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The short afro woman cut: the ideal hair solution to tame rebellious hair

Long hair (and especially in the frizzy version) requires a lot of maintenance and care, not to mention the difficulties encountered when trying to tame it to get a pretty hairstyle … This is why, more and more women are starting to experiment with a more practical and shorter cut especially on hot days. In the following lines, we offer you a good dose of fresh inspiration on the theme afro woman short haircut. Welcome and don’t wait any longer to consider the many ideas on how to wear short hair with full confidence and a smile. !

Give more freedom to her hair by daring a short haircut Afro woman on top of trends

bandana hairstyle short hair frizzy white blouse patterns golden dots model short cut woman nails manicure yellow and white varnish

Short haircuts for women – what are the most popular variants of short haircuts for afro women ?

Thanks to their texture and volume, frizzy hair can be worn both short and long. So, if you want to invest less time in maintaining your hair, you can easily go for a shorter cut that is still stylish and very chic. Among the most popular variants of an afro woman cut, we find: the short ball cut, the boyish or Pixie cut, the afro cut in the seventies version, the short cut with volume on the top, the mid-length cut, the very short haircut with shaved head, cropped hair and many more.

Choose from the thousands of possibilities of short haircuts for women to find the ideal variant

white shirt cupcake patterns coffee cup short sleeve blouse black high waist skirt short hairstyle for women

The woman’s boyish cut for a stylish and classy look

In a broader sense, the boyish cut can refer to every short cut that exposes the ears and neck. So, for example, you can opt for a very short haircut that reduces the volume of frizzy hair to give you a classy and stylish look. One of the biggest advantages of this cut is its easy care and styling as well as the comfort guaranteed especially on hot days..

Treat yourself to a classy and stylish look with the boyish cut for women

yellow jacket blouse blanhce beige pants woman black and gold watch trendy sunglasses boyish cut woman

The feminine short cut in the modern spirit

If you are among the ladies who like to stand out, there are several ways to add an original touch to your short haircut. One of the most popular ideas is to experiment with a Pixie or Mohawk cut, leaving more hair and volume on the top of the head and shaving the sides and the nape of the neck. To go even further, it is also possible to choose interesting patterns to personalize your undercut. Another variation is to opt for a modern hair color in trendy colors such as purple, blue or pink or play with a few colored strands.

Exploit the many alternatives to select an ultra modern feminine short haircut

short haircuts for women boyish hairstyle frizzy hair afro hairstyle nape shaved very short hairstyle woman

Long pixie hair: a model of short woman cut to be on top of current trends

When looking at the coolest options for an awesome hair transformation, it’s impossible not to mention the pixie cut in a long version that allows you to enjoy the comfort of the short cut without depriving you of the possibility of enjoying your beautiful afro curls. On the styling side: in summer, we prefer the fresher and more natural look, so this is the perfect opportunity to put cosmetics aside and give your hair a little rest. If you still want to make an impression, you can compensate for the lack of hairstyle by choosing a pair of earrings or intriguing makeup..

Consider a more daring hair transformation to take advantage of the comfort of the very short cut for women

fashion accessories woman gold hoops earrings trendy sunglasses glasses glass haircut short woman

What are the options for a short frizzy hair hairstyle ?

Whether you like to wear your hair frizzy and rich in natural structure and volume or you prefer to straighten it for a more polished look, there are quite a few hair alternatives for a stylish and impressive hairstyle. Among the most popular variations to easily style your short frizzy hair, we find: the short and glued braids, a hairstyle combining the curls with small braids on the side, the long Pixie cut sublimated by pretty waves on the top of the head , the very short cut with slicked side bangs, for mid-length cuts – wet look and many others.

Experiment with a different look every day thanks to the many short hairstyle ideas for women

black tank top black pants high waist black leather belt model short hairstyle woman glasses of sileil trendy frame necklace

How to maintain your short curly hair cut ?

