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Women’s trench coat version 2021 – which models are in vogue?

As always with the arrival of a new season, we women are looking for inspiration to make changes in our wardrobe. We would so much like to feel the renewal of nature also in new clothes! One of the cult pieces of clothing, symbols of Parisian chic, is the woman’s trench coat. It is always very useful to have some. The ultimate mid-season garment is back again! And more original than ever! You just need to have the one that will sublimate your figure and enhance your style. There are more relaxed, flowing styles, much to the joy of those of us who prefer a more casual style. You can wear this type of trenches with a wide range of shoe styles.

This glamorous raincoat saves your polished look on rainy days and when it’s chilly. Thanks to the trench coat, you are perfect at all times. You can wear it in the morning, matched with jeans or leggings, with sneakers or with moccasins. And for your evening outings you can wear it over your short evening dress, with stiletto heels. More than one man fantasizing about this type of look!

In recent years many new models have been designed and the evolution of the trench coat is very interesting and definitely to follow. Designers are having fun with new materials and they love to accentuate the collar and sleeves with various high-impact embellishments. The hems of some Prada trenches, seen on the catwalks, are with feathers! The decorative patterns are increasingly sophisticated on this piece of clothing, which originally was a war uniform, worn during World War I and World War II (” trench coat “Literally means” trench coat“).

the woman’s trench coat modern is made of cotton, leather, ticking, poplin or microfibers. The classic models are in khaki, beige, ocher and black. Now the palette is wide, also including pastel colors and shades. The epaulettes are one of the main features of the trench coat. They help give a well-defined and defined look.

Women’s leopard-print trench coat


Women’s trench coat with flirtatious belt in peach color. A very charming game of contrasts!


In a color you can easily combine


With lace patterns in red. A fascinating look!


A crochet trench coat


Women’s checked trench coat with crocheted sleeve hems in red. The belt with python patterns is a fashionable accessory


Lace patterns for a feminine model. And a fresh spring color


Even today Valentino, a house geared more towards feminine dresses and timeless elegance, is including the trench coat in its collections. This is how every fashion designer contributes to the design of unusual and avant-garde models. The designers have a lot of fun with the sleeves – they are in skin, they are studded, in lace, in synthetic material… They are decorated with geometric patterns of all shapes and stripes. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the trench coat!

Psychedelic effects and triumphant colors for this trench coat


Women’s trench coat for a very classy look!


Women’s trench coat with shades reminiscent of the colors of tropical oceans


In red, for an air of femme fatale


More crocodile, but this time in golden color


Traditionally it is the English house Burberry which since its inception has produced models with classic cuts and colors, intended for ladies with so British chic. Burberry designers have refined the design of the trench coat and have a great contribution to its evolution. The story of the house begins on a winter day, when apprentice clothier Thomas Burberry begins to suffer from rheumatism, even though he was only 21 at the time. The doctor advises him not to wear his rubber raincoat anymore. It protects against the rain, but the skin perspires and this material does not allow perspiration to escape. So a few weeks later opened the first Burberry boutique specializing in outerwear and sportswear. And, in 1880, Thomas Burberry created gabardine – a fabric that protects from the cold, resists rain and is made waterproof before weaving. Years later, the famous Burberry fabric appeared, which became emblematic of the house, with the trench coat..

Sleeves and collar are highlighted by geometric patterns in black and white


A raincoat you can wear on sunny days, when the weather is cool


A remarkable model with pleats behind 


A classic trench coat, but not so much!


Shades of gray, white and black, for more mystery


Trench coats with crumpled material effects in pastel colors. White buds are flower-shaped 


A sexy mini trench coat


 White women’s trench coat with an extra large belt. A length that sublimates slender silhouettes 


The trench coat is a must have item in your wardrobe    


You can wear your white trench coat also with a black leather pencil skirt, for example 


A short model for jeans


A beautiful blue color, combined with a floral scarf with holes, to pass the arms and create a look of a queen


A mini black trench coat with well emphasized shoulders


For a cool and relaxed style


A model of Burberry – elegant, but at the same time provocative


The burgundy color is highly seductive and full of sensuality


The trench coat in light color and with the classic cut is always a good combination with blue denim jeans 


A short trench coat in navy blue for your pants. This color is less formal than black and easily matches your outfits 


A long model, in coral color, with wide cuffs


Lavender color enhances your look and skin tone


Mustard color for a radiant look 


The plum color and the cut of this trench coat are weapons of seduction

hyper-chic-plum-colored-woman-trench coat

A pistachio color for this long trench coat


A simple cut, but the sleeves of this trench coat are reminiscent of flower corollas. An ode to spring!


A trench coat that you can easily match


Whiskey color 


Bronze reflections and diamond sleeves, made from metallic elements. A trench coat for fashionistas  


An oversized raincoat with saddlebag pockets


A fluid trench coat

woman-in-beige-knee-length trench coat

You will understand, the over-size trench coat is a big trend for the spring-summer 2017 season


A pastel blue trench coat with multicolored swallows


An elegant cut, that you can match even your most arty outfits


Short women’s trench coat, for your leisure time


A proposal from Prada


A feminine model that emphasizes the shoulders and waist and highlights the legs


A mesmerizing trench coat in electric blue


A combination of materials that brings out the shoulders and arms 


A long trench coat in front and short behind

mid-length woman-in-gray-trench coat


A flirtatious hooded trench coat in black. Ideal for your outings


A sophisticated look for demanding women

black-and-white-knee-length trench coat

A model with batwing sleeves


The bright orange of this trench coat enhances the complexion and the perfect figure 


In powder pink color and with slanted pockets, which give a nice line and accentuate the bending


You can smile peacefully, with the trench coat you are well protected from the bad weather of spring 


The flowing pink trench coat is also a good choice


The trench coat worn with the stiletto heels creates an ultra classy image! 


The buttonless trench coat, which is closed with only a belt, is trendy. Some of these models are reminiscent of kimonos


This model is part of the trend of the trench coat to transform into a kimono


In general you can wear all types of shoes with the trench coat, achieving very different looks from each other. Nubuck ankle boots are a chic option


Here again, no buttons, but a big bow, reminiscent of a flower, which serves as a closure for this new generation trench coat


In waterproof material, to protect against rainy weather in style


Classic fit and color


The black jeans leggings and the stiletto heels go perfectly with the trench coat in light color 


Round decorative elements that make all the difference!


Decorative bows to highlight the sleeves. A trench coat to match with a stylish bag


A mini trench coat in beige without buttons


In salmon color, with lines underlined by satin black. The golden buttons and the knot belt make us crack!


A padded salmon-colored trench coat, to keep you warm


Long cool women’s trench coat


A trench coat with two deep side slits that close with buttons


A sublime silk trench coat in brick color


With the trench coat, you have a stylish look in all circumstances 


With this hooded raincoat in lavender color you are in the wind 


A black trench coat with python patterned sleeves, shiny effect. You can wear it with anything, practically

Burberry-mini-woman-black-trench-coat with rolled-up-sleeves

A warm model with accents that highlight the curves of the silhouette  


A fluid trench coat with an extra-size belt


A raspberry color and contrasting black buttons, with slightly puffed sleeves 


A military style for this slim fit trench coat


The checked trench coat is still relevant today 

women's-blue-plaid-trench coat