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Hairstyle for oval face – which one to choose?

Yes to morpho-hairstyle! Because, it is by knowing the shape of your face that you can choose the cut that will highlight our features and our personality. How to choose a hairstyle for oval face? Let’s see first what are the characteristics of this gentle face type which has balanced proportions. Women who have an oval face with regular features are lucky because they can afford all types of hairstyles. But the most beautiful effects will be obtained with unstructured cuts that give volume. Short, tapered cuts at the nape of the neck are a great option. Hair stylists advise you to avoid hairstyles that are too short and those with lines that are too pronounced. They make the oval face larger. Also avoid hairstyles that are too curly, because they will weigh down your face and be fatal for its harmony.

So what is the hairstyle for oval face ideal? What are its elements?

  • Sumptuous waves that frame the face, enhancing its features.
  • The layered and layered hairstyles with bangs and messy locks structure your face in the most beautiful way. So yes to moving hair and cascading hair!
  • Asymmetrical locks give you a lot of character. It is precisely the asymmetrical cuts that will highlight the ideal proportions of your face.
  • When it comes to length, the oval face can really afford anything. Short cuts adapt very well to the thin, feminine features of this face shape. Variations with the shaved side are glamorous on such a face.
  • If you are wondering whether straight hair or curly hair will look best on you, then again, you can afford to experiment with both. Choose according to your desires!
  • And for the bangs, which one to choose? Whether it’s short or almost covering your eyes, or it’s sideways, gently stroking your forehead – it doesn’t matter. You can choose without any fear all types of bangs!

Later in the article you will see which makeup is appropriate and which accessories will enhance your face.

A good hairstyle for oval face – it gives it an interesting structure

oval face hairstyle, medium length hair, tiered and tapered, cut with bangs, uniform coloring in black

 A refined frame for the face

what haircut for oval face, short bob, bangs worn sideways and strongly fixed, oval face hairstyle, on porcelain complexion with vermeil red lips

Feminine and glamorous waves

oval face hairstyle, long hair with caramel coloring, side parting, waving effect to sublimate the face and energize the features

Sublime caramel highlights

hairstyle for oval face, long hair, straight, blonde undertones, side parting, tapered locks, young look, all-purpose

Ash blonde locks that highlight the softness of the face

oval face hairstyle on long blonde hair, with layered locks, middle parting, ash highlights, voluminous cut

A dynamic cut

what hairstyle for an oval face, curly hair, provocative look, highlighted eyebrows, features highlighted in a stylish way


what haircut for an oval face, blonde locks, slightly wavy, medium hair length, curtain bangs

A hairstyle for oval face with rebellious locks

oval face hairstyle in blonde color, with bangs, thick hair, layered cut, thick eyebrows, colored in light brown, matched with the undertones of the hair

What makeup for an oval face?

The rule of thumb: this face has a natural grace and harmony, and therefore only needs discreet makeup. To give your eyes a pretty almond shape, use a light line of kohl pencil or eye shadow and apply just a little bit of mascara to open your eyes and make your eyes bigger. You can highlight your pretty cheekbones, which make you so charming! Your lips only need a light, natural gloss. The elongated shape of the eyebrows is ideal for you. No graphic shapes, please! If necessary, use a eyebrow pencil to fill in small spaces and to make your gaze more expressive. Use small dots and blend well using the incorporated brush, in order to obtain a natural effect.

A casual, yet elegant look

oval face hairstyle, blonde hair, square with side parting, black roots, waves, wavy effects, hairstyle without bangs on the forehead

Blonde ends for this bob with very charming bangs

what haircut for oval face, hairstyle for oval face woman, square cut with thick bangs, colored ends in blonde, lolita style, a little retro

A cut that forms an elegant frame for your face

hairstyle for oval face, stylized square with side swept bangs, straight hair, razor tapered hair ends

A length that sublimates your features

oval face hairstyle, blond bob, femme fatale look, porcelain fair complexion face, side parting, hair with big curls

A fringe that sublimates your eyes

what haircut for an oval face, oval face hairstyle, thick bangs, long hair in dark brown, wavy on their ends

A hairstyle for the bravest of you

hairstyle for oval face, very short pixie, blonde coloring, shaved hair around the ears, bangs with voluminous effect in front


oval face haircut, blonde hair, long bob with rebellious locks, haircut without bangs, messy effect

A medium length bob is a chic solution

What haircut for oval face, hairstyle for oval face woman, square with shoulder length, side parting, ash blonde coloring

A cut that will go very well with an oval face

what haircut for oval face, blonde pixie, side parting, half shaved, side bangs on the left, blonde undertones