Hydration is one of the most important factors in keeping your hair healthy regardless of its length, yet this is especially true for frizzy hair that you would not want to see dry … Regular use of nourishing oils in jojoba or coconut, for example, is therefore a highly recommended beauty treatment. So, it is important to try to reduce the use of styling devices (straighteners, hair dryers) and instead opt for a natural look of your hair. However, you can add an original touch to your vision with the help of a hair accessory such as turbans, bandanas and all kinds of hair jewelry..

Take care of the health and beauty of your hair to protect it from the heatwave

short cuts woman dreamcatcher earrings accessories trendy jewelry women jeans white shirt

Afro short haircut and makeup with red lipstick to walk with full confidence 

silver jewelry trendy accessories woman red lipstick very short cut woman black hair black sweater metal bracelet

Changing hair lanes: a hair solution favorite

platinum blonde hair color makeup golden eyeshadows mascara short feminine cut volume frizzy hair black shirt

Short haircut with volume on the top of the head

short cuts woman black hair frizzy black faux leather jacket woman silver jewelry earrings black stone necklace

Trendy coloring in red and black ombré version to enhance short frizzy hair

manicure nails black varnish gold ring hairstyle woman short black tank top ethnic necklace golden fringes earrings kinky red hair

Shaved side and collar with a little volume on the top

Crystals earrings black kinky hair color boyish cut woman hairstyle short hair nude makeup mascara

Opt for a very short cut that flatters the female face and brings out her features

kinky hair color boyish cut woman blouse asymmetric collar gray blouse long sleeves ear piercing woman

Tame unruly hair with a short or mid-length haircut

long shirt tunic dress plaid patterns in red and black model short haircut woman black frizzy hair

kinky hair haircut women dark jeans white sneakers short hairstyle model white t shirt stripes trendy sunglasses

Combine the modern haircut with trendy jewelry for the perfect summer vision 

trendy sunglasses woman fashion makeup red lip purple model short hairstyle woman black frizzy hair

model woman short hairstyle rattan chair photo frame wood white and black shirt plaid patterns black pants brown hair color

short hairstyle model for woman frizzy hair white sweatshirt black letters sleeves sport outfit woman

Medium-length frizzy hair with bangs

ripped jeans outfit woman clothing denim crop top with bretemmes blue model short cut woman

short cuts woman dress burgundy and black

Very short cut, ideal for summer days

blue and solid gold necklace ethnic jewelry accessory woman very short cut mascara natural makeup brown hair

blouse long sleeves crop top high v-neck short haircut woman black kinky hair nature woman hairstyle

Add a cheerful note to her look with a colorful hair accessory

kinky hair accessory african hairstyle woman makeup smoky eyes mascara false eyelashes eye liner golden eyeshadows black hair

hoop earrings trendy eyeglasses women short cuts women black shirt

Comfort and elegance with a very short cut

makeup pendant earrings pink lipstick mascara false eyelash effect pink eyeshadows boyish cut woman

brown eyes makeup orange eyeshadows black mascara short haircut afro woman black dress chocker earrings

An interesting haircut idea with patterns on the shaved side

short hairstyle afro woman accessories fashion jewelry gold hoop earrings gold blouse yellow color cheddar hairstyle short frizzy hair

makeup with colorful lipstick blue dark green eyeshadows short feminine hairstyle hairstyle black hair frizzy plait bonded

Stand out by opting for trendy coloring

dark blue tunic dress floral patterns red hair color black roots hairstyle woman short hair volume earrings

women denim jacket white floral patterned jumpsuit v-neck short haircut women kinky dark hair hairstyle

oversize denim jacket clothing women jeans short cut afro woman makeup with dark red lipstick mascra

Flowers are the ideal accessory to complete your summer vision

trendy hairstyle frizzy hair hair accessory pink and white flowers short haircut afro woman beige dress oversize v-neck

White Blouse Bomber Black Vest Sleeveless Denim Overalls Women Smoky Eye Makeup Short Curly Hair Cut

