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Curly plunging bob – cut easy to style, hard to give up

The square cut is a timeless trend in the feminine world. Available in many classic or modern models, it fascinates us with its power to bring a note of elegance, sex appeal and charm to each vision. In addition, its different versions allow us to easily find the perfect fit for our own body type. It is in this diversity of splendid alternatives that we find the favorite version of many women – the gradient. And, since we try to bring out the maximum of our feminine beauty, today we have chosen to focus on the square plunging curly or in more natural mode – wavy or wavy.

The plunging curly bob – the signature trendy cut that flatters the face and brings out our complete charm

idea how to style short hair in plunging square cut, makeup for green eyes with golden eyeshadows and black pencil

The plunging square and its variations

When you want to experiment with your look, the first factor to take into account for flawless results is your face shape. Fortunately, the asymmetric bob is a great solution for almost all of us. However, it never hurts to use a few feminine tips to get the most out of it. Thus, we can choose between a short, mid-length or long cut..

Romantic and gentle vision with naturally styled hair in chunky curls with sunny highlights

example of short plunging bob on basic brown hair with shiny light chestnut highlights, dress model in fuchsia pink color

Choose your cut according to your morphology

If you have a round face, going for a layered bob is a superb decision as the asymmetrical cut will flatter the face. For best results, we advise you to choose a mid-length or long version. You can experiment with a shorter nape cut, but the strands in the front should not be above chin level.

For ladies with long faces, opt for shorter cuts. In general, long hairstyles elongate the face, so if you are looking to create a balanced effect, the asymmetrical short bob will do the trick. You can also try a layered variation to add volume to your hair. Another suitable idea for visually shortening the long face is the cut with bangs..

Variety of loose and textured lengths and waves

choose a plunging square cut according to the shape of your face, how to wear sunglasses with two-tone white and black design

How to style your trendy cut?

When we talk about the bob, most often the image that comes to mind is a perfect cut, elegant and smooth. However, this is not the only alternative. For a soft, romantic or wild-minded vision, we turn our gaze to wavy hairstyles. Nowadays, we know many techniques to enjoy a wavy mane even if we have fine and perfectly straight hair..

Naturally swept hair color sublimated with fuzzy waves for a neglected look

how to wear a black faux leather skirt for an elegant look, hair hairstyle with square plunging mid long

Hair styles

One of the biggest strengths of the curly bob is its easy maintenance. With little effort and in no time, you get a sublime result. Let’s see together what are the alternatives for this type of stylization.

Wavy or wavy hair. This variation of hairstyle stands out for a more natural and sloppy effect that reminds us of beach vacations. Thus, we aim to achieve a fuzzy wave and leave the ends rather smooth. To do this, we simply use a specialized product in the form of foam, spray or lacquer. Among the most favorite variations of women is Sephora’s Captain Blankenship Solar Vaporizer..

Elegance and style with curly square cut

hairstyle idea with blurred square for thin hair, give volume to her hair with wavy hairstyle and curls

Curly hair. 

If you want to catch the eye at a special event, you’ll need a more polished vision. In this case, we opt for elegant curls done using a curling iron or a curly brushing. This type of styling is ideal for highlighting not only your face but also your ombre or balayage. Women looking for a longer effect can also dare to perm the hair..

Magnificent hairstyle in the romantic spirit with hair tied back in a layered cut

square haircut with long side bangs and curls of black and brown shades, evening makeup with purple lips

Universal fit that adapts to every occasion in an incredible way 

short haircut models for women, how to style the short plunging bob with curls or waves

Ultra cute vision of Reese Witherspoon in asymmetrical cut with bangs

Reese Witherspoon hairstyle in medium length curly hair in blonde color with dark roots and long bangs

We love the square in all its variations from the shortest to the longest

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with sun kissed hair in dark blonde balayage 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley mid-length layered haircut with natural and blonde balayage trendy coloring

With the right cut, we have the courage to experiment with any color 

how to wear the short bob degraded in curls or wavy effect, plum shade red hair coloring

Video with some tips to give that sublime wavy effect to your mane

Long bangs on the side which gives more character to the face

idea how to style her short hair with long side bangs, modern trendy coloring with dark roots and thinned ends

Here’s how to style the short bob in a wavy version:

Jennifer Lawrence’s deep gaze and mysterious look thanks to the cool blonde coloring and the square cut 

what makeup for blue eyes, Jennifer Lawrence haircut in plunging bob with wavy hairstyle

A thousand and one ideas for styling your bob according to the occasion

square hairstyle models plunging on short or medium hair, trendy coloring with dark roots and blonde tips

Natural beauty of Julianne Hough with platinum blonde hair and makeup with pink lips

Julianne Hough curly bob model with blonde hair with light brown colored roots and dark blonde highlights

Elegant and refined vision with a plunging curly bob

examples of plunging square haircuts for elegant woman, idea how to style short hair

Cut easy to style and hard to give up

short curly hair cut model, example of hairstyle with curling iron for short layered hair

Girly and seductive look of Jessica Stroup

Model of lightly wavy short hair in brown color with dark chestnut highlights, short plunging bob by Jessica Stroup

