pull out your favorite jeans or denim jacket and experiment with lots of dress combinations because denim works everywhere (or almost everywhere)..

Vision of the day idea: Good news for women who are the most addicted to denim: nothing prevents you from adopting it in a 100% version. On the contrary, the overall denim look is a top option for city walks or nature walks, especially in combination with a pair of white sneakers. If you still want to add a touch of originality to your outfit, don’t hesitate to choose a denim jacket customized with floral embroidery or any other type of decoration.

Denim is making a comeback in the fashion world

how to wear denim in total jeans look in spring, casual chic outfit woman in long pink skirt and short denim jacket

Floral jacket

In spring, flowers become an integral part not only of nature but also of our seasonal views. This is why the flowery patterns occupy one of the top positions in the ranking of the flagship patterns for the season. The floral jacket, in particular, gives us the opportunity to add a cheerful note to a monochrome or a little boring outfit..

Look of the day idea: In general, you can integrate the floral jacket into your outfit whatever the occasion. For a casual chic outfit, for example, put on a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Finally, complete your look with a floral design jacket..

In spring, the emphasis is on flowery patterns

ideas how to match the floral jacket in spring, chic woman look in ripped black pants with black jacket with floral patterns

Short denim jacket and white pants: a perfect combination

how to wear a spring jacket for women in light denim with khaki green t-shirt and white pants, casual chic style spring outfit idea

The leather jacket offers us a wide choice of ultra chic models in various colors

woman dress style with ripped jeans, model of woman spring jacket in brown color, jeans outfit and black blouse

Dare to use vitamin colors in your look

how to dress well in spring, idea of ​​a yellow leather jacket for women to combine with a pair of light jeans

Green and blue are very trendy shades in 2020

chic woman look in green mid-long skirt with green sweater and blue faux leather jacket, trendy accessories for women

The total black look remains timeless

total black look for spring, idea of ​​a black women's leather jacket to combine with a polka-dot design dress and leather ankle boots

A khaki jacket for several successful outfits

example how to wear the women's khaki jacket with jeans and platform sandals, women's casual chic look in light denim

A dress idea to get noticed

faux leather jacket model in brown combined with slit velvet skirt and white t-shirt, hat accessories and boho chic style handbag

Stylish vision in neutral shades and fashion accessories

model of women's khaki jacket with mid-length cut, casual chic outfit with ripped pants and black high shoes

Opt for pieces borrowed from ’70s fashion like these elephant leg jeans

how to dress well woman in spring, idea of ​​chic woman outfit in flared jeans and bomber jacket in black

Spring mood with seasonal outfit in short skirt and pastel pink faux leather jacket 

woman's fitted jacket model in pink color, chic woman look in denim corte skirt with white blouse and black shoes

For a stylish look, avoid combining more than 3 colors in an outfit

idea how to wear a gray faux leather jacket with clothes blouse and black pants, example how to match the colors of his clothes

Yellow is one of the hottest shades this spring

trendy black leather floral jacket model, spring outfit with yellow blouse and ripped high waist jeans

Bomber jacket: a chic and comfortable piece

example of chic woman outfit with beige bomber jacket and heels, casual chic look with white sweater and jeans

Flagship combo: denim and bohemian skirt

spring woman denim jacket template, idea how to wear denim jacket with bohemian skirt or dress

Show off your uniqueness through a custom denim jacket model

example how to customize a short denim jacket, model of a custom denim jacket with fruity patterns on the back

How to dress well, combining comfort and style

stylish vision in dark jeans and white blouse with a woman's tweed jacket in light gray and pair of nude shoes

The navy blue jacket is an excellent choice to complete your classy outfit

woman dress style at work, model of woman blazer combined with black pants and black and white blouse

elegant vision woman with light jeans and white tunic shirt, example of light woman jacket in dark blue color

Add an original touch to your look with a floral design piece

light women's jacket model to combine with classy clothes beige trousers and white blouse, chic woman outfit idea

woman spring outfit idea with red blouse and jeans, faux leather jacket model with floral embroidery in red and green

example of chic woman outfit in dark clothes with white top, bohemian look with black jacket with floral patterns and black hat

The tweed jacket is a perfect ally to enhance your stylish outfit

example of short women's tweed jacket in white gray and black, casual chic look in ripped jeans with white blouse

elegant woman dress style, idea of ​​a white and black woman's tweed jacket to combine with a classy black dress

mid-length women's tweed jacket model in trendy 2020 green color, casual chic outfit in jeans and tiger shoes

spring outfit with trendy 2020 pink color clothes, short woman tweed jacket pattern in white and pink shades

The woman’s blazer is an essential element of the girlboss wardrobe

chic woman look in jeans and light gray blazer, model of women's blazer jacket to combine with trendy black accessories

workwear for women in high waist jeans and gray blazer, model of blazer jacket for women to combine with denim pants

elegant woman dress style, idea of ​​elegant woman blazer jacket in black combined with pair of clear jeans

White is an excellent color for sunny days

how to wear a short denim jacket in white color, streetstyle outfit in ripped jeans with oversized blouse

female short jacket model dressed in white, chic outfit in black top and gray jeans with white jacket and black accessories

idea how to wear the floral jacket in black faux leather, outfit with leather pants and zippers combined with orange blouse

casual chic outfit in women's leather jacket and high-waisted light jeans, trendy accessories idea for beige capeline and round handbag

dress style woman at work with dark jeans and flowered shirt, idea of ​​blazer jacket woman in white color

example how to wear a woman's blazer in white color with light jeans and nude color blouse matched with black bag