Keeping your hair healthy and voluminous

Leopard print animal print clothing short cut afro women hairstyle frizzy hair volume high waist jeans women denim

bouquet of white and red roses short curly hair green sports blouse red hair color frizzy hair

black frizzy hair short cut feminine natural makeup black mascara nude eyeshadows white blouse

short curly hair cut yellow pullover earrings silver and gold hairstyle medium hair frizzy hair natural makeup

Short hair hairstyle in smooth version with very short bangs

celebrity haircut hairstyle white dress with straps tattoo neck woman message very short haircut woman rihanna short black hair

short feminine haircuts black hair volume hairstyle frizzy hair with volute on the top of the head black eye liner makeup earrings

manicure black nail polish nasal piercing woman short haircut feminine volume hairstyle black hair mascara black tank top

makeup with black eye liner golden eyeshadows african hairstyle women black hair color kinky hair earrings pendants necklace

Hair coloring and trendy haircut to boost confidence

green and white dress floral patterns open back very short hair cut women purple hair color trendy coloring

woman sport outfit black clothes pink sneakers short feminine cut frizzy black hair black sunglasses trendy fashion accessory woman

stylish woman clothes camel long coat black loose pants black heeled shoes afro hairstyle woman

white and black striped blouse gold necklace earrings very short hair cut woman manicure burgundy nail polish

A great idea how to style her short frizzy hair shaved sideways and with volume on the top

ethnic wood earrings floral patterns short hair cut woman mustard yellow blouse boat neck hairstyle short hair

very short hair cut woman white shirt gold fringe necklace blue dress brown patterns ear piercing blue eyeshadow

sunglasses trend woman accessory fashion hairstyle frizzy hair volume accessory cut short hair woman

pink lipstick makeup short hair cut woman golden eyeshadows short frizzy hair blue dress long sleeves

brown eyes makeup black eye liner short hair cut woman black leather jacket silver ring earrings

Makeup, sunglasses and trendy haircut

red dress tutu skirt white sneakers woman cut very short hair woman sunglasses brown frame gold watch

trendy jewelry massive earrings hairstyle woman short black frizzy hair face painting geometric patterns white dress

white blouse golden earrings afro hairstyle woman short black hair natural makeup beauty woman frizzy hair

blue blouse sport cut short hair woman makeup nude black hair color brown eyes frizzy hair

Keeping your hair natural

earrings white blouse sport black fluid pants jewelry gold rings afro hairstyle woman medium long frizzy hair

African hairstyle woman pastel pink t shirt fluid pants sneakers woman gold watch accessories jewelry woman black hair volume

hairstyle for short frizzy hair multicolored blouse tiy and die makeup colorful eyeshadows blue short black frizzy hair

short hairstyle women white sneakers women high waist jeans red crop top blouse off shoulders floral patterns black frame eyeglasses

necklace jewelry gold ring earrings tiny cut short hair afro caribbean black hair color makeup golden eyeshadows

Impressive vision with platinum blonde coloring, super trendy haircut and chic makeup

kinky hair color platinum blonde coloring short hairstyle woman makeup red lip orange eye liner brown eyes

afro cut woman makeup golden lipstick mascara false eyelash effect eyeshadows smoky eyes black frizzy hair volume

short afro caribbean hair cut dangling earrings fringes hairstyle short frizzy hair volume gray blouse nude shoulders

black total look stylish woman's clothes fluid pants knee length short hairstyle woman frizzy hair chocker jacket blazer woman

red lipstick makeup colorful eyeshadows green eye shadows hairstyle short frizzy hair dangling earrings

silver watch total look black woman clothes comfortable black blouse short sleeve hairstyle short frizzy hair rest reading book sofa living room

high waist pants in red and dark blue blue heeled shoes afro cut woman hairstyle volume black hair white shirt women

Find the perfect afro woman short haircut variant to highlight her facial features

white dress backless shoulders short hairstyle woman kinky black hair natural makeup golden eyeshadows mascara

white t shirt dark high waist jeans black leather belt afro cut woman makeup gold lipstick eyeshadows

black leather jacket high waist pants black brown sweater accessories jewelry gold hoops chunky cut short hair afro caribbean