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Boyish cut – femininity cannot be measured

In recent years, fashion has succeeded in breaking free from many codes, community but also gender. As a result, brands have been able to develop a catalog increasingly supplied with unisex products, but it is the consumers themselves, consumers in this case, who have appropriated certain masculine elements. Thus, the Vans Old Skool type skate shoes, the “boyfriend” jeans and their loose fit, the sweet vintage or the proliferation of tattoos are no longer reserved for a historically male audience, but for mixed use. Hair fashion is no exception. If men with long hair are commonplace and even more so than ever, women with short hair were a little less so until now. A marginalized time, the boyish cut has established itself today as a hairstyle in its own right, playing on a mix of genres that is no longer taboo.

Feminine boyish pompadour cut

boyish cut mid long brunette woman style banana with tattoos on the arms

Boyish cut, patched on the side with very short sides

brunette woman short boyish cut with lock on the side and very short sides

Short hair for women is no longer subject to the prejudices that in the past have earned it self-censorship and now allow it to be taken into consideration when choosing a new hairstyle. The quest for originality, attached to fashion, also makes it possible to experiment with new things, under the guise of hype and the results of which will later arouse possible desires. From very short to unstructured, layered or undercut, the women’s short cut offers a sophistication that has nothing to envy to longer lengths.

Short and unstructured woman hairstyle with blue dye

short haircut for women with blue dye unstructured boyish style hairstyle

Woman’s hairstyle with volume towards the back and layered down on the sides

hairstyle short hair woman back style banana rockabilly boyish

Woman with short haircut and boyish costume

short haircut woman boyish style androgynous girl in costume

Model short woman haircut with short sides in gradient

short haircut woman with short degraded sides and longer boyish type top

Hairstyle for short hair messy way

short hairstyle woman disheveled boyish type degraded style

Trendy haircut with long curly top to the front and very short sides

haircut trendy curly blonde mixed race woman with side cut short boyish

Rockabilly style woman hairstyle with banana and bun

rockabilly girl haircut with banana and boyish bun 50

Boyish cut with gray dye and short sides

woman short hair trend gray side short longer hair style boyish hipster

Boyish hairstyle for blonde woman with short gradient on the sides and longer top

short haircut model blonde woman in degraded boyish style

Rockabilly style woman’s boyish hairstyle with volume and curled back strand

half-length rockabilly boyish cut with wick back in volume

Short haircut brunette woman model pompadour type

boyish haircut brunette woman pompadour style with rockabilly banana

Very short woman cut

boyish haircut woman very short shaved hair brunette girl

Woman short haircut model back

cut woman boyish hairstyle back volume brunette rockabilly style

Short girl cut with bangs and gradient

boy cut girl hairstyle boy brunette woman with bangs on forehead mods style

Short cut woman model with volume on the top

boyish hairstyle woman back with volume rockabilly style banana

Boyish hairstyle with short sides and longer top to the front, with blue coloring

very short haircuts for women short side long and short hairstyles for blue hair girl

Hairstyle for short platinum blonde hair

short haircut for platinum blonde woman with messy style volume

Young brunette woman with boyish haircut

short haircuts for women 2018 model hairstyle boyish straight hair with degraded bangs

Short haircut retro woman model with victory rolls rockabilly style bananas

rockabilly style woman short haircut model with banana and rolls

Short cut female boyish model with bowl-like top and fringe on the front

short haircut model woman with bangs on the front orange hair and yellow side

Short haircut brunette and curly mixed race girl

short haircut photo of mixed-race brunette woman and short haircuts boyish models

Mid-length haircut with top knot type bun and short underside

modern short haircut woman with top knot bun and short underside

Scarlett Johansson and her mid-length blonde hairstyle

scarlett johansson with model cut woman short blonde half long

Hipster boyish cut with gray blonde dye

short feminine cut hipster style boyish gray blond white on the side with short sides

Short haircut on curly and dyed green hair

short haircut model woman female green curly hair short sides

Short hair indeed disheveled and light blue color

Grunge style messy boyish short haircut with bright blue color

Girl’s boyish cut with layered front and pink dye

boyish cut girl with glasses with gradient to the front and pink color

short hairstyle for women messy style with short sides and nose piercing

model short haircut for women brown in degraded with bangs on the front

Pink and her blonde boyish cut with shaved sides

pink singer with platinum blonde boyish cut short sides above on the side

short haircut woman in degraded on the side and above longer boyish type

Boyish bowl cut

trendy bowl haircut short blonde woman hipster style jeanne darc

short haircut model on the side and longer top curled to the front

boyish haircut woman gray black hair with degraded side and top back

boyish hairstyle for young brunette woman with trendy side hair and tattooed arm

short haircut model for women with parting on the side

Young girl with boyish haircut

boyish cut woman with shaved side and mid-length top, tattooed arm girl in black t-shirt

Short haircut model

modern short haircut woman with gradient side and curly hair on top with bangs

short hairstyle girl with nordic blond coloring and volume cut style mods 50s

short haircut model woman platinum blonde hair boyish style with gradient on the sides