Excellent example of how to match the colors of your clothes

female short jacket model dressed in gray combined with white pants and blouse, chic and comfortable female outfit in neutral colors

example how to wear an oversize women's denim jacket, casual chic outfit in a women's spring jacket and slim pants

classy woman outfit in pink suit and white t-shirt, idea of ​​a light jacket in trendy shade 2020 for spring

how to match a light gray women's light jacket with a pair of light jeans, casual chic outfit for women with trendy accessories

Pink is a star color for the spring 2020 season

model of matching pink female biker jacket with pair of open shoes of the same color, outfit in jeans and leather jacket

chic everyday woman look in black leather biker jacket and dark skinny jeans with white sport shoes

idea how to wear the black women's biker jacket in a casual chic style, everyday outfit in black overall with rock jacket and pants

idea how to wear the women's biker jacket with ripped light jeans and beige sweater, casual chic outfit with denim and biker jacket

Leather jacket and floral dress for a captivating look

example how to match an outfit in a black woman's leather jacket with a navy blue dress, casual chic outfit in a dress and rock jacket

idea how to combine a light brown leather jacket with black clothes and accessories for women

female biker jacket model in trendy pink color, idea how to match the colors of her clothes

casual chic outfit in jeans and t-shirt, example of how to wear a women's biker jacket, streetstyle look with trendy accessories

Military jacket and accents in red for a magnificent result

casual chic woman look in a light khaki-colored women's jacket combined with a white and black blouse and red accessories

example how to wear the woman's khaki jacket with a black buttoned dress and pair of black leather heeled shoes

idea how to wear a light jacket for women in khaki color with a pair of dark jeans and high ankle boots in brown

Green and red go together wonderfully: and here is the proof

casual chic outfit in a woman's khaki jacket with red sweater and brown shoes, idea how to wear a denim jacket under a sweater

casual outfit in ripped jeans and fitted jacket for women in trendy green color, idea how to dress well for women

casual chic look in black jeans and oversized women's jacket in dark green color, springtime look for women with light jacket

elegant woman dress style, idea of ​​a woman's fitted jacket in green color combined with a long dark dress

chic woman outfit in slim pants and blouse with puffed sleeves, khaki shade spring jacket pattern

Mix neutral tones for an elegant style

how to dress well woman at work, elegant woman look in dark fit pants and khaki jacket woman in dark green

example how to wear the woman's aviator jacket with slim pants and blouse with trendy animal prints

chic woman outfit in black clothes and accessories, idea for a black woman's spring jacket with oversized cut with zippers

how to wear an oversized black jacket, chic outfit idea for woman in black holey pants and white pullover with black accessories

black overall outfit with pants and sweater, oversized jacket model for spring 2020 trendy aviator type

How to wear denim this spring? Here are some inspiring ideas 

example how to wear a white denim jacket or light denim, casual chic outfit in black faux leather skirt and denim jacket

Women's oversized jacket model in light denim with star pattern decoration, casual chic outfit in shirt and ripped black pants

idea how to match white denim jacket outfit short white t shirt and ripped skinny jeans with black handbag

casual outfit in black faux leather pants and white sweater with white denim jacket, sporty everyday look with sneakers

The jacket in dark blue matches excellently with classic shades like black and gray

chic woman outfit in short skirt and blouse in neutral colors, everyday look idea with dark blue jacket

navy blue jacket model for women for spring, casual chic outfit idea in dark pants and white blouse

example of a light women's black jacket with floral patterns, casual chic outfit in ripped pants and trendy jacket

idea how to wear the women's biker jacket with a skirt or short dress, spring outfit in a black leather jacket with floral patterns

example how to combine a woman's biker jacket with elegant dress, stylish woman outfit in short dress and black jacket

An outfit rich in trendy elements for this year

example how to dress well in slim jeans and floral jacket in khaki color, casual chic outfit with clothes with trendy prints

example how to wear a black floral jacket, chic look idea in black clothes with high black velvet shoes

idea of ​​women's tweed jacket in neutral color to combine with dark jeans and white shirt, chic woman look in jeans

how to wear the woman's tweed jacket with jeans, chic woman look in denim with accessories in black and red

model of women's tweed jacket in pink color combined with white blouse and slim pants in dark blue shade

Vision of elegant and chic business woman

example of chic woman outfit in neutral colors clothes with pocket accessory in pink and gold shade

idea how to wear the woman's tweed jacket with jeans, casual chic look in perforated denim and high shoes in black

how to dress well elegant woman, model of short female jacket dressed in light pink combined with white clothes

casual chic look in light denim and white t-shirt with women's white jacket, example how to match the colors of your clothes

2020 trendy woman white jacket model, chic woman look idea in short skirt with short white jacket

The spring jacket for women comes in several impressive versions

woman blazer model in neutral color, smart casual outfit woman in dark jeans with white t-shirt and mid-length blazer

smart casual look idea in woman blazer and light jeans, example how to dress well woman in jeans and high boots

classy woman outfit in neutral color clothes and denim, matching nude blazer model with heeled ankle boots

example how to wear the oversized woman jacket, casual chic look in slim jeans and white blouse with sandals and neutral handbag

model of women's blazer jacket in pink shade combined with white top and pleated skirt, example how to match your clothes

smart casual look in women's blazer jacket in trendy pink color combined with high waist jeans and black shoes