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Asymmetrical short haircut for women: zoom on the hair trend to adopt in 2021

In a heatwave, do you want to refresh your vision with a comfy and chic hairstyle? So, if you are daring and have a rather rebellious and confident soul, the asymmetrical short haircut might be the perfect solution for you! In our article of the day, we make you discover this type of trendy hairstyle in all its splendor..

The asymmetrical short haircut, what exactly is it ?

In general, this is a short, unstructured haircut. Here, one side is longer than the other. Normally, this unbalanced effect could also be achieved on long or medium hair..

An original hair solution to easily stand out

Asymmetrical haircut plunging red square coloring

What kind of asymmetrical cut ?

There are plenty of styling options. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a shag, Pixie, undercut or an asymmetrical bob; with bangs or without.

Why adopt an unstructured short haircut ?

It is an ideal solution to stand out and show your personality. Such a modern and unique cut will add quite an eye-catching note to your style. In addition, if we focus on balance and opt for the cut model that naturally adapts to its morphology, this hair solution will highlight the beauty of your facial features..

A thousand and one modern ways to go for an asymmetrical cropped hairstyle

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The asymmetrical haircut – for whom ?

Normally, the asymmetrical cut has the ability to visually change the shape of the face by lengthening it. Which makes it perfect for round or oval faces. Thanks to the different lengths on both sides, it frames the face adding dimension. That’s why, it’s a fantastic option for fine hair. In addition, it goes with the same ease with more textured and voluminous hair..

Is it difficult to style asymmetrical short hair ?

Not at all ! Thanks to their asymmetrical appearance, this type of cut is much more prone to hair experiments. Indeed, asymmetrical hair is quite versatile and easy to style because it has sufficient length on one of the two sides..

A versatile cut that adapts to each body shape and type of hair

chic short hairstyle model black hair color shows gold

Asymmetric square cut

The bob cut is known for its straight, regular lines. In general, it is adopted on short, long or shoulder-length hair in various forms (classic, layered, layered). Let’s see below its most popular variants in asymmetric version..

Asymmetric square on straight hair

The bob is a timeless hair trend that seems to continue to gain popularity from generation to generation. Currently, this cut is available in multiple versions, all splendid, modern and versatile. It is therefore hardly surprising that we dare the asymmetrical effect most often exactly on this hairstyle. The short or mid-length bob on straight hair is also ideal for creating a subtle contrast with a long side and a shorter side.

The square cut is a timeless trend that adapts to the taste of the day

short hairstyle strong woman hairstyle celebrity rihanna square plunging

Wavy hairstyle for a modern short haircut

The square cut in wavy version is a key choice for enjoying a chic and elegant hairstyle. And the latter could look even more fantastic, if adopted asymmetrically. A deconstructed, slightly wavy bob is a sure bet for class and elegance for everyday use as well as for special occasions. In addition, it is suitable for women of all ages..

Plunging and asymmetrical square in wavy version

degraded short haircut square woman blonde highlights curls dark roots

Asymmetric square with fringe

If you like versatile cuts, the square cut with bangs is still a tempting alternative. It offers us a wide range of possible stylizations: wavy, curly or perfectly smooth. In addition, you have the choice to choose the type of bangs that best suit your face shape or your preferences..

The bangs find their place among the key hair trends of the year

asymmetrical square with bangs on the side blonde highlights

The short pixie cut in an asymmetrical version

The Pixie cut is one of the most suitable variations to test the asymmetrical effect. Since you already have a short base, all that remains is to create a subtle transformation of the length of one side to achieve this asymmetrical and intriguing look. However, if you are going for a more natural and delicate result, do not hesitate to add layers on the longer side..

Multi-faceted pixie

Just like the bob, the asymmetrical pixie cut can also come in different shapes and versions: wavy, smooth, curly, etc. In addition, you always have the option of adding layered bangs which will add texture, originality and drama to the hairstyle..

Opt for a Pixie in an asymmetrical version 

short hair with highlights short pixie cut asymmetrical shaved hair

Asymmetric shaggy cut

The asymmetrical look can also be achieved in a shaggy cut version. For that, we have to start with a rather mid-length cut. Then, we make layers on the longer side (or if we prefer on the shorter part, and sometimes even on both sides).

Or for a revised shaggy cut

volume hairstyle texture hair haircut woman short

What if we adopted the asymmetrical Undercut ?

The undercut is a very hot hair trend in recent years. We love it above all for the comfort but also for its power to add an interesting, even revolted touch to our look. So, if you want to stay within the framework of a fairly feminine cut, nothing could be cooler than to treat yourself to an asymmetrical undercut. The result will undoubtedly be daring, chic and original..

The asymmetrical undercut is another fantastic option to combine comfort, originality and feminine elegance.

pastel pink coloring highlights short tapered degraded cut

Modern short haircuts for straight hair

The asymmetrical cut is an excellent suggestion for making straight hair look more dynamic and attractive. The difference in lengths will create a modern and elegant effect while highlighting the beauty of straight hair.

Asymmetrical cut makes straight hair even more elegant and chic

polar blonde coloring asymmetrical short cut straight hair parting

asymmetrical hairstyle hairstyle curls highlights honey blonde brown hair

short curly pixie layered hair cut blonde highlights

short haircut woman highlights ash blonde trendy coloring

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