One of the many variations of the classic square

what hairstyle for an oval face, Dakota Johnson with a classic long bob with caramel highlights, curtain bangs, slightly sideways

An average length for this square

what hairstyle for an oval face, long hair- brown shades, with slight waves, parting in the middle, casual look

A fresh look

oval face hairstyle, pixie in dark brown with fine caramel balayage, large bangs covering the forehead, worn on the right side

An option for long hair

what haircut for oval face, long hair, long thick tiered bangs, worn on the left side, a bob effect on the length has levels

A hair-raising cut!

hairstyle woman oval face, blonde pixie, dynamic bangs back with messy effect, coloring ash shades

Crisp bangs

what haircut for oval face, hairstyle for oval face woman, long hair in red color, with side parting, childish short bangs

Strands that structure the face in width

hairstyle woman oval face, red hair coloring, asymmetrical bangs, very short cut, side wavy effects

A very easy to maintain cut

what haircut for an oval face, very short square, parted in the middle, woman with sunglasses, eyebrows colored in brown

A square with side bangs

what cut for an oval face, blonde bob, side parting, straight hair, side bangs, length that covers the neck, above the shoulders

A messy hairstyle for oval face

what haircut for oval face, square, bob, worn sideways, caramel and brown balayage, thick tapered ends of the locks

Jennifer Aniston with a cut that highlights her femininity

hairstyle woman oval face, blond square with length under the chin, blond locks and black roots, parted in the middle

A stylized bob in ash blonde

what hairstyle for an oval face, feminine pixie, side parting, strongly tapered locks, bared ears, fine hair, ashy undertones with black roots

A short bob

oval face hairstyle, what cut for an oval face, side parting, short bob, hairstyle for oval face, blond and caramel

And how about a smooth short bob? 

oval face hairstyle, short bob in dark brown color, eyebrow bangs, bowl cut effect, stylish cut

Our other proposals for a hairstyle for an oval face: 

hairstyle for oval face, what haircut for an oval face, square smooth, with longer strands in front

what hairstyle for an oval face, side parting, straight hair, blonde with black roots, cut for thin hair, elegant style

what cut for oval face, smooth square of medium length, parted in the middle, chocolate coloring, without waves, classy cut

oval face hairstyle, long hair below the shoulders, side parting, light red color, long wavy locks

oval face hairstyle, long bob, parting in the middle, different length of the strands, natural hair color, with caramel balayage ends

hairstyle for oval face woman, strongly stylized bangs, smooth square, blonde and black highlights, side parting, trendy cut 2018 hairstyle woman oval face, square in chestnut color, medium length, side parting, without bangs, homogeneous coloring with discreet caramel highlights what hairstyle for an oval face, blonde hair, 80s hairstyle style, trend in 2018 too, heavily layered, with tapered locks hairstyle for oval face woman, what hairstyle for an oval face, short square with bangs covering the forehead, coloring in black oval face hairstyle, pixie with rounded effect on the nape, platinum gray color, side parting, black roots, elegant style

what hairstyle for an oval face, parting in the middle, simple cut and easy to maintain, hair in natural brown color

what haircut for an oval face, long square, blonde highlights, black roots, oval face hairstyle, parting in the middle oval face hairstyle, heavily curly hair, medium curls, dark hair, worn sideways, shoulder length what cut for oval face, long, blonde and dark brown hair, black roots, parting in the middle, wavy locks hairstyle woman oval face, medium length, slightly irregular bangs covering the forehead, irregular strands oval face hairstyle, pixie with tousled bangs, styled hair around the ears, low-key blonde balayage on the bangs hairstyle woman oval face, woman with long hair, degraded length, wavy effects, curtain bangs, square effect on the nape of the neck hairstyle for oval face, long hair with brown coloring, curtain bangs, tapered ends of locks, trendy cut 2018 hairstyle woman oval face, very short square, bowl cut style, side parting, tapered locks, dark brown coloring oval face haircut, length under the shoulders, side parting, blonde highlights, wavy effects, classic and elegant cut oval face haircut, long hair at the ends in blonde coloring, parting in the middle, cut that follows the shape of the face oval face hairstyle, curtain bangs that cover the eyes, very long hair, blonde color, tapered locks, volume given to the cheeks, cut that makes the face a little wider what cut for oval face, hairstyle for oval face woman, degraded square, blonde color with layered locks for a nice messy effect hairstyle for oval face, haircut for oval face, layered bob, side parting, layered locks, blonde hair with black roots what cut for oval face, short pixie, in brown undertones, side bangs, length cut above the neck what haircut for oval face, long hairstyle, wavy locks, side parting, angelic blonde

what haircut for oval face, bob with tapered ends, hairstyle for thin hair, middle parting, short bob