January Jones mid-length layered hair

square cut model plunging on light brown basic hair with honey blonde lengths and tips

Plunging cut with dark roots and naturally ungulate blonde lengths

example of easy hairstyle on short hair of degraded cut, trendy coloring with black roots and blonde lengths

Queen B’s layered bob

chic trendy hairstyle model with layered hair Beyonce with dark roots wavy hair hairstyle

example of mid-length plunging bob on black basic hair with lightened lengths and tips of copper shade

Fairy look thanks to the bold cut hairstyle and coloring that pairs perfectly with green eyes and brings out the charm of freckles 

pretty woman with clear face and green eyes with a short haircut degraded into a copper blurred bob

idea how to style a square haircut with balayage coloring with natural wavy curls

Dark colored wild hair

pink eye shadow and lipstick makeup for brown eyes and naturally curly dark hair

idea for a plunging square hairstyle with curls of braids, natural trendy hair color in dark brown

Short cut with curly locks in front for a stylish and chic look

stylish vision in green dress and short haircut in honey blonde color with layered curls

modern trendy coloring technique with blond and light chestnut balayage on dark chestnut base hair

Curls and red lips in a retro chic spirit

retro style makeup and hairstyle model with red lipstick and black square cut in curls

hairstyle model for short hair, plunging square cut with trendy coloring in dark brown roots and honey blonde lengths

Hair tied sideways with long bangs to boost her femininity

how to style short hair with wavy effect, blonde hair color with platinum highlights and light brown roots

idea how to style medium-length hair in a layered cut with curling iron, blonde coloring with dark brown tips

Asymmetrical hair with short bangs and dark roots to show its uniqueness

modern layered bob haircut with long locks in front and side bangs, makeup with smoky eyes and pink lips

which coloring to choose according to its morphology, copper hair color for green eyes, degraded haircut

Blanca Suarez was also tempted by the wavy bob

pretty hairstyle of Blanca Suarez with shoulder length hair of dark brown roots and blonde tips with natural waves

example of a curly bob on light brown basic hair with caramel blonde and copper blonde lengths and highlights

Seductive vision with tight curls of fiery color

plunging square haircut with curls and volume, makeup for blue eyes with black eyeliner and orange lipstick

Jessica Alba mid-length haircut with layered bob and blonde balayage on black basic hair

Feminine charm and softness from Rachel McAdams

easy hairstyle example for short hair in layered cut, Rachel McAdams with short curly hair

trendy hairstyle with layered and ombre cut, brown eye makeup with silver eyeshadows

example of short curly hair cut, pretty hairstyle for woman with medium hair in degraded cut

Basic dark brown curly hair with copper highlights

plunging destructured bob with basic brown hair with copper blonde highlights and layered curls

natural makeup for brown eyes with face powder and pink lipstick combined with black mascara, square gradient in light brown balayage

Glamorous and chic look in curly ombré

example of a plunging square fringe long sideways, trendy woman coloring with dark roots and blonde lengths

plunging mid-length square model of brown color with light brown highlights, how to wear a woman's faux leather jacket

dark blonde plunging square haircut naturally styled with wavy effect curls

short woman haircut model with mid-length plunging square in black color and wavy waves

Beautifully styled natural balayage in curls 

idea how to make a pretty hairstyle on short hair, trendy square model plunging with copper highlights

haircut for 50 year old woman modern trend, woman coloring with dark roots and blonde lengths

short woman cut model in naturally wavy gradient with wavy effect, natural dark brown hair color

example how to wear your hair in a natural way with wavy effect waves on plunging bob

Long, asymmetrical cut with short bangs that highlight our individuality

haircut with straight bangs for oval face and matte skin, romantic curly hairstyle with short bangs

trendy haircut woman with medium long degraded hair with straight bangs and natural curls

what dye for dark basic hair, example of light balayage of dark blonde shade on curly black hair

Trendy cut that gets noticed

short cut model for women with layered locks in front and long bangs on the side

short layered haircut with side bangs and trendy color ripple with chestnut roots and blonde tips

Taylor Swift in mid-length gradient of golden shade

Taylor Swift hairstyle with shoulder length hair with side bangs, copper brown hair color in layered bob

example of a long degraded plunging bob with dark roots and lightened lengths of caramel blonde shade

Selena Gomez’s long layered bob hair

degraded square cut model on long hair, Selena Gomez with curly hair in black color

short layered haircut idea for a woman with curly hair, nude lip makeup and black eyeliner for brown eyes

stylish look with short haircut for women, how to style short hair with natural curls

Choice of modern hairstyle that brings fresh note and uniqueness to the feminine vision

degraded haircut model with long locks in front, matte red color lip makeup and black eyeliner

young woman with natural colored hair of dark chestnut shade with light highlights in gray blonde

The plunging curly bob is a woman’s pretty little secret

dark brown basic hair dye with lightened lengths in caramel blonde and copper highlights

stylish hairstyle model for medium length hair cut in gradual layered tied with curls

plunging curly square for hair current trend, model of cut woman in degraded with long bangs